Health insurance in New York: Everything you need to know

By: Astoria
Updated: September 27, 2022

Health insurance in New York, like any other state, is critical as it is to cover treatments, prescriptions, and diagnostic processes. Its benefits may seem locked behind a hectic process before being able actually to utilize.

Due to this, picking the most efficient health insurance can almost seem like a chore. But, worry not, as here at NewHealthInsurance, we cover everything about health insurance in each state, providing readers with personalized information for their respective states. Here, we discuss health insurance in the state of New York.

New York State is the fourth most populous state in the United States as of 2021, meaning it is a favorable state for health insurance providers to flourish, which can lead to the consumers here having not just countless options to choose from but even certain benefits that may not be available elsewhere. New York, a state with big cities and the nation’s light on it, also is a pretty expensive form to reside in, from rent to daily miscellaneous. This makes choosing the most cost-efficient health insurance in New York critical. In New York state, you can get health insurance only from mid-November to the end of January next year.

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This article will cover the eligibility of medical insurance in New York State and available plans, along with a few popular healthcare insurance providers. It is aimed to provide the reader with the insight they desire about Healthcare insurance in NY, all on one convenient page. The article ends with a list of frequently asked questions related to health insurance in the state of New York.

Health Insurance in New York

What makes you eligible for health insurance in New York?

Eligibility is vital when considering possible health care plans regardless of location. In order to register for respective health insurance, one must cover specific requirements, which vary as per the associated plan. Factors related to health care are usually age, livelihood, and employment status. These factors affect not only one’s eligibility but also how much one might be required to pay as a premium.


Age is a factor primarily for government-provided NY health insurance that provides coverage to certain specified age groups as per the policy. Usually, minors are covered by the health insurance purchased by their family. An individual can benefit from their parent’s healthcare up to the age of 26, which works as a relief until they are able to afford their individual health insurance in New York. Once an individual reaches age 65, they qualify for Medicaid and Medicare, at which point the individual health insurance can be dropped.


Assessing one’s income and then accordingly searching for income ranges where specific health insurance plans are provided is an integral part of one’s search for health insurance in New York. Income is crucial in the context of health insurance not just due to the fact that it determines how much an individual is able to invest in it but also considering the fact that it is able to determine eligibility for some of the cheapest health insurance in New York.

Individuals with low income are able to qualify for Medicaid, along with the Essential plan, which is able to provide free or low-cost health insurance at even difficult times. Income helps determine whether one is able to receive subsidies in respective healthcare plans.


Employment is also able to determine the options an individual has when choosing medical care insurance in New York. In hindsight, it is observed that employment controls the income one makes, therefore, the health insurance options. While it is the case, it is not the complete picture. Employers provide health coverage to their respective employees through insurance companies, and the state of New York also has COBRA, which offers employees and retirees health coverage for about 36 months.

What health insurance plans are available in New York?

Now that the eligibility factors have been covered, we will be looking into some major available healthcare plans as well as some free health insurance in New York. Healthcare plans and their availability are largely dependent on one’s eligibility as most of these tend to be provided by the government itself through insurance companies. Besides that, some plans are provided directly by insurance companies as well, which may be on the more costly side of the spectrum but are usually accompanied by more health benefits and better coverage.


Medicaid is usually available to individuals above 65 or that have a low income, meaning its eligibility is very selective. But due to the fact that it is government provided, it can provide coverage for free or very low cost, making it available to people even when they lack funds for actual health coverage. It works as a viable alternative to the expensive high, coverage health plans for the time being. This plan is preferable in cases where one is currently working on building a career or trying to save up while not having funds for proper health care.

Essential Plan

It is healthcare coverage for working adults from age 19 to 64 that have a low income. In order to qualify, one must be a New York resident. It is free health insurance in New York, which is a significant financial relief for adults who are unable to afford plans with better coverage. Enrollment for this plan for eligible individuals is open all year round, making it an excellent alternative for people who are unable to get Medicaid.

Child Health Plus

It is also government-provided health insurance, primarily for children. Residents of New York under the age of 19 are eligible for this plan. While age is the primary eligibility factor, the child’s family income is also considered while determining eligibility. The payments required to be made depend upon the family income and are able to provide basic coverage.

Health Insurance in New York

Health insurance from companies in New York

Deciding which insurance to get is rarely as easy as it may seem. Health insurance from private companies, besides the government-provided ones, provide far better coverage as it covers a more extensive range of health services and gives better benefits. Still, it is a double-edged sword as it tends to be very expensive as well. Due to this, this sort of insurance is suitable for financially stable individuals who are willing to invest in their health and safety.

Big Apple Rx

NYC has a card program called the Big Apple Rx, which is pretty much a discount card program. It works to allow registered members to receive discounts on their prescriptions. This program is able to help consumers save their hard-earned bucks while purchasing the perpetually incoming medications for not just treatment but even for just maintaining health. A neat thing about this is that it works even without health insurance, although health insurance paired with this card would prove highly beneficial.

