K1 Visa Holders Health Insurance: can you get a healthcare plan

Updated: November 9, 2022
k1 visa health insurance

K1 visa health insurance is a policy you can purchase while in the United States on a K1 fiance visa. If you are a non-US citizen who is engaged to a US native, you will most likely be granted a fiance K1 visa. This visa allows you to stay in the United States for 90 days until you marry your partner. Many people, however, are unsure whether they can obtain health insurance or whether their partner’s health insurance protects them throughout their stay. In this blog post under NewHealthInsurance, you will learn everything about K1 health insurance.

What is K1 Visa Health Insurance?

First and foremost, congrats! You’ve gotten engaged to a US citizen. Exciting and memorable times await you and your sweetheart. But, in the meanwhile, you’ll have a few administrative responsibilities to complete in addition to organizing your dream wedding. Obtaining your health insurance policies in order is one of them. Can a K1 visa holder obtain health insurance in the United States? You’ll be astonished to learn how easy it is to acquire K1 health insurance. Below are a few things to consider.

 K1 Health Insurance: Is it Necessary To Have?

Although a K1 visa does not require health insurance, it is strongly advised because healthcare in the United States is quite expensive. For instance, the average cost of treating a broken shoulder in the United States is roughly $2,500, and that does not include surgery though there are many best plans for surgery available. While it is rare that you would want medical treatment within the 90-day period that your fiancé visa is valid, it is still preferable to obtain health insurance in order to be covered and avoid having to pay exorbitant fees for medical attention. This is especially crucial if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

What to Think about Before Deciding on the Best Fiancé Health? 

Remember that many of these plans exclude maternity expenditures and birth control medications. Some packages also do not cover well before conditions. It is crucial to read the terms and conditions and understand what is covered before buying private insurance or from another provider. You want to avoid being caught off guard or experiencing unanticipated financial difficulty because you didn’t completely understand the terms of your healthcare plan.

 K1 Health Insurance: Can You Get It?

A K1 visa is a temporary permit that allows someone who is engaged to a U.S. citizen to enter the country. The visa is usually only valid for 90 days and cannot be renewed. If you want to stay longer, you’ll need to change your status once you marry your U.S. spouse. With a Green Card, you’ll be able to access additional financial and health services. But you don’t yet have a Green Card. And you don’t want to spend three months in the United States without medical care. That is not a good idea. So, what are your options? You cannot join your spouse’s health insurance plan until you marry. Furthermore, medical insurance is typically only provided to those with permanent residency. The good news is that you don’t have to be concerned. You may be eligible for a variety of medical insurance plans. Your K1 visa will be enough to demonstrate your eligibility.

The Best Insurance for k1 Visa Holders

There are four alternatives available for K1 visa health insurance. Before making your decision, go over the terms and conditions of each plan you’re considering. Understand what you must do before you can file a claim for medical expenditures. Not every plan or product will be the same, and presuming something today will not help you if you need to utilize your health insurance later. Contact the companies’ customer service departments and inquire what you need to know about each choice. Let’s go over your four possibilities.

  • AETNA Insurance
  • International Major Medical Insurance for K1 Visas
  • Atlas America
  • Patriot America Plus for K1 Visas

AETNA Insurance

Aetna K1 visa health insurance can be acquired for 1 month to 3 years, depending on the state you will be living in. The maximum benefit amount can range between $250K and $5M. Depending on the conditions, deductibles can be from $1,000 to $25,000. Aetna has policies that cover pre-existing conditions in several states. These plans do include Covid-19.

International Major Medical Insurance for K1 Visas

The first choice is getting health insurance from a reliable international medical provider. These plans allow you to take out merely monthly subscriptions while also providing travel coverage. These plans include Covid-19. You are not required to commit for any longer than is necessary. You can keep your existing medical insurance until you marry your spouse and become eligible for domestic coverage or get covered under your spouse’s employer health policies.

Atlas America

Atlas America offers K1 visa holders health insurance for periods ranging from 5 to 364 days. With this plan, you’ll be covered for both domestic and foreign travel. You’ll normally get 100% coverage whether you go to a medical institution in their network or not. Simply call them and ask whether they are willing to cover the charges of an out-of-network institution. They even have $300 set aside for emergency dental insurance and conditions, as well as fees for clients who have been terrorist victims. Covid-19 coverage is included in these plans.

Patriot America Plus for K1 Visas

This K1 visa  plan is designed for people who require coverage for a limited time. This plan is offered to the following individuals (who have completed the relevant paperwork):

  • Families who sponsor exchange students
  • Students attending college in another nation
  • Visitors from all over the world
  • Relatives from different nations visiting.
  • Recent arrivals of immigrants
  • Other countries’ au pairs and nannies

If you are traveling with dependents, or apply for a student visa you can even register them on this plan. Because health insurance for international students is mandatory. The international benefits of this plan are available to you 24 hours per day, seven days a week. If you have any questions regarding your health insurance policy, multilingual customer support centers can help you find the answers. If you have the Patriot America plus plan, you can choose any registered doctor or medical facility for your treatments. This plan is appropriate for K1 visa holders. If you have a valid K1 visa, you can join the Patriot America plus plan. They have maximum restrictions that range from $50,000 – $500,000. As a result, you will be free to participate in any of the registered partner programs. These plans exclude Covid-19.

