Health Insurance in Boston: Get the Cheapest Plan

Updated: November 9, 2022
health insurance in boston

Insurance shopping may be a daunting and complicated experience due to the wide variety of products available and the inherent difficulty in making like-for-like comparisons. However, Boston residents shouldn’t feel overwhelmed when looking for health insurance in Boston. NewHealthInsurance can instantly connect you with your area’s most inclusive and cost-effective plans.

Why Do You Need Healthcare Insurance?

The entire population’s health has suffered greatly due to modern living and other circumstances. There has been a development cost as well. The heavy gas emissions and liquid wastes from the factories have damaged the safety of natural resources. Our regular exposure to polluted water and the air may cost us our lives. Increases in the prevalence and severity of health issues underscore the importance of having health insurance in Boston and elsewhere.

Why should you have Health Insurance?

People shop for health insurance to address various concerns and demands. When living in Boston, it’s important to get health insurance for a variety of reasons.

Safeguard Your Assets And Protect Yourself From Debts

When you aren’t ready, emergencies are only one of the many unexpected visitors who barge right in. Experiencing health emergencies, such as getting into an accident or your child having an accident, might deplete your safes. It’s far simpler to avoid the hassle of dealing with treatment and drug costs when unexpected health issues arise. Suppose you want to protect your savings and avoid falling into debt due to rising medical costs. In that case, you must purchase a health insurance policy from one of Boston’s reputable insurance companies.

Planning and the Future

Planning and organization are key to providing your loved ones with a better life and future. What was the point if you put your time, energy, and money into preparing for the future and building a business, only to have it all wiped out by medical expenses? Purchasing a health insurance policy is your best defense against this. You can set your premium, keep your ability to predict future earnings, create a workable budget, and concentrate on building your future.

Prescriptions For Existing Health Problems

Have you ever considered how much you pay annually on medications for preexisting diseases such as diabetes? Suppose I told you that by purchasing a health insurance kit in Boston, you could significantly reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Your insurance will provide you with the medication at no cost as long as you pay the low monthly premiums. Act now to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Healthcare Improvements

Boston medical facilities tend to provide higher-quality service to those with health insurance. Numerous plans exist to assist with all aspects of health care, from preventative services like immunizations and fitness and weight loss programs to harmful ones like smoking cessation and high-pressure medication. In addition to these advantages, persons with valid health insurance tend to receive higher-quality care in hospitals than those without insurance.

Cashless Benefit Claims

A health insurance claim is a request from your healthcare provider to your insurance company after a procedure or service. Think about receiving medical care at a hospital without having to pay for any of it. What a wonderful experience. If you have medical coverage, you can do this. Contact NewHealthInsurance Immediately to learn how this works.

How to Get Health Insurance Package

After knowing why you need health insurance, it’s time to take action. First, know what makes the process successful and profitable. These factors include:

  • Ensure the insurer specializes in health insurance. Since the firm’s attention isn’t divided, you’ll get exceptional services. You’ll also get superior promotions and after-sale services.
  • Choose high health insurance deductibles. HDPs aims to lower premiums. It’s inexpensive and reliable despite higher charges. Consider opening a health savings account to cover out-of-pocket payments.
  • Ensure the legitimacy of the insurance firm. Before buying health insurance, ensure the coverage meets your criteria, affordability, and credibility. Boston’s NewHealthInsurance is a reputable health insurer. Our company is flexible. We can meet your requirements.
  • Check the insurer’s claim-settlement ratio. The higher the insurer’s claim-settlement ratio, the better your chances of being paid. Health insurance companies in Boston don’t mind collecting premiums, but they dread paying claims.
  • Check your eligibility for tax credits. Low- and middle-income earners may qualify for IRS premium tax credits. The amount varies based on your wages. NewHealthInsurance can assess credit values.

HealthCare options in Boston

For those unfamiliar, “fee-for-service” (FFS) refers to a type of health insurance in which the doctor is paid directly for each treatment rendered. The healthcare practitioner and the patient can submit claims on behalf of the patient.

The finest health insurance plans in Boston involve Managed Care in some capacity. HMOs, PPOs, and POSs are all examples of Managed Care policies.

In an HMO, the patient’s primary care physician is the hub for all medical needs. Specialists, doctors, and medical professionals will not see you without a reference. This usually results in less paperwork and lower healthcare expenditures for everyone.

The PPO plan provides greater freedom of choice. You are free to see any doctor you like without designating one as your primary care physician, while your expenses will be reduced if you use a provider in your insurance plan’s network.

These plans share characteristics with HMOs and PPOs, and your benefits may increase or decrease based on whether or not you see a provider in the plan’s network. You will need a recommendation from your primary care physician to see a specialist who is part of the network. Non-network care is covered. However, it will cost more out of pocket, similar to PPO policies.

Getting covered by adequate healthcare plans in Boston is a must. An HMO plan could be the best option if you want your family doctor to manage all of your medical needs. You should consider a PPO plan if you frequently consult with experts or if you desire greater freedom in making healthcare decisions.

Boston Health Medical Plan Providers

Boston is highly known for its innovative attitude due to its revolutionary past. However, if you are seeking cheap health insurance in Boston, we can assist you in determining the finest plan.

We have studied and compared Cheap health insurance companies in Boston to assist you in making an informed choice. These businesses represent our goals and dreams for you.

Best Health Insurance Providers in Boston

Consider your budget and medical needs while choosing the finest Boston health insurance plan. Have a certain physician or medical expert in mind? If so, browse the companies listed below to find a price and determine if your plan covers the healthcare provider of your choice.

1. TUFTS Health Plan

The National Center for Quality Assurance ranks Tufts Health Plan as one of the few perfect-scoring businesses. The Tufts health plan is highly rated by its customers in terms of the quality of care provided, the speed with which patients can schedule appointments, and the efficiency with which claims are processed.

Tufts University provides a selection of health insurance plans, all HMOs.

2. Blue Cross and Blue Shield 

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is a well-known full-service health insurance provider that offers a wide variety of HMO and PPO plans to meet the demands and budgets of their customers. BCBS is the greatest option for nationwide coverage.

Before signing up, you can easily check to see if the doctors and hospitals you choose accept BCBS health insurance, thanks to the network’s convenient online search tools.

Obtaining a quotation is simple and quick, and you may tailor coverage to fit your individual or family’s needs in many ways.

3. Fallon Community Health Plan

Fallon Community Health Plan members can choose between an HMO and a POS plan.

Depending on your family’s structure and income, you may qualify for a health insurance subsidy. Many standard medical procedures also come with relatively reasonable cost structures.

The fee for an office visit with your primary care physician is $10, while the payment for certain prescriptions is $5. Also, you may focus on your health without worrying about how to pay for lab services like blood tests.

4. The Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc.

There will soon be a combined entity of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Tufts. Although they are now run independently, it is important to note that they will soon be merging to better serve the people of Massachusetts. This coverage is ideal for people who want to protect themselves and their loved ones.

A yearly checkup and flu vaccine is provided at no cost to Harvard Pilgrim health insurance members, and members also receive discounts and reimbursements for wellness services, including gym memberships.

If you’re searching for health insurance that gives you a break if you take the initiative to improve your health, this is a good plan, as it covers visits to a chiropractor and an acupuncturist.

5. Kaiser Health Insurance Plan

The Kaiser Family Foundation’s Health Insurance Programs provide a range of plans to meet the needs of most consumers. Kaiser’s HMO, PPO, and POS plans are some of the best-selling options. Evaluating costs and coverage is crucial to choose the best plan for you because each has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Kaiser plans typically have lower premiums than other forms of insurance but higher deductibles and copayments. The HMO plan is the most affordable choice but provides the least comprehensive benefits. The PPO and POS plans provide greater flexibility in coverage at cheaper rates but at the expense of increased patient responsibility payments.

Kaiser Health Insurance in Boston covers emergency department visits and hospital stays. The annual benefits for a single person are similar to $10,000. Benefits for families might amount to $20,000 per year. The policy covers preventive care, prescription drugs, and other services.

Kaiser Health Insurance Boston varies in price based on the chosen plan and provider. A single person might spend roughly $100 monthly for coverage, while a family of four might pay around $200.

Individuals Health Plans In Boston

Individual health insurance is for persons without employer-provided coverage. Boston regulates individual health insurance. NewHealthInsurance connects you with top insurance providers if you don’t have employer-provided health insurance.

Every day, we assist Bostonians in finding the right plan at the right price. We’ll answer your questions and explain your alternatives. We can ask a few inquiries to learn what Boston plans are available.

Bostonians can get individual health insurance in numerous ways. If your job doesn’t provide health insurance, you can enroll in the marketplace from November 1 to December 15. Special enrollment periods may allow you to buy marketplace coverage outside open enrollment. Life-changing circumstances or moving are required for special enrollment.

Plans differ in the services they include and how you pay for them in Boston. Monthly premiums are required for individual health insurance. Copayments or coinsurance may be required when you obtain medical care. The more you pay monthly, the less you pay upfront and vice versa.

Having health insurance ensures you won’t be overcharged if you become sick. Having health insurance in Boston allows you to receive preventative care. People without health insurance are much more likely to experience serious, even fatal, health problems.

Family Health Plans for in Boston

When buying family or children’s health insurance, consider each member’s health issues. Healthy families may only need HMOs. If a family member has a chronic ailment that requires constant care, a PPO or POS plan may be better.

The Massachusetts Health Connector website can help you choose the right plan. Consider your family’s finances and ability to pay deductibles and coinsurance. Max out-of-pocket is the stop loss in case of catastrophe.

In Massachusetts, couples’ insurance prices depend on the youngest applicant’s age. If you and your partner are different ages, opting for the same plan may save you money.

Average Cost of Health Insurance in Boston

In Boston, the average cost of health insurance per month is $385. Certain actions can be taken to mitigate this expense. Insurance companies use many variables when determining your premium, including:

  • Body mass index (BMI): The prevalence of chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease rises in tandem with body mass index (BMI). Also, Body mass index (BMI) can be lowered with regular exercise and eating well.
  • Tobacco use: Tobacco use results in higher health insurance premiums for smokers than nonsmokers. Smoking prevalence in Massachusetts hovers at just about 13%. For smokers, there is no shortage of low-cost or no-cost resources to help them kick the habit. Do not begin smoking if you do not already. Both your health and your bank account will benefit from your efforts.
  • Age: Your health insurance premiums may rise after 50 due to greater medical costs for an aging population.

Cheapest health insurance in Boston

MassHealth (Medicaid and CHIP) and ConnectorCare are two plans that provide affordable health insurance in Boston.

Medicaid in Boston

Healthcare coverage for low-income residents of Boston was increased in 2013 because of the ACA’s Medicaid expansion. In May of 2022, 1,779,418 residents of Boston were enrolled in MassHealth, representing a net gain of 37.26%. Depending on your household income, MassHealth may pay for all or a portion of your health insurance premiums. It also protects if you are a small business owner, a parent, or a preexisting ailment like HIV or cancer.

MassHealth, the state’s Medicaid program, is for U.S. citizens and permanent residents with very poor or low incomes. How much you can spend depends on your income, family size, and government poverty standards. For instance, the maximum annual income for a single-person household is $17,131; for a couple, it’s $23,169. And for a family of three, it’s $29,207.

An online MassHealth application is available. Application forms require disclosure of household income and the number of members. Assuming you qualify, you can find a health insurance plan that suits your financial and medical needs.


ConnectorCare plans are QHPs or qualified health plans, and they have open enrollment all year with a few caveats. These plans are not only subsidized by the city of Boston but also eligible for premium tax credits under the Affordable Care Act. All residents who qualify will have their premiums and out-of-pocket expenses reduced. In Boston, do you earn less than 300% of the federal poverty level but are not eligible for MassHealth? You may be eligible for a ConnectorCare plan.

  • Tufts Health Plan Direct
  • Allways/Neighborhood Health Plan
  • Health New England
  • Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan
  • Fallon Health

Bottom Line 

If you’re searching for coverage for your family in Boston, receive assistance evaluating alternatives that meet the requirements of every family member.

When looking for a family plan, it’s important to ensure everyone in your household may see the doctor or specialist of their choice. Make sure your plan includes comprehensive maternity and children’s health coverage if you have or want to have children. Your requirements for health insurance are likely to rise as you get older.

It’s important to double-check which Boston experts are covered by your insurance if you’re dealing with health problems right now that could worsen in the future.

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Does Boston mandate health insurance coverage?

A legal requirement in Boston is for everyone to be covered by health care. Companies that do not provide health insurance to their employees or individuals who do not have coverage face fines.

What alternatives are health insurance plans (such as cost-sharing) available in Boston?

A health care cost-sharing plan, often known as a faith-based health plan, is one type of alternative health insurance that is gaining popularity. Since these are not considered health insurance plans by the city of Boston, they are exempt from state regulation and do not have to be purchased by residents. Be aware that cost-sharing health plans often do not cover pre-existing ailments and may not cover all conditions before signing up.

Do I still require health insurance if I have an FSA/HSA?

Health insurance is mandatory in Boston, regardless of whether an FSA or an HSA covers you. You should still have health insurance, but FSAs and HSAs can help with some of the out-of-pocket expenditures.

What does the ConnectorCare plan include?

ConnectorCare covers all medical expenses for anyone with income up to 300% of the federal poverty line. Healthcare costs, including visits to the doctor, stay in the hospital, and the cost of medications prescribed by doctors, are all covered.

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