How to Lower My Health Insurance Premium

Updated: November 24, 2022
how to lower health insurance premiums

Sometimes, the problem might be that you cannot afford the specific plan that suits your health needs, even if you can afford a cheaper one. In cases like this, you’d wish to cut down the premium of the expensive insurance plan you need, won’t you? Well, you’re not wrong to do so; in this article, we will discuss how to lower health insurance premiums.

How To Lower Health Insurance Premiums Cost?

The importance of quality health care cannot be talked of enough. Before now, access to quality healthcare had always been based on a person’s financial strength. The rich have access to the best healthcare services available because they can afford them, and most times, the poor die of illnesses that would have been cured if they had proper healthcare access.

One could say that this is entirely not the case today, but it is way better, as individuals have higher chances of accessing quality healthcare plans with healthcare insurance policies. With these policies, individuals pay premiums for their healthcare plans and enjoy fewer health expenses later.

And this has helped countless people gain access to quality health plans, but some still have difficulties accessing quality healthcare. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise when you consider that they’d still have to pay premiums before they can access the health services they need, and not everyone can meet those expenses.

So, even though healthcare insurance plans have made healthcare services cheaper and more accessible, so many individuals are still unable to sort out their health needs.

HealthCare Insurance Alternatives

There have been various alternatives and improvisations that have helped enhance the accessibility of healthcare insurance. Policies like Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and many other greatly subsidized policies have helped to proffer insurance solutions for individuals that are unable to access health insurance policies based on their financial status.

According to recent research, the exorbitant expense of healthcare pushes almost 55 million individuals worldwide into poverty each year. These individuals often do not have access to healthcare insurance plans because of their expensive premiums.

However, the cost of healthcare is not the only urgent problem; a high prevalence of lifestyle diseases is also a cause for concern. Having many sick people and spending a lot on healthcare can quickly lead to a public health emergency. A wider use of health insurance can assist in improving the situation, but it will be necessary to promote inexpensive health insurance policies.

10 Ways To Reduce Your Insurance Premium

Health insurance is now required due to the rising expense of healthcare. And the cost of health insurance is influenced by several variables, including age, lifestyle, geography, and medical history.

However, there are several actions you may take to get affordable health insurance.

Purchase a health insurance policy early on in your life.

Acquiring a health insurance plan when young is one of the tried-and-true methods to lower premium costs. Before determining whether you are qualified to receive coverage, most insurance companies consider your age and medical history.

On the other hand, because of this, getting a cover is harder as you age. Insurance companies raise the premium payments for your insurance policy because of your medical history, including common age-related ailments like diabetes, heart conditions, and blood pressure problems.

Because of this, it is preferable to buy health insurance when your health is at its greatest to qualify for a policy with reduced premium payments. In this manner, your premium will be considerably leit is preferable to buy health insurance when your health is at its greatest to qualify for a policy with reduced premium than what you will need to pay as you age.

Plan and Balance Your Health Insurance

When your work offers group insurance, you may choose to acquire an additional individual health insurance policy to further fortify your financial security.

In addition, policyholders can choose a family floater plan to help ensure their family and themselves. It can be challenging for you to keep track of your premium payments for so many insurance products.

Given the range of benefits, you can already receive from your other insurance coverage, making sure you use your insurance in this situation is advisable. You may more effectively manage the premium payments for your insurance policies in this way.

Boost your Excesses

Like auto insurance, health insurance typically allows you to pay an excess when filing a claim. A bigger excess could result in lower premiums. Although no one can forecast a major illness or injury, it is important to consider whether doing so will be cost-effective.

For instance, if your excess increases from £100 to £250 and you save £120 on the annual insurance premium, the full savings may not be realized if you file a claim. If you filed a claim, you would not have saved £150 for the year, leaving you £30 short.

However, the opportunity to file a claim may provide you with the most overall peace of mind. Balance is the key. With the help of our team of knowledgeable healthcare consultants, you may discuss this. The opportunity to file a claim may provide you with the most overall peace of mind. Balance is the key. With the help of our team of knowledgeable healthcare consultants, you may discuss this.

Look into Long-Term Healthcare Policies

Long-term insurance premium payments are typically less than those for conventional plans with an annual term. Therefore, enrolling in a long-term health insurance plan with a 2-3 year term can significantly reduce your premium cost.

This long-term health insurance plan is now easily accessible thanks to several insurance providers in recent years. Evaluating the policies offered by various insurance companies and selecting the one that best meets your needs will ensure that you get the most out of these plans.

Don’t abuse your policy.

