Humana Vision Insurance Reviews: Your Affordable Eye Care Plan

Updated: November 9, 2022
humana vision insurance

The Humana Vision Insurance Plan can be added to employee benefits packages or purchased independently by those who want vision insurance but already have medical coverage. Humana vision insurance coverage pays for various eye care treatments, including those specific to those with diabetes, such as prescription frames and eyeglasses, contact lenses, and annual eye exams. Humana’s MyOption Vision plan is optional for those with Humana Medicare Advantage plans, but the company also sells a standalone vision insurance policy. The monthly payments for Humana Vision insurance are reasonable, and the coverage is comprehensive. In-network providers can help you save even more on your vision care needs.

Humana offers competitively priced, adaptable vision insurance plans, including low copays, out-of-network coverage, and easy access to retail stores where you can buy glasses or contacts. Start by picking a health plan from the many available PPO and high deductible options, and then tack on any number of “extras” (at an additional cost). In addition to the confidence that comes from knowing your HumanaOne plan is customized to meet your unique needs, you’ll also enjoy Humana’s stellar customer service. HumanaOne products are available in stores that carry the Humana Inc. brand.

Humana Vision Insurance Coverage

Humana Vision Insurance’s top-tier policy covers a wide range of services, from routine eye exams with no out-of-pocket expense to corrective lenses that cost between $100 and $200.

  • Affordable rates for glasses, lenses, and frames
  • Contact lenses are possible if glasses are not desired
  • Scratch-resistant coatings and anti-reflective lenses, two of the most popular lens upgrades, are on sale.
  • Cost-savings on everything not covered by the plan, with discounts of up to 20% for in-network services.
  • Care for diabetic eyes is lacking in terms of materials, only strategies.

Humana Vision Insurance: Big business

  • A huge corporation with numerous far-reaching policies
  • The company’s focus on eye care is negligible relative to the rest of its offerings.

If you’re in the healthcare industry, you’ve probably heard of Humana. This is a huge corporation with numerous far-reaching regulations. As a result, it now possesses considerable financial might and the security that comes with it. In trying circumstances, any extra assurance is greatly appreciated.

Although it’s a minor part of the company’s offerings, the eye care package appears to have received less attention and care from management.

Humana Vision Insurance: Statistically

  • Get your eyes checked once a year with a $15 copay and a $150 in-network allowance for frames.

You can get a checkup for $15 in addition to your monthly payment each year. You can get 20% off any purchase outside your $150 frame allowance within the network.

Your annual contact lens exam will cost you $40 out of pocket, and your $150 allotment is in line with market standards.

Different lens finishes and materials have different prices, so getting them all will cost you more than you think.

Those who wish to go outside their health insurance provider’s network can do so, but their choices are limited and not particularly generous. You get exactly what you pay for, but there’s no way to tailor the experience to your needs or eye health.

How to Determine the Coverage of Your Plan

Humana delivers exceptional customer service with its online member support. From the member support website, you can understand your healthcare plan to ensure you receive the most from your coverage.

Check out the specifics of the plan you’ve signed up for and what it covers by visiting the member support page. To access your membership information, go to the login page and click the link that says “activate your account.”

Humana offers comprehensive, low-cost, and best vision insurance policies. Pick a service provider inside the Humana network to maximize your savings and advantages.

The annual vision exam and the yearly allowance for basic contact lenses or a set of spectacles with a nominal payment are the two best humana vision insurance benefits.

Specialty lens options for eyeglasses are an additional perk of Humana Vision Insurance. Lenses with additional features such as tint, scratch resistance, and progressive bifocals are selectable. Every 12-24 month, you will receive a frame allowance that contains high-end labels.

Depending on the plan you select, you may also be eligible for savings on procedures like PRK and LASIK. If you’re looking for Humana vision insurance reviews, keep reading.

Make use of your HumanaVision benefits.

One of the largest vision networks in the U.S. includes more than 35,000 ophthalmologists, optometrists, and retail shops like Sears Optical, JCPenney Optical, Target Optical, LensCrafters, and Pearle Vision. In addition, you will receive the following:

  • Consistent coverage from any of the network hospitals or clinics.
  • Frames sold at a wholesale price to prevent excessive retail markups
  • Its website provides quick and easy access to all its automated services, including information about its plans, a provider locator, and Customer Service.

How It Operates

  1. A membership card will be mailed to you after enrolling in the vision plan.
  2. Find a humana vision insurance phone number or online directory of providers who accept your plan before making an appointment.
  3. Schedule a visit by calling the office and giving them your name, the patient’s name, and the company’s name.
  4. After your exam, your physician will provide you with a form to sign and return with your copayment and/or upgrade expenses listed.

Options for Humana Vision Insurance

Most Humana vision insurance plans stipulate that you see an in-network eye doctor and shop for covered eyewear at a participating optical store. Although some policies may extend coverage for services received outside a provider’s network, doing so typically results in minimal to no savings. Humana’s extensive network of doctors and hospitals includes numerous major chains like Sears Optical, LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Target Optical, and JCPenney Optical. The Humana vision insurance website has a provider locator you can use to find a local eye care professional to file a claim. Moreover, Humana also offers the best vision insurance for seniors.

