Health Insurance For Visiting Parents In The USA

Updated: November 23, 2022
health insurance for visiting parents

Does health insurance for visiting parents  in the USA work? Yes, it does and you’d like to understand how to get and use such a health insurance plan. So, read on; you’re at the right spot now!

Visitor Insurance For Parents In USA

The world has slowly turned into a global market. Now, citizens of different countries marry each other and reside in each other’s country. Gone are the days when Europeans were confined to Europe and Africans to Africa. Now Africans reside in Europe and vice versa.

And this is not limited to these two continents as North Americans, South Americans, Australians and individuals from the Middle East all reside amongst each other. This has led to more developments around the world and major cause for increased commerce and unity amongst races.

However, most times, travelling to your home country or continent means you’d have to leave some of your loved ones behind, especially your parents. Well, this issue also, is curtailed as you could either travel back home to see them or they could come to see you.

When your parents come over to see you, an aspect of their life that cannot be overlooked is their healthcare. I mean, many things can go wrong, especially during the voyage and the fact that they’d be coming to a new country means there would be no health insurance coverage under which their healthcare would be based.

This might not be much of an issue until they fall sick or have an accident throughout their stay. Of course, we do not pray for such incidents but it is wise and always safer to take precautions in order not to be caught unawares.

Hence, a visiting health insurance plan should be gotten for your parents on their arrival. This is mostly for individuals residing in the United States as most regions have such plans.

Getting Health Insurance Plans for Visiting Parents USA

The health insurance plans for visiting parents in the United States are also called travel insurance for parents visiting USA. This type of insurance plan gives healthcare coverage to parents of residents travelling to the US upon their arrival. It can also be called health insurance for visiting parents because it is mainly designed to last throughout the parents’ stay in the US.

Since the United States is one of the most developed nations in the world, it attracts a lot of successful businessmen, entrepreneurs and many other professionals in their art. These individuals often have their family members visit periodically hence, the health insurance plans for visiting parents were put in place to ensure that even visitors of the United States have access to very quality healthcare services throughout their stay.

Usually, this health insurance for parents visiting USA covers major expenses like basic care and emergencies. Following the terms of the plan, it could offer coverage for  COVID-19 tests that are considered medically necessary as long as the person is still in the United States.

However, certain conditions and exclusions are depending on the policy provider and the individual’s eligibility. The highlight of the medically necessary COVID-19 testing is that there’d be no need for cost-sharing or expenses. The screening would be covered totally in expenses and the individual would not need to pay either copay, deductible or coinsurance.

Although visitors to the United States would have to make out-of-pocket payments for normal health services even with health insurance services, those receiving COVID-19 test services are an exception.

All the cost-sharing linked to any services that would be rendered throughout the COVID-19 testing would be waived hence, services like urgent care centres, laboratory services, and emergency room visits would be received without the need to make out-of-pocket expenses payments. However, these services must all be linked to the COVID-19 testing in one way or the other.

Here’s the complete guide on choosing a health insurance plan.

Why get a visitor insurance plan? (What a visitor insurance plan offers)

Many people ask questions like “Is it necessary to get a Health Insurance plan for my visiting parents?” Some go as far as saying the Visitors’ plan is excessive and not needed well this is wrong.

The main reason is simple; first, health insurance plans in the United States do not involve your parents and even family plans do not involve residents of other countries hence they’d be needed for an alternative plan. When you consider the uncertainty that lies with a person’s health and how emergencies can occur without prior notice, you’d agree that one needs always to be on guard as regards the healthcare of ourselves and our family.

Even though they might be staying for a long time, the truth is, it doesn’t take up to a minute for an accident to occur, or for someone to contract a disease, and when you consider how susceptible the elderly ones are, you’d realize how important this is.

Some parents even have underlying conditions that need regular medical attention. Usually, they’d be advised to stay where they are but in cases where the voyage is inevitable, a visitor insurance plan should do the trick.

Apart from the enormous medical care advantage, a visitor can get from his visitor insurance plan in the US, one can also access other services like repatriation, emergency medical evacuation, hospital indemnity and so many others through a visitor insurance plan. It is however mostly advised that visitors are sure of the services offered by their policy providers before they get their visitor plans.

Not just that, you should also ensure that these plans go well with their health needs and that it synchronizes perfectly with them in terms of health insurance coverage and affordability.

Types of Health Insurance for Visiting Parents

Although most people like to explore the world and travel around to see their loved ones as often as possible, international trips are quite heavy on older individuals. When you consider the long hours of air travel, the difference in language and culture, changes in weather conditions and general stress associated with travelling, it is quite a lot for them.

