Affordable Health Insurance in Massachusetts: Know Your Options

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Updated: September 27, 2022

Getting the right health insurance in Massachusetts is one of the most important investments you can make. But it is not always easy to find cheap health insurance in ma that fits all of your needs. But you can find a health insurance plan that works for you and your family with a little help and access to the best health insurance quotes. It covers important health insurance benefits that you need to stay healthy and treat illnesses and injuries. Use the tools and resources here to compare health insurance plans and get what you are looking for in no time at all. We have put together a complete guide to affordable health insurance in Massachusetts to help you get the coverage you need.

Health Insurance in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know

Most of Massachusetts’ uninsured population will now be covered by the state’s new healthcare reform program. Massachusetts has modified its state reform program since it was first implemented to fulfill the federal Affordable Care Act’s criteria (ACA).

ACA required healthcare exchanges to offer individuals and small enterprises affordable health insurance in mass. ACA allowed states to create and run their own exchanges that matched their specific requirements while also complying with federal and state regulations.

  • If you do not have affordable health insurance in mass via your workplace or if your employer’s health care plan does not provide sufficient coverage, you can purchase a private health insurance plan through the Massachusetts Health Connector.
  • Regarding health insurance in Massachusetts, open enrolment tends to be a little longer than in other states. It begins on November 1st and runs until January 23rd. You can request a waiver if you don’t enroll during open enrolment and don’t have a qualifying event.
  • Health insurance can be purchased outside the typical open enrolment period during special enrollment periods. For example, having a kid or getting married may qualify you for a special enrolment term. Other qualifying events include leaving your job or moving.
  • To be eligible for ConnectorCare, a Massachusetts household’s income must be at or below 300% of the federal poverty threshold. Even if you earn more than this, you may be eligible for tax credits that reduce your medical expenses. The exchange is still a viable option regardless of your current financial situation.
  • Their employer’s health insurance covers almost 56% of Massachusetts residents. Some 22.1% are on Medicaid, 13.1% are on Medicare, and less than one percent of citizens are on military-based insurance. Massachusetts boasts the nation’s lowest percentage of uninsured residents (3%).

Health Insurance Marketplace in Massachusetts

On the Massachusetts Healthcare Marketplace, there are a variety of options for health insurance.

Consult with a NewHealthInsurance licensed agent before using the Massachusetts Health Connector. When working with your agent, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • How much money do you have to spend? Insuring yourself at a reasonable cost is critical, but so is ensuring that you have adequate coverage in case of illness or injury.
  • A subsidy may be available. Insurance rates in Massachusetts have been reduced through a tax credit that many residents are eligible for. To find out if you’re eligible, we are here.
  • Can you afford the deductible? Choosing insurance because of its low premium is attractive, but make sure you examine the deductible amount first.
  • Keep your doctor if you can. You should verify that your insurance provider accepts the plan network you are considering. We are happy to lend a hand with the research.

We can help you choose a plan that meets your needs and budget on the Massachusetts health insurance marketplace.

Health Insurance Plans Massachusetts.

We compared health plans to find the most affordable health insurance for each metal tier of coverage to help you find health insurance plans in Massachusetts. Also, depending on your income level and anticipated medical expenses, you’ll be able to choose the best health insurance policy for you. Moreover, these variables will directly influence affordability and suitability for your specific medical needs.

The Medicaid expansion in Massachusetts has been implemented. Anyone whose income is less than 138% of the federal poverty level can now sign up for Medicaid (FPL). The Massachusetts state marketplace for individual health insurance policies is an alternative to this scheme.

The health care plan in Massachusetts can be used to assist you in determining which tier level best suits your requirements.

Massachusetts Health Care Plan

Starting with Silver plans

Silver metal tier plans are a good place to start when looking for health insurance. The rates and deductibles on these products are relatively low. For example, the cheapest Silver plan costs $74 more per month but has a $1,200 lower deductible than the Bronze plan.

Due to cost-sharing decreases, a Silver plan may be the most cost-effective health policy in some cases. Deductibles, coinsurance, and copays are reduced due to these changes. However, you are not eligible for cost-sharing reductions if your household income falls below the federal poverty level.

Gold and Platinum plans are excellent if you have costly medical expenses.

Even though they cost the most in monthly premiums, Gold and Platinum plans have a smaller deductible and shared costs than other plans on the Massachusetts insurance exchange. As a result, these plans are ideal if you anticipate a high level of medical expenses and want to use your health insurance frequently. This could be an example if you’re sick and need to have a costly prescription refilled monthly.

Bronze: Ideal for those who are healthy and young 

However, the greater deductibles and out-of-pocket payments of bronze plans make them less expensive. You may have to pay for modest medical expenses before your insurance policy kicks in because of the high deductible.

Young and healthy people who want to protect themselves in the event of a serious medical emergency should choose Bronze.


How to Find Most Affordable Health Insurance Rates in Massachusetts

Cheap Health Insurance in Massachusetts

Cost is a major consideration for many people. Wondering,How much is health insurance in MA?”

