Cheap Health Insurance In Maryland: Get Quotes and Choose Your Plan

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Updated: September 27, 2022
Health Insurance Plans In Maryland

As basic as it might sound, health insurance in Maryland in the modern world is as dynamic as ever. With different plans, peculiarities, advantages, etc, it is now a priority for every modern man to get the best health coverage.

Years back, many people died due to their inability to cover their health expenses when the need arose, and to be frank, they would have been able to afford it if they saved for it. Today, with the endless number of health insurance policies, you can prepare yourself and your family for the inevitability of health challenges.

Health insurance is a very unique topic, one that cannot be fully understood in a jiffy. This is because there are various plans for different people in different locations. So, it is looking for a health plan, your location, health status, financial status, and so many more matters. Understanding the dynamics of your area and peculiarity will help you to get the best plan available.

Maryland has one of the best health insurance policies and healthcare at large. Their health sector is top-notch and effective. In Maryland, health insurance is operated under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with no other privacy policy.

This means that health insurance is compulsory in Maryland and up until 2022, residents were made to pay a fine for not being insured. In this article, we would talk about the peculiarities of Maryland’s healthcare insurance.


Available Plans of Health Insurance In Maryland

health insurance In maryland

Health insurance plans in Maryland can be purchased via the Health Insurance Exchange of the state, or through the Medicaid programs. However, knowing the exact plan you want to purchase is key.

These plans are categorized into metal tiers, each with its peculiarity in terms of monthly premiums and health coverage. In Maryland, you can have access to four different coverages in terms of metallic tiers, that is, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze from the highest to the lowest.

Each of these plans has different monthly premiums, health insurance coverage, and deductibles. The highest plans, Platinum and Gold plans, have the highest monthly premiums and the lowest deductible. While the lowest plan, the Bronze plan, has the lowest premium but highest deductible.

For instance, the most expensive Bronze plan in Maryland is 25%  cheaper than the cheapest Gold plan. Below are some more details about these plans in Maryland.

Platinum Plans

These plans are the most expensive with the highest health insurance coverage. This means, you’d pay more for health insurance premiums but pay less when you visit the hospital.

The platinum plan offers health insurance coverage of about 90% of the total health costs. A single individual will spend an average of $800 on health premiums for Platinum plans in Maryland.

Gold Plans

Similar to the platinum plan the Gold plans in Maryland are pretty expensive for premiums but not as expensive as the Platinum plans. For an average monthly premium of about $690, Gold plans give health insurance coverages as high as 80%.

Silver Plans

One of the most cost-effective plans, Silver plans give 70% health insurance coverage. The monthly premium is about $550, although Silver plans are known for their mouth-watering discounts.

Bronze Plans

These are the cheapest plans in Maryland in terms of monthly premiums, but the most expensive in terms of deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses.

The Bronze plans offer about 60% health insurance coverage for an average monthly premium of about $400.

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Most Suitable Plans of Health Insurance in Maryland For You

Most people always search for the cheapest health insurance plans or the most expensive plans according to their budget alone, but this isn’t the way to go about it. To find the best health insurance coverage in Maryland you need to look beyond your financial needs and consider your health, location, or family size amongst other factors.

Mostly because sometimes the most expensive plan might not be the most suitable plan for you. This is more like a guide to the most suitable health insurance plan for you.

As you try to get the best health insurance policy you should always be cautious about your health and financial needs. You should also know that individual health insurance companies, as well as state policies all, affect the health insurance coverage you get eventually. Ask yourself questions like “Can my budget cover this monthly premium?” “Is the insurance coverage enough for my medical bills?” And many more.

The higher metal tiers are more expensive and more suitable for people with high health demands but do you have the funds? We’ve taken our time to outline the best plans for you depending on your medical and financial needs.

Most Suitable Plans for Very High Medical Costs in Maryland

As we have stated earlier, the more expensive the monthly premium the higher the health insurance coverage. Individuals with high medical expenses will need high medical plans like Gold and Platinum plans to complement their expensive Maryland health care.

In Maryland, provided you are financially able and depending on the intensity of your health demand you choose between Gold and Platinum plans. Both are pretty expensive but they have the highest coverage with very few deductibles.

This means that if you intend to be visiting the hospital often, you’d pay a very little sum as deductibles. The most affordable Gold plan in Maryland is the KP MD Gold Virtual Forward 2000.

Most suitable Plans for average medical costs and low-income earners

If your health demands are not too frequent or expensive, you should go for the Silver plan especially if you are an average or low-income earner. This plan is regarded as the most cost-effective plan because they offer many cost-sharing discounts and reductions periodically, provided you are eligible.

This benefit greatly reduces the amount you pay for deductibles and increases coverage from 70% to as much as 85%. This plan is less expensive than the Platinum and Gold plans with lesser coverage yet it is still affordable. If your health expenses are not too expensive, then this plan is for you. The KP MD Silver Virtual Forward 4000 is the cheapest Silver plan in Maryland.

Most suitable plans for young, healthy, and average-earning individuals

 If you’re young with sound health and low or average income then you should look no further than the Bronze plans. These plans are the cheapest in Maryland but their coverage is very high.

