Health Insurance Options After Divorce

Health Insurance Options After Divorce


A perfect settlement looks like this after divorce: Your ex-partner helps you pay the premiums for the health insurance for a while after the divorce. It means that you will still be covered. However, if the settlement doesn’t give such a ruling, the insurance provider will remove you from your ex’s health insurance plan as soon as the divorce is official. Therefore, you should start looking for options to maintain your health insurance coverage. This blog has discussed some of the incredible health insurance options after divorce. 


Due to divorce, the insurance company will remove you from your ex-spouse’s health insurance plan. 

However, you will be eligible for COBRA’s health insurance coverage which will last for 18 or 36 months. 

To retain coverage from COBRA under the health insurance plan you already had, you must apply for it within 60 days of termination of your current policy. In such a case, you will have to pay the entire cost of the policy. In addition, you will not receive any subsidies from your ex’s insurance provider. 

It can be one of the most expensive health insurance options, so do proper research before choosing a new plan. 

2. Employer health insurance plan 

Talk to your employer to see if you are eligible for health insurance or not. This option is much more cost-friendly than COBRA and separates you from your ex-partner’s insurance company plan. In addition, you can apply for employer health insurance through a special enrollment period that opens when you lose your previous coverage through a divorce. 

3. ACA/ Obamacare Health Plan 

Even if you are eligible for the employer health insurance plan, you can enroll in the Obamacare Health Plan. 

You have to apply for it within 60 days after your divorce during the special enrollment period. However, if you didn’t register during this period, you will have to wait and enroll during the regular open enrollment period. It usually starts at the end of the year. 

Here is a list of things to consider when shopping for a health insurance plan after divorce: 

·      Metal level

Obamacare is categorized into four metal levels: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The metal level doesn’t indicate the quality of the care, but it describes how you and your plan split the cost. As the metal levels progress, they become more comprehensive and lower deductible while the monthly cost increases. 

·      Network 

If you prefer a doctor or a facility to receive care from, you have to choose a health insurance plan that the particular health provider is a part of. 

·      Deductible 

Deductible means the price you must pay before the insurance provider pays for your medical bills. Therefore, look at the policy’s deductibles before enrolling in the plan. 

·      Price

Before purchasing a health insurance plan, make sure you can pay the monthly payments. Otherwise, your coverage will suspend

4. Short-term Health Insurance

If Obamacare and employer health insurance plans seem unworkable for you, short-term health insurance will be an incredible and affordable alternative. 

Here are a few things to know about the short-term health insurance plans: 

  • No pre-existing condition will be applicable 
  • Coverage begins the exact day you apply 
  • It lasts for usually six months or up to 12 months, depending on your living situation. 

What are the options when you are separate but not divorced? 

If you are not living with your spouse but are not divorced yet, you can stay on your spouse’s health insurance until the divorce is official. However, your spouse will receive your health reports at the shared mail address. In addition, the primary spouse will be able to get their own health insurance coverage once the mutual insurance expires. 

In the case of legal separation, the rulings will vary depending on your state and insurance company. 

Health insurance in a divorce settlement 

It is better to discuss your health insurance in the divorce settlement, and your spouse may cover the premiums for you and the children through COBRA. 

When you are divorced but don’t lose your health insurance

If you don’t lose your health insurance once the legal separation has occurred, then it implies that you were the primary insured. However, you can choose a new plan due to changes in your living circumstances. 

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