You can find health insurance quotes in Massachusetts by comparing those from different companies. It is also important to ensure that the policy is tailored to your individual needs. To be worth your money, Affordable health insurance in Massachusetts must fulfill your family’s requirements for coverage and ease of access to providers. Furthermore, you will be able to compare Massachusetts health insurance quotes and discover a wide range of plans at various price points.

Health Insurance Massachusetts Low Income

If your salary falls below a specific threshold, you may be able to locate a more reasonable insurance policy. For example, the Massachusetts MassHealth or CHIP programs are two options to explore. This is a discount health insurance plan for children, including dental insurance for kids. It’s also possible to save money on health insurance by using the Massachusetts Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Children, Infants, and Women.

Cost of Health Insurance in MA on Average 

In recent years, the average cost of health insurance in MA for a single 21-year-old person was $6,519. Also, the Average yearly family premiums were $18,454.

Free Health Care Insurance in Massachusetts

You may be eligible for free health insurance in Massachusetts if your income is extremely low or you have a qualifying disability. Medicaid in Massachusetts is administered through MassHealth. So, you may be eligible for financial aid if you meet the state’s minimum income requirements.

Can You Find Cheap Health Insurance in Massachusetts?

Two plans offer cheap health insurance in MA for its citizens. ConnectorCare, and MassHealth.

ConnectorCare offers low- and middle-income Massachusetts people inexpensive healthcare, whereas MassHealth is a combined Massachusetts-federal program for low-income residents and children.

Medicaid in Massachusetts

Massachusetts extended Medicaid under ACA in 2013. Also, Massachusetts had 1,779,418 MassHealth enrollees in May 2021, a 37.26 percent increase. Depending on your family’s income, MassHealth covers your health insurance premiums. Also, age, parent status, health issues, HIV or cancer status, and small employer status affect coverage.

To qualify for MassHealth, you must be a US citizen or permanent resident living in Massachusetts with low or very low income. Moreover, income, household size, and poverty levels determine financial restrictions. A one-person home can only make $17,131 per year, a two-person household $23,169, and a three-person household $29,207.

Furthermore, applying for Masshealth online is possible. You must apply with income and household size details. If you are eligible, you can choose a plan that fits your budget and needs.


ConnectorCare plans are year-round QHPs. ACA tax credits and Massachusetts subsidies are available. This reduces premiums and deductibles. Also, ConnectorCare plans are for low-income Massachusetts residents who can’t get affordable health insurance through work or MassHealth.

  • BMC HealthNet Plan
  • (NHP)/ Allways Plan
  • Tufts Health Plan Direct
  • New England Health
  • Fallon Health

Cheapest Health Insurance in MA by Metal Tier

According to Massachusetts’ insurance exchange, private insurance policies are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The quality of care is unaffected, but medical costs are. Bronze plans cost less per month but may have greater out-of-pocket costs.

The typical monthly premiums for Massachusetts health insurance vary by metal tier.

  • Bronze costs $403 a month
  • Silver costs $533 a month.
  • Gold costs $634 a month.
  • Platinum costs $843 a month.

Gold and platinum require a higher monthly cost to access. This may be a better alternative if you have more medical expenses because you’ll spend less out of pocket.

All of these factors, as well as out-of-pocket limits and deductible amounts, are based on the tier in which you reside in the Massachusetts insurance market. Monthly rates are shown in the following table as the cheapest health insurance in MA for each metal tier.

Low-income people may qualify for cost-sharing reductions (CSR). These are solely for Silver policyholders; thus, deductibles are cheaper.

Moreover, A 40-year-old man would choose EPO health plan and HMO coverage. Most Massachusetts residents have HMOs.

Cheapest Health Insurance In MA BY METAL TIER


affordable health insurance in Massachusetts

The County With the Cheapest Silver Plan

People’s health insurance options and costs will be influenced by where they live. For a 40-year-old, the BMC HealthNet Plan Silver A II is the cheap health insurance in ma. It’s Essex County’s Silver plan, which has a $368 monthly premium. A silver plan costs $411 in Middlesex County, but it costs $433 less per month.

MA Health Connector

If You Lose Job-Based Insurance, Get Affordable, High-Quality Coverage.

The Health Connector is a government-run health insurance marketplace for people who lost employer-sponsored coverage. Also, some Health Connector applicants qualify for a zero-percent monthly premium.

All Health Connector plans cover prescription drugs, physical therapy, emergency care, and doctor visits.

Find Out More and Then Apply.

Find out more and enroll right away. Moreover, you will know immediately if you’re eligible for a Health Connector plan or MassHealth coverage if you apply online.

Make sure to apply for health insurance within 60 days of losing the coverage you received through your employment. But the sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll be covered.

Losing employer-sponsored health insurance qualifies you for special Health Connector enrollment. You may not be able to re-enroll through the Health Connector until the next Open Enrollment period after your special enrollment period ends.

Do You Already Have an Account With Health Connector?

If your income has changed since you applied for the Health Connector in the past or presently receive coverage through the Health Connector, you should make the necessary changes to your account. If your salary drops, you might be able to get cheaper health insurance.

Mass Health Connector Plan Costs in 2022

ConnectorCare plans are assigned based on the information you supplied to the Massachusetts Health Connector.