So, although you’d pay less for premiums, your deductibles will be higher. This means you should only buy this plan if you are sure you’d not be visiting the hospital often. The KP MD Bronze 6900/0%/HSA/Vision is the cheapest Bronze plan in Maryland.

affordable health insurance in maryland


Categories of Health Plans In Maryland

Finding the right health insurance plan depends on a lot of factors. In Maryland, there are several categories 9f health insurance plans you can get. Each of these categories has its privileges and specifics depending on what you want. Understanding how these plans work will help you get the most suitable health plan utilizing every service to the maximum.

Below are the three main categories of health plans in Maryland.

Employer-Sponsored Plans

Most health insurance companies in Maryland help in the payment of the health insurance of their workers. Although the company will only cover a percentage of your total premiums, still it serves as a great relief financially.

As a resident of Maryland, make sure you inquire if your employers offer cheap health insurance in Maryland benefits. If yes, do well to apply if you’re eligible.

Eligibility differs according to employers, as some will only offer health insurance advantages to full-time employers, whereas others might offer different varieties of insurance plans to both full-time and part-time employees.

The company might cover part of the premium or full premium, some employers cover only the deductibles however, the type of coverage offered depends on what the employer wants to offer.

Most times, these employer-sponsored plans are used as leverage to tie workers down, sometimes as a reward for the commitment of workers, other times, the company just wants to attract workers. Let’s find out what is anthem blue card epo – plan 60.

Family Health Insurance Plans in Maryland

This plan is most suitable for newlyweds or individuals that are under the age of 26. It is now possible to be added to your spouse’s insurance policy if you don’t have one. Also, a husband and a wife can get an insurance policy together and at a cheaper price than it would have been for them individually.

Another way to enjoy insurance discounts through family in Maryland is getting insurance coverage under your parents although you must be below 26 to be eligible for this. Also, some employers offer coverage for relatives of employees. This means you can be part of an employer-sponsored plan through a family plan.

However, it is required that you make your inquiries thoroughly before you take these offers as their terms and conditions might be unfavorable.

Individual Health Insurance in Maryland

Individual health policies are the most common in Maryland. This is because of the eligibility and requirements for employer-sponsored and family health plans in Maryland.

In Maryland, there are a lot of self-employed single adults, beyond the age of 26. Most of them are only eligible for an individual plan, and although it is less cost-effective, it is the most flexible plan.

These Maryland health insurance plans are usually purchased within a narrow window called the “open enrollment period”. A period of about 60 days or more within which everyone is eligible to apply and after this period, you’d not be able to apply.

However, there are exceptional circumstances that can give you access to an individual plan, even after the open enrollment period has elapsed. Referred to as “life events” during these circumstances, you can enroll for a health plan in Maryland outside the normal enrollment period.

Under certain circumstances known as “life events,” however, you may enroll in a health plan through Maryland Health Connection outside the annual open enrollment period.

Health Insurance in Maryland FAQs

How much does the average person spend on health insurance per month in Maryland?

On average a single individual that resides in Maryland will spend about $400 on an individual health plan in Maryland. Although, these plans mostly depend on other factors like the category of plan you take and your location in Maryland.

Does Maryland have free healthcare?

Maryland has one of the best healthcare sectors in the United States. Although health is not completely free, it is very affordable and various cheap health insurance in Maryland for individuals schemes make it even more economical.

With Maryland Health Connection, you could also qualify for the Medicaid program or the Maryland Children’s Health Program. These programs are health insurance programs that greatly reduce the cost of health insurance.

Do you need health insurance in Maryland?

Health insurance in Maryland for individuals is compulsory according to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This means residents of Maryland are required to meet a minimum standard of health coverage. If this coverage is not met, they’d have to pay a fine of about $700 per household or 2.5% of their entire household income.

The insurance policy is very strict in Maryland because unlike other States, Maryland does not have any other insurance policy aside from the ones enacted by the Affordable Care Act.

What is the penalty for not having health insurance in Maryland?

Maryland is very strict regarding health insurance with a fixed fee of about $700 per individual health insurance Maryland, or 1/40 of your household income.

What is the cheapest health insurance right now?

Various criteria come into play when the affordability of health insurance is considered. However, provided you meet up with the requirements, Medicaid is the cheapest health insurance you can get. But, for those who do not qualify, the amount you spend depends on the plan you take. Catastrophic and Bronze plans have the cheapest monthly premiums while Gold and Platinum plans have the cheapest deductibles.

Who offers health insurance in Maryland?

Health insurance in Maryland is directed by the state under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, there are more than 5 health insurance companies that actively give cheap health insurance in Maryland. Some of them are Kaiser Permanente, CareFirst, UnitedHealthcare, etc

How much is health insurance a month for a single person?

The cost of medical insurance in Maryland depends on the type of plan, category, and health insurance company. Also, the location plays a vital role. However, as of 2022, the average monthly cost of medical insurance in Maryland for a single individual is about $500.

What is the income level to qualify for Medicaid in Maryland?

The maximum income level for Medicaid in Maryland depends on the family size. In 2022, a family size of three will require a limit of $35,000, the limit for two-sized families is about $29,000 and that of one is about $23,000.

What is the monthly income limit for Medicaid in Maryland?

The Medically Needy Income Limit (MNIL) for Medicaid eligibility depends on the type of plan you’re going for. That is, about $400 monthly for a single individual health insurance Maryland and about $450 monthly for a couple.

What is the Maryland Medical Assistance Program?

The Maryland Medical Assistance Program is also called Medicaid. This program helps sustain the low-income earners and homeless individuals by paying their medical bills and helping in their healthcare through health insurance. This program is funded by the state and federal governments.



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