Marketplace Insurance, Obamacare, ACA, & Major Medical Plans

Domestic major health insurance is the holy grail of all coverage options for internationals staying in or traveling to the United States with prior conditions. Unicorn insurance for internationals. Everyone is aware of the existence of this form of comprehensive insurance, but nearly no one knows how to obtain it. All alternative insurance solutions offered to internationals do not cover prior conditions. Pregnancy without health insurance is a common mistake for internationals on K1 visas in the United States. Even if you have coverage, it will not cover the costs of your pregnancy, birth, or well-baby care. Your only alternative is to enroll in a large domestic medical plan. You will save as a result of this, hundreds of thousands of dollars! Because each state has its own set of rules governing who may and cannot obtain health coverage.

Can A K1 Visa Spouse Receive Their Spouse’s Benefits?

“Not usually,” is the succinct answer. The spouse of a US citizen may or may not be able to rely on their partner’s benefits, depending on how long they have been married and where they are in the immigration process. The main reason that most benefits are not immediately available to foreign spouses is that the bulk of them need a social security number in order to register. This includes health care coverage. Because the issuance of a social security number comes when an individual obtains a green card, simply landing in the United States on a K1 visa and marrying does not give immediate access to health care. Obtaining a green card can take a bit of time. The initial step in the green card application procedure  is also conditional on establishing that the marriage was genuine; therefore, it is prudent to have alternate preparations to cover benefits for the non-citizen spouse during this time.

k1 visa health insurance

What If I Can’t Afford K1 Visa Health Insurance?

It’s one thing to know you can get K1 visa health insurance. It’s another thing entirely to be able to pay for it. What are your choices if you are unable to afford health insurance? You are aware that not having health insurance is harmful. But how can you finance it if you don’t have the cash on hand? A personal loan can be used for so many things. 

You don’t even have to tell the lender what it’s for. Personal loans are also unsecured, which means they do not require any type of security (anything of value) to act as collateral. How to get a loan for a K1 visa.

Apply You can request for a loan of close to $25,000 online. Provide all of the creditworthiness proof and supporting documentation they require to increase your chances of success. You must present every document that supports your case.
Receive Your Offer Within 24 hours of submitting your application, someone will contact you. Please provide any further information they request. The better your application, the better the loan offer you will receive. You’ll get a loan offer and a promissory note soon. If you choose to accept the offer, remember to sign and return the note.
Loan Disbursement Your loan amount should be disbursed within 2-3 working days. 

Put in place the repayment arrangement that best meets your needs. A monthly autopay option will automatically repay your loan on schedule. If you select autopay, your monthly payback will be debited from your account on a monthly basis, eliminating the need for you to worry about late payments or late payment fines.

Can I Add My Fiancé to Health Insurance?

Your fiancé cannot be covered by your health insurance if they have a K1 visa and most people also don’t know how the U.S operate their health insurance. This is because most health insurance companies require consumers to have spent at least six months in the U.S. Furthermore, until you are legally married, you cannot include them in the same coverage that your company provides for you. As a result, your fiancé must get international health insurance that covers them for their entire 90-day stay.

How Can I Add My Fiancé to Health Insurance?

To improve your health by including a domestic spouse plan, each organization has its own set of rules. In many circumstances, you must meet the domestic partnership criteria and sign an affidavit of domestic partnership. Speak with your human resources department to learn more. Domestic partnerships are recognized in most states and are eligible for the same health insurance benefits as married couples. Although the requirements differ by state, you should  Inquire with your employer to find out if they provide domestic partner health insurance coverage and what it covers.

K1 Visa Holder Health Insurance Benefits

  • Customers should compare and assess various different fiancée medical insurance plans before obtaining fiancé insurance.
  • Insurance firms in the United States will treat the Fiancé as an immigrant, and they will be able to pick between an immigrant insurance plan as well as a visitor’s insurance plan. Visitors who need short-term coverage for pre-existing diseases, preventive care, or pregnancy can select from a separate list of visitor insurance options.
  • For fiancés who need pre-existing diseases/pregnancy coverage, preventative care, and long-term plans are available. Global insurance plans provide more extensive coverage Pre-existing condition coverage may be subject to a waiting period.
  • Customers who compare fiancé medical plans online can save time, energy, and money. The rate and advantages of health insurance (K1 Visa) differ depending on the plan and insurance company chosen by the consumer.

Bottom Line

The months before your wedding should be exciting and enjoyable! It is not the time to be worried about possible catastrophes or health issues and to seek appropriate insurance coverage to address these worries. As a K1 visa holder, you can obtain health insurance in the United States to assist you if you require medical treatment before marriage. Select the K1 visa health insurance plan that best matches your needs, and enjoy your wedding event!

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