The table below provides a quick overview of the benefits offered by each available plan. Let’s take a look at mass health connector plan costs in 2022. 

affordable health insurance in Massachusetts

Secondary Masshealth Coverage Saves Hundreds.

Regardless of your income, your child with a disability can acquire a MassHealth plan as a secondary health insurance coverage in Massachusetts. Is there a good reason for you to get this additional coverage?

MassHealth’s Premium Assistance program may reimburse you for hundreds of dollars spent on your family’s monthly private health insurance premiums. Your child registered in MassHealth (typically MassHealth CommonHealth) also qualifies you for this program. You and your family may be able to save money by signing up for this program. Check if the Premium Assistance program will help pay for your private insurance plan.

Short Term Health Insurance in Massachusetts

Affordable short term health insurance in Massachusetts resembles conventional health insurance, except it can run from thirty days to one year instead of the standard thirty days. If you have a small insurance gap, consider short-term health insurance. Temporary health insurance might assist bridge the gap if you lose your job and seek new employment with health insurance. This insurance allows you to compare individual policies and wait without feeling desperate.

Short term health insurance in Massachusetts is frequently limited indemnity and catastrophic coverage. Mostly, these insurance policies don’t cover doctor visits, prescriptions, or preventative care. Moreover, temporary deductibles are higher, and short-term insurance has $25 monthly premiums. Temporary health insurance often lasts six months or less. Reapply for short-term health insurance.

Temporary health insurance has tougher underwriting standards than individual or family coverage. Pre-existing conditions may prevent you from purchasing short-term health insurance. An individual policy may be better than short-term health insurance if you can wait. Most individual plans allow cancellation anytime.

Short-term health insurance is appropriate when you require medical coverage for a short time. Temporary health insurance is usually pre-paid. These plans offer less comprehensive coverage than typical standard individual policies but give policyholders more provider options. NewHealthInsurance can assist you in choosing short-term health insurance. Licensed health insurance brokers can give you a short term health insurance quote and help you choose temporary health insurance.

Private Health Insurance in Massachusetts

Typically, your job will offer you private health insurance (where you work). Regarding health insurance, some companies only provide one plan, while others may allow you to select from various options. Some people are forced to purchase health insurance rather than rely on their employer to provide it. This is frequently more expensive because the employer does not split the expense.

Humana’s Medicare Advantage health plans are available in Massachusetts to those eligible for Medicare. Most humana health insurance reviews state that the company offers discounts to help clients save money. Its smartphone app is useful for tech-savvy customers. Humana’s dental insurance is generally regarded favorably.

Residents of Massachusetts can choose from several different kinds of private health insurance plans:

  • HMO plans are the most affordable but also have the greatest limitations. A primary care physician and referrals to specialists will be necessary for in-network providers.
  • It costs a little more to join a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), but it allows you to see out of network specialists without a primary care physician or a referral.
  • HMO and PPO plans are combined in a Point-of-Service (POS) health plan. Out-of-network specialists are allowed with a referral from your primary care doctor.

Apply for Health Insurance in Massachusetts

Various health coverage alternatives exist for Massachusetts citizens, depending on their age, income, and family size. You can get coverage that fits within your budget by reviewing the different options.

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Massachusetts Health Insurance FAQs

Is Health Insurance Compulsory in Massachusetts?

Every Massachusetts resident must have health insurance, according to state law. Financial penalties apply to anyone who does not have insurance or to any company that does not give it to its employees.

What Is the Cheapest Health Insurance Plan You Can Get?

Massachusetts’s lowest health insurance option is a catastrophic plan with a high deductible and a high maximum out-of-pocket limit. No prescription drugs or preexisting diseases will be covered under this insurance plan.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost per Month in Massachusetts?

A single individual in their 40s may expect to pay $535 per month or $6,420 annually for health insurance in Massachusetts. However, depending on your age and the metal tier of coverage, this cost can vary dramatically.

What Is the Average Cost of Health Insurance in Massachusetts?

The average monthly health insurance premium in Massachusetts is $385. Several strategies can lower this expense. Insurance companies use many aspects when determining your premium:

  • Smokers pay more for health insurance. Adults in Massachusetts smoke 13%. Smokers can quit for free or cheaply.
  • BMI: High BMI causes heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Diet and exercise can lower BMI.
  • Age: At 50, health insurance costs more than 20 or 30.

Does Massachusetts Have Affordable Health Care?

Yes, there is two affordable health insurance in Massachusetts for its citizens. ConnectorCare and MassHealth (Medicaid and CHIP). Low-income Massachusetts residents and their children can get health care through the MassHealth program, a collaboration between the state and the federal government. Moreover, low- and middle-income Massachusetts citizens can get health insurance through the ConnectorCare program.

What Are the Income Limits for Masshealth?

Those who qualify for MassHealth can access the program’s services. Medicaid and the Children’s Health Plus program have been merged into one in this state. Health insurance coverage can be cheaper even if you buy it through an exchange because many people qualify for subsidies and tax credits. To help citizens who earn up to three times the federal poverty level, Massachusetts’ ConnectorCare program provides financial assistance to eligible residents.

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