What are some companies that provide health insurance in New York?

While there are likely a ton of health insurance providers in the state, we will review a few of some popular ones in this article to possibly help narrow your search for affordable health insurance in NY. When plans are purchased directly from private companies, financial aid is usually not accessible. It is crucial to pick a proper health insurance provider because they are consumers’ primary source of health insurance. You can receive free quotes to find the health insurance you want in New York through the form on our website.


EmblemHealth is a health insurance company primarily based in the state of New York that has branches all over the state. Multiple departments make access to their services more accessible and a more pleasant experience while also making them easily accessible to the residents. It is worth checking out because they provide not just individual but even family health insurance along with what they call neighborhood care, which includes access to community resources and benefits to members and non-members.
What it has to offer:

  • Neighbourhood care
  • AdvantageCare Physicians (ACPNY)
  • Individual and family plans
  • Essential plan
  • Medicare and Medicaid

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield

Like the aforementioned company, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield also functions in this state, providing health insurance to the residents of New York state, ranging from basic Medicaid plans to specialized plans for vision and dental services. While this provider does not have neighborhood care like earlier, it provides family and individual healthcare plans here.
What it has to offer:

  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • Family and individual plans
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Subsidized plans

Private health insurance companies play a crucial role in health insurance as a whole because they are the primary providers of health insurance, whether private or government provided. So, it would be wise to pick ones that are easily accessible along with having the plans that interest you. It is also to be noted that plans and policies provided directly by health insurance companies can vary in terms of coverage and benefits, even if they have similar pricing.

Is there free health insurance in New York City?

Like in the state as a whole, it is possible to receive free health insurance, but one must meet the requirements to be eligible for those plans. Plans such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Children’s Health Plus all have free or low-cost health insurance provisions in New York, but these services are only available to a select demographic. It is usually easily accessible to populations of the respective age group and those with lower income.

Does the state of NY allow short-term health insurance in New York?

Unlike some parts of the country, New York state does not allow short-term health insurance, due to which they are unavailable to consumers in the state. Due to this, the only healthcare plans that consumers can buy in NY are long-term insurance.

Other factors to consider

Health insurance usually works best with secondary health insurance, a plan commonly taken to obtain benefits other than the ones provided by one’s primary insurance. This option is optimal in case consumers are able to invest more in health insurance, as this could possibly require picking health insurance from private companies.


In the pursuit of health insurance in New York, it is easy to feel overwhelmed due to the barrage of information needed to be covered before being able even to figure out what options are available. This article has covered most of what an individual must consider before making a decision on which long-term health insurance they wish to invest in.
When searching for health insurance, one’s goal must always be finding cost-efficient yet sustainable health insurance due to the fact that these may be long term and making a wrong choice may cause a significant financial burden upon an individual.
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Health Insurance in New York FAQs

How much does health insurance cost per month in NYC?

Health insurance prices depend largely upon the health insurance company and the policies that they provide. The average health insurance cost in New York can range from about 330$ to 630$ depending upon the tiers of plans chosen from the company, meaning the higher the coverage provided, the more it costs.

Does New York state have free healthcare?

Yes, there is free health insurance in NY, but eligible consumers can only receive it for specific healthcare plans such as Medicare and Medicaid. The ability to be free might also be conditional, but it is very much the cheapest health insurance in New York.

How much do New Yorkers pay for health insurance?

The amount New Yorkers pay for health insurance largely depends on the health insurance company they are working with for insurance and the plans they have chosen.

Does New York state offer health insurance?

Yes, New York state offers a vast array of health insurance through its many health insurance companies. These health insurances can be government-provided ones as well as ones provided directly by the company itself. Such plans tend to vary in payments as well as the coverage they provide.

How much does Obamacare cost in NY?

Obamacare’s cost varies from person to person since it depends on the person’s age, income, location, and the healthcare plan the individual has decided to pick.

Is Medicaid free in NY?

Yes, Medicaid can be free in NY, or it may be merely low-cost insurance. This depends entirely on one’s income and the size of one’s household. But this benefit is usually only offered to the elderly and people with low income.

How much is health insurance for a family of 4 in NY?

It makes sense for the price of health insurance to increase as the number of family members increases, but the government-provided medical insurance in NY takes into account the number of family members while setting up the eligibility for specific plans, making the price more reasonable than a simple eye test might suggest.


Why is health insurance so expensive in New York?

New York State is a state with such huge cities and having as high of a population as it does, causes the overall price of basic products to increase by taking into account factors such as rent and taxes, which leads to services also becoming expensive.

Do you need health insurance in New York?

While it is not mandatory to get health insurance in New York, health insurance, in general, is something we suggest you get due to the fact that it works as a safety net to fall back on in case of medical needs and health being as important as it is, adds onto its need.

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