Paula D. Skidmore

Sales Manager in Finance


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

St. Lawrence’s College, New York


Sales executive and manager of contracts and sales at

Chief sales representative administratively directing sales affairs and leads generation in the sales industry.


Having over 14 years of experience in the sales industry, Paula D. Skidmore is a management professional that has extensive experience in lead conversion after generation, contract management, and customer service.

Paula has worked for top companies and helped to drive the sales of many key products and services. With a diverse and encompassing work history, Paula is familiar with the entire sales process from generating a client list to pursuing leads to completion and analyzing performance. She has a unique management style that fosters employees to reach greater goals, increasing talent retention and encouraging feedback.

In her subsequent experience as a Contract Manager for Fertoli Co., Paula was credited with the establishment of over 300 contracts in five years, a new company record. She currently works at Green Steel Corp., for which she serves as the Sales Director for New Production. So far, her department has experienced a steady 15% growth annually under her leadership.

Paula has organized a professional competitive tennis team at Green Steel Corp. as part of her employee wellness initiative. Her leadership has brought great changes to Green Steel, including the reduction of energy costs through solar offsets and initiating a recycling program which greatly decreases the company’s carbon footprint. Paula currently is taking market analysis classes at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas to better develop sales strategies in the changing economic climate.


Darla graduated with a degree in Economics from St. Lawrence’s College in New York.

Master’s in Business Management, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.