Health Insurance For H4 Visa Holders: Guide

Updated: November 23, 2022
health insurance for h4 visa holders

Are you currently seeking to get a health insurance plan as a US resident H4 Visa holder? Then, you’re in the right place! Read on to know all about acquiring health insurance for H4 visa holders.

There’s recently been so much immigration into the United States with relatives and other loved ones in other countries. And most times when these individuals who relocate to the United States become stable or prosperous as the case may be, the need arises for them to unite and be with their families especially when they are separated from their spouses and children.

Most of these residents have H1B Visas and for their loved ones to visit and live with them in the United States, they’d need H4 Visas. Well, it is one thing to relocate, it is another to maintain stable healthcare.

These visitors or dependants would need access to quality healthcare no matter how long or short their stay might be. And it is no longer news that the best way to access quality healthcare nowadays is to have access to a suitable healthcare insurance plan.

H4 Visa Medical Insurance

Most residents of the United States have healthcare insurance plans themselves but these plans would not cover their families. It is either the individual plan does not cover family members or the supposed family plan would be difficult for their families to attain because of their H4 Visa status. When choosing a health insurance plan, do your research properly.

However, you can get other health insurance plans for them aside from those on which you’re enrolled. The H4 Visa holders health insurance plans are readily accessible to visitors or family members who intend to stay for a while or a very long time.

Hence, with this plan, your children and or spouse can live with you peacefully, not minding the dangers of inadequate health care because you’d be able to get an affordable health insurance plan for them.

In this article, we would talk about the H4 Holders’ Visa plans in the US and how they work. H4 visas allow H1B visa holders’ spouses and children under 21 to accompany them to the US. Holders of H4 visas may lawfully:

  • Work
  • Obtain a driving permit
  • Establish bank accounts
  • Attend school
  • Be qualified for an ITIN (Tax ID)
  • Obtain a social security number

The amount of H4 visas awarded is unrestricted, unlike most other visa types, and as of 2015, H4 visa holders are also permitted to work lawfully in the US.

Additionally, there are no limitations on the type of employment an H4 visa holder may pursue, thus those who are accepted are not constrained to employment with a single business and may even think about self-employment.

Many people with H4 visas have opened their firms (using H4 loans they obtained themselves) and have even hired their staff members.

In addition to the fact that health care is quite expensive in the US, H-4 visa holders are ineligible to obtain health insurance through the US health insurance market. Due to their foreign status, they are also ineligible for medical care under the Medicare or Medicaid programs.

To guarantee that their medical emergencies, illnesses, and injuries are covered while they are in the United States, H-4 visa holders must obtain a visitor health insurance plan with sufficient limits. If they don’t, they can make a costly financial error and potentially risk the family member’s H-1B visa status

An H-4 visa health plan can cover unexpected medical expenditures, emergency travel-related charges, and even some features common to conventional travel insurance, like a trip interruption and lost checked luggage, in the event of a medical or travel emergency in the United States.

What does visa health insurance cover?

To help you understand how Atlas America insurance is there for you and your family as you live and work in the USA, below are just a few coverages and scenarios:

  • Unexpected Medical Expenses –

Atlas America will give you access to a nationwide network of physicians and hospitals if you are suddenly ill or wounded and require medical care.

Additionally, you will have access to perks like Hospital Room and Board, Local Ambulance, Emergency Medical Evacuation, and Intensive Care Unit that will cover eligible medical costs.

  • Supplemental Travel Expenses –

Atlas America will pay you for qualified expenses if your carrier misplaces your checked luggage or if your trip is cut short due to a death in your close family.

  • Emergency Reunion or Bedside Visit Expenses –

If you are hospitalized after a covered emergency medical evacuation or confined to your hospital’s intensive care unit after a covered injury or illness, Atlas America will pay the roundtrip airfare for one relative of your choice to come to your bedside from your home country.

The Emergency Reunion benefit will additionally pay for the relative’s reasonable lodging and meals for up to 15 days.

  • Death-Related Fees –

In the tragic case of your passing, Atlas America will pay for any reasonable costs associated with your local burial, cremation, or return of remains to your country of origin.

Your beneficiary will receive your Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) compensation if you are eligible.

  • Travel Assistance Services –

Our multilingual customer service department is available to you for free, 365 days a year, whether you require assistance with lost or stolen travel papers, translation services, or a referral to a doctor, hospital, or lawyer.

Why Do We Need H-4 Visa Health Insurance?

International travel can still be risky, despite the wonderful opportunity that is working in the United States. Consider the following H4 visa holder health insurance benefits while choosing visa health insurance for you and your family:

  1. There is always a possibility that you will experience a travel-related accident, illness, or illness for which you will need medical insurance.

After all, you’ll be navigating a strange land, attempting novel foods, coming in contact with alien microorganisms, and perhaps experiencing the effects of jet lag.