If you need to file a claim, having a thorough policy in place will provide you with the most peace of mind. But are you required to assert? Claims will almost certainly increase your premiums at renewal, so you may be content to utilize the NHS or pay for a modest portion of your care.

Using the NHS might make sense if you’re going for a routine consultation, for instance, and you’re sure it’s a common issue. The price of a consultation might be between £100 and £250 or more, but afterward, your premiums might increase by more. The majority of insurers don’t consider the size of the claim.

Therefore, minor value claims may cost much more long-term if the insurer doesn’t contribute significantly to expenditures. Regularly reviewing your policy is the greatest method to ensure you receive the best value for your money.

Since every person’s circumstance varies significantly, we will ask you questions about what amount of coverage is crucial to you before comparing health insurance and making a suggestion.

Before your parents are 60 years old, buy them insurance.

As an insured person approaches 60 years old, the premium costs for most health insurance policies rise. Thus, it is preferable to purchase health insurance for your parents before they turn 60 if you want to do so.

In this manner, you can pay less toward the premium. Using these ten suggestions, you can significantly lower the premium for your health insurance policy.

Select a High Deductible Plan

The term “deductible” describes a certain sum that the insured must pay before the coverage begins. Therefore, the policyholder pays the agreed-upon sum or a portion of it, and the insurer makes up the difference. How would this help you?

Your insurance gives a lower premium rate when you willingly choose a greater deductible. However, in the event of an unplanned emergency, you will be required to cover up to a specific sum yourself. Therefore, it is advised to consider this before deciding to pay a higher price.

Accumulate your Cumulative Bonus

Some insurance companies reward policyholders who maintain a claim-free record for the duration of the policy. This benefit is available to you as a cumulative bonus, which differs from insurer to insurer.

While other insurance firms may offer a cheaper premium rate, some may offer an increased sum insured without increasing the premium. You can take advantage of these benefits by accruing the cumulative bonus and choosing to renew your health insurance on time.

Go for Top-Up Insurance Plans

Health Insurance companies have developed health insurance top-ups because customers are deterred from purchasing health policies by high premium rates. With age, our insurance requirements typically evolve.

Therefore, you can increase the coverage with a top-up plan rather than purchasing a new health insurance policy outright. Once the fundamental limit of the sum insured has been achieved, these plans become useful.

Moreover, the top-up policies might provide additional coverage on top of your health plan if the sum insured of your current plan is insufficient to protect you. Since top-ups are inexpensive, you can get substantial coverage without purchasing a new health policy or changing your current plan for a higher premium.

Make a comparison of available Insurance policies.

Before purchasing medical insurance, investigate and evaluate the many health insurance options. Even though certain insurance policies may have high premiums, that does not necessarily guarantee that their coverage is greater.

Therefore, before making a choice, analyze the pros and cons of numerous factors, including the features, perks, exclusions, riders, etc. Benefit from the free look time offered by health insurance; study the small print, and don’t base your decision just on the cost of the premium.


As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hourly wages increased by 7.5% recently. Today’s employers are willing to pay their employees more, which indicates that the job market is becoming more competitive. Insurance firms have developed top-up and super top-up plans intended to increase health insurance coverage while lowering the outgoing cost, acknowledging that higher premiums are a key barrier to consumers obtaining higher coverage.

Increasing your chances is easy when you provide a competitive insurance plan. Nevertheless, offering quality insurance might make your company pay too many premiums. Because of this, we want to teach you how to lower the costs of group health insurance coverage at your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the least expensive health insurance plan I can get?

The cheapest type of health insurance is Medicaid, but if you don’t qualify, there are a lot of other possibilities. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) introduced tax subsidies to finance plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

The sort of discount you are receiving and the insurance company’s procedures will influence the discount rate. On several factors, like selecting long-term insurance, insuring two or more family members, leading a healthy lifestyle, etc., you can typically receive discounts ranging from 5% to 15% each.

  • Why would I need to reduce premiums on my health insurance?

When you have common age-related disorders like diabetes, heart conditions, or blood pressure problems, insurance companies charge you more premiums for your insurance coverage.

To take advantage of a policy with lower premium payments, it is, therefore, better to buy health insurance when your health is at its best. When compared to what you will have to pay as you become older, your premium will be far lower this way.

  • Do health insurance premiums increase after I buy the plan?

Age does indeed affect how much you pay for health insurance. The premium would therefore rise each time you renewed the coverage. Additionally, your premium will go up if you increase the sum covered or add a family member at renewal.

The cost of the premiums may become prohibitive if you choose a comprehensive health plan with a high amount of insurance. Because they are aware of the demand for low-premium health insurance plans, insurance companies offer competitive pricing.

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