Humana provides a variety of vision plans that vary by state and individual’s specific needs. Two of these plans are shown in the table below; for further information, visit the firm’s website.

Humana Vision Insurance Options
Option Description
MyOption Vision ·       Copayments of $40 or less for annual eye exams;

·       Allowance of $375 per year for frames, lenses, or contacts;

·       Affordable Medicare Advantage add-on

Humana Vision PPO ·       $15 copayment for an annual eye exam

·       Maximum $65 copayment for lenses

·       $150 annual frame allowance, then you pay 80% of the remaining balance

·       Copayment of $25 for regular lenses

·       $40 contact lens exam

·       $150 contact lens allowance

·       No deductible per year


Humana Vision Providers: How To Find?

Humana’s website includes a tool to assist you in finding a local and best vision care provider who participates in the insurance company’s network. This website can also help you determine if the eye doctor, ophthalmologist, or optometrist you’re seeing is a Humana provider. This insurance can be used at more than 95,000 different establishments. It is simple to find a doctor who is open when you need them, thanks to the available online search tools.

Suppose you haven’t yet settled on a vision insurance plan. In that case, Humana’s online tool can help you compare the available plans and see if your existing eye doctor participates in the Humana network while you do the research. Just follow the links on the Humana website to find out how this insurance policy can help your vision.

Costs of Humana Vision Insurance

Plans from Humana’s vision insurance division range in price according to criteria including location, coverage types, and individual characteristics like age and gender. We estimated the cost of a year of insurance using the online quote calculator provided by the provider and found that the average monthly premium for an individual was $15.99. If you also enroll in their dental plan, Humana will cover the $35 signup charge typically associated with most policies. Including a spouse or dependent on your policy costs extra, but our sample quote showed that it was only $10.

Buying Humana Vision Insurance

To begin, go to Humana’s website and utilize the quote calculator to choose a suitable plan. Simply answer some questions about yourself to get an estimate of your monthly price and the scope of coverage. After that, you may either buy the insurance online or request a salesperson to contact you. If you’d rather speak with a human being than use the online quote tool, you can reach a licensed Humana representative at the number provided on the website.

Humana Vision Insurance Reviews

The third largest health insurance provider and plan administrator in the United States is Humana. The organization focuses on integrative care to improve health and well-being while cutting costs. In addition to providing insurance for individuals and families, Humana specializes in benefits for military people and Medicaid and offers Medicare Supplement plans. We selected Humana in our Best Vision Insurance guide since the firm provides an excellent vision insurance add-on for Medicare Advantage. Overall, Reviews of humana vision insurance are fairly favorable.


  • Relatively large allowance for frames and lenses or contacts
  • Convenient in-network provider locations
  • Fair premium prices
  • Handy online resources for members


  • Only in-network providers allowed
  • Fees and copayments might confuse.

Humana Vision Insurance Complaints

Humana Inc. is certified by the Better Business Bureau, which gives the company an A+ rating. Like all insurance providers, Humana keeps a record of complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Still, unlike other providers, all of those complaints were addressed or resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. Considering the registration price, TopTenReviews awards Humana vision insurance 7.3 out of 10 stars. Humana has received multiple honors, including “The Just 100: America’s Best Corporate Citizens” award for health care providers for three consecutive years and the highest customer satisfaction for mail-order pharmacy from J.D. Power’s U.S. Pharmacy research.

Bottom Line

Visuals generally diminish with age, and vision issues increase the risk of falls and other mishaps in persons over 65. Taking your eye health seriously is crucial, yet Medicare and many health insurance carriers don’t offer vision coverage. Humana is a financially stable organization that offers a variety of reasonably cost vision insurance coverage. Humana is a large, reputable company seeking superior customer service. Your funds are as secure with this organization as with a bank. Humana is one of the largest federal contractors with an established track record in the medical industry. While retirees may review all applicable Humana vision insurance plans, MyOption Vision’s generous frame and lens allowance warrant serious consideration.

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FAQs for Humana Vision Insurance

Does Walmart vision center take Humana insurance?

HumanaMedicare is accepted here. When it comes to buying glasses, Walmart is your best bet, whether you’re concerned about the price or the quality of the service you’ll receive after the sale. Eyeglasses are produced quickly once an order is placed. Within the first three months after purchase, they will fix your glasses for free if they break.

Who takes Humana vision insurance?

Visual acuity declines with age, and older adults with vision problems are more likely to experience falls and other accidents. Vision insurance, which can cover preventative eye exams and visits to an ophthalmologist, prescription eyewear, and contact lenses, is often not covered by a standard health insurance policy. You can get discounts on cosmetic eye surgeries if you have vision insurance.

Does Costco accept Humana vision insurance? 

No, Costco does not accept Humana Vision insurance.

Is Humana vision insurance good?

Vision insurance can help you pay for expensive procedures and supplies that your medical plan won’t. If you need new eyeglasses, annual eye exams, or specialty procedures that would be expensive if not covered by insurance, Humana vision insurance is something to look into.

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