  1. You might not be covered in the US by your domestic health insurance. Even if your insurance covers you outside of your nation of residence, this coverage might be restricted.

It’s crucial to realize that Americans pay for their healthcare, which means you’ll be financially responsible for any medical expenses you accrue while residing or working in the US.

  1. According to Path2USA, your visa may require you to provide evidence of your ability to pay for return travel, lodging, and medical expenses.

By demonstrating that you have coverage for unanticipated illnesses or accidents, an H-4 visa health insurance plan like Atlas America could help you prove that you can afford to pay for medical costs.

Additionally, when you get travel health insurance from an organization like Atlas America, you’ll get access to a visa letter that may be used as proof of coverage.

Short-term H4 Visa Health Insurance

This type of short-term health insurance doesn’t require long-term or domestic health insurance if your partner or kids are merely staying with you temporarily in the US. Instead, you can cover them with visitor health insurance.

Even if your family members will be staying for an extended period, you should still get them temporary health insurance so they are covered before the vacation even starts (the time it takes you to include them on your plan).

Long-term H4 Visa Health Insurance

You can add your dependents to your health insurance plan if they’ll be staying in the US with you for an extended period. Also, some employer-sponsored plans can extend their coverage to family members especially if they have the right Visa.

Find out if your dependents can join your current health insurance plan if it is provided by your work. Purchase your long term care insurance through the Marketplace.

If your employer does not offer health insurance, or you are not allowed to include dependents, then you can buy your domestic health insurance from the Marketplace, either way, ensure that you get a more comprehensive plan if the person would be staying for long.

H4 Health Insurance Costs

Normally the H4 Visa holders healthcare plans would cost about $200 on average in the US. However, the health insurance plan cost would depend on a lot of factors like the specific type of plan, your healthcare needs, the length of time you’re meant to stay, and so on.

As of 2022, individuals eligible for an H4 health insurance coverage plan would spend an average of about $350 depending on the type of plan.

Best Health Insurance For H4 Visa Holders

Getting the best possible healthcare insurance plans is key no matter your visa status. Holders of H4 Visa, like everyone else, also want the best possible healthcare insurance plan for themselves throughout their stay no matter how long or short it is.

Oftentimes these individuals ask what the best health insurance for H4 dependents is, or the best H4 company around but in truth, the term “best” is a hoax. In reality, every plan or policy provider has something it is known for; an edge over most other plans as well as limitations. It is based on these pros and cons that individuals should choose their H4 dependent’s health insurance plans.

In choosing an H4 plan your priority should be your health, your financial status and the accessibility of the plan. Of course, no one wants a plan that is not available within their residence. Also, eligibility is key, although almost everyone has access to H4 visa holder health insurance plans nowadays, you have to meet certain requirements to be able to get these plans.

If you’re eligible and you are sure you can afford the plan, ensure that you do a little research on the available H4 Dependents plans around you and how it synchronizes with your health needs. You could search your State’s marketplace to be able to search for plans and how they work.


Just like almost every other health insurance plan in the United States, H4 visa medical insurance is very important and you should get one if you have someone traveling into the state.

In addition to the fact that health care is quite expensive in the US, H-4 visa holders are ineligible to obtain health insurance through the US health insurance market. Due to their foreign status, they are also ineligible for medical care under the Medicare or Medicaid programs.

To guarantee that their medical emergencies, illnesses, and injuries are covered while they are in the United States, H-4 visa holders must obtain a visitor health insurance plan with sufficient limits. Otherwise, they risk making a very costly financial blunder and potentially jeopardizing the family member’s H-1B visa status.

Make sure your family has enough health insurance before they immigrate to the US. Having H4 visa holders medical insurance would help manage the cost of medical care if they become ill or are injured.

It is generally recommended for all US citizens, including those on H4 visas, to carry health insurance, even though it may not always be required by law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do those on H4 visas require health insurance?

Yes, as an H4 visa holder, you still need a health insurance plan if you have visitors coming in. Visitors with an H-4 visa who are entering the country for the first time should have enough visitor insurance to cover any medical emergencies they may have while there.

The coverage shall be renewable in case there is a delay in the employment coverage for at least as long as it takes the H-4 visa holder to become covered under their spouse’s employer-based plan. The rationale for this is that any coverage gap places an H-4 visa holder at a high risk of incurring hefty medical expenses even for a short period.

  • Can my spouse use my H4 visa health insurance?

The employer-based health insurance of an H-4 visa holder who is married to an H-1B visa holder might not take effect right away. Reliant children also experience this.

Some firms demand that an employee works for a certain number of months before their health insurance kicks in. Additionally, the cost of adding a spouse and/or a kid or children to the H-1B visa holder’s insurance plan will be withdrawn immediately from their income.

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