The Best Dental Insurance: Find the Right Provider for Your Plan

Updated: November 9, 2022
the best dental insurance

Are you in need of the best dental insurance? It can be hard to know where to start when so many options are available. You probably don’t think about dental insurance until you need to see the dentist. 

So, it’s crucial to find the right provider for your plan. Not all plans are created equal, so choosing the one that’s right for you is vital. In this blog post(, we’ll help you find the right provider and plan for your needs through our article.

 We’ll also discuss important factors to consider when choosing a dental plan, including cost, coverage, and quality of care. So whether you’re just starting your search or are ready to compare options, read on for more information!

The Best Dental Insurance: What You Should Know About?

Medicare or Medicaid coverage Through Medicare or Medicaid, you may be eligible for dental coverage.
Typically separate from health The majority of the time, your primary health insurance plan does not include dental care.
Consider your priorities A basic plan can be adequate if your primary requirement for dental insurance is cleanings and other preventive services. But if you anticipate needing dental work, think about more comprehensive insurance.

What is the Best Dental Insurance Company?

Dental insurance options from Cigna are the most extensive. Dental insurance decreases the financial burden on more expensive procedures like implants, bridges, & fillings while helping to pay for preventive dental care.

It’s crucial to browse around to select a dental insurance provider with plans that offer the kind of protection you require without high annual caps or exclusions that can prevent you from receiving any benefits.

The best dental insurance packages offer access to an extensive dentist network, realistic annual benefit caps, and maybe affordable costs. 

Make sure you carefully compare and research the dental policies you are considering while looking for the best dental insurance provider to know precisely what is and is not covered.

Best Dental Insurance Company for Implants No Waiting Period

Best For Provider Name
Best overall Cigna
Runner-up for best overall Renaissance Dental
Best overall for no waiting periods Spirit Dental
Best Price Humana Dental Insurance
Suitable for Families UnitedHealthcare Dental Insurance
Best for Seniors and Families Physicians Mutual
preferred for orthodontics