With this stress which can be both mental and physical, a lot can happen to the health of these visitors and so it is wise to get a visitor’s plan just in case, even if the person is to stay for as little as a week.

However, visitors’ plans do not have to be a burden, in most cases it is not even compulsory but it is recommended so you’d not be caught unawares by the many things that could go wrong throughout a visit. To get access to these plans, individuals have to be aware of the various types that are available in the United States and the best possible way to explore them.

Normally, the insurance for visiting parents available in the United States are classified into two main categories all of which have their specific functions and suitability. The main reason for you to know these types of health insurance plans and how they work is for you to be able to choose the best possible plan for yourself upon your visit or upon the arrival of your visitor.

As of 2022, there are two main categories of visitors insurance for parents in the United States of America there are as follows:

Fixed Benefit Insurance

Fixed benefit insurance plans in the United States, just as the name implies, have a fixed or specified limit of benefits that a visitor can have access to depending on their different medical expenses. The COVID-19 coverage in this particular plan is like any other health insurance plan without any specificity.

Because this plan has a very clearly outlined coverage limit, it works mainly for small ailments and can be inadequate for chronic conditions or any condition requiring high expenses. The good thing about this type of visitor plan is that it is quite cheap and affordable and would suit you more if you don’t need to visit the hospital frequently throughout your stay.

The health insurance coverage from this plan is practically low compared to the comprehensive plan and most times, these plans are not recommended for visitors except if they are sure they’d not visit the hospital frequently but the lingering question is always “How sure can you be?”

Comprehensive Visitor Insurance

Comprehensive visitor insurance in the United States is the second type of visitor insurance plan available to those that are eligible. This plan is often the widely recommended visitor plan for visitors because of its extensive coverage and wealth of services covered. This plan is quite flexible and offers a wealth of options.

Contrary to popular opinion it is good to note that although comprehensive plans have very high coverage, travel insurance plans do not cover preventive care and the coverage issued for ailments that the visitor has had prior is quite limited and sometimes they’d be none (coverage) at all. Unlike fixed-benefit insurance plans, comprehensive plans do not have benefit limits that are dependent on the category of medical expenses.

For this plan, individuals would have to pay less deductible and coinsurance or even copays. These plans are actually on the high side, when you consider the amount that is paid as premiums, however, it is worth it when you consider the quality of healthcare you or your visitor as the case may be, would have access to.

The best visitor insurance plans for parents visiting the USA

There are quite several health insurance plans parents can have access to on their visit to the United States. Each of these plans have what makes them peculiar, it is advisable that before you go for any of these plans, you should do your research and verify if you’re old with their policies, prices and health coverage.

For instance, some visitor plans provide adequate coverage for sports activities that might lead to injury. Below are some of the best visitor insurance for parents visiting USA available in the United States.

  • Safe Travels USA Comprehensive
  • Travel plans
  • Patriot America Lite
  • Patriot America Plus
  • Atlas America
  • Elite Plan
  • Atlas Premium America, etc


We know it’s exciting to have your parents come to the United States for the first time. Of course, their well-being and safety come first at all times and they’d require travel medical insurance as a result.

Even though you can’t always stop medical emergencies and health issues, you can take steps to protect your parents’ well-being and lower financial losses by getting them health insurance. We advise getting your parents’ comprehensive visitors insurance for their trip to the United States to protect them in case of a travel emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of visitor insurance plan should I get for my parents visiting the USA?

We advise picking a comprehensive travel insurance package for your parents’ trip to the United States. A comprehensive visitors’ health insurance plan, as the name implies, provides wider coverage and more advantages than a restricted coverage policy.

Additionally, you can purchase insurance that covers both emergency medical transportation and the acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

  • What is the best travel insurance for parents visiting USA?

A comprehensive travel medical insurance plan, CoverAmerica – Gold Insurance offers carefully chosen advantages like 100% coverage after the deductible, $20–$25 urgent care consultations (depending on the policy maximum), coverage for emergency dental work, and eye exams.

The plan is perfect for senior travellers, especially those from India and Asia, as insurance also covers the acute onset of pre-existing diseases. Parents visiting the U.S. have expressed great interest in the program. One of the most well-known networks in America, United Healthcare PPO, is fully covered by this plan.

  • If both my parents are coming over, should I get separate visitor insurance plans or the same one is enough?

Instead of combining their plans into one, we advise purchasing separate ones for the parents if both are travelling to the U.S. But you need to know though that the costs would still sum up to be the same. And also, you’ll have more options if one of them needs to leave early or if you need to cancel or extend one person’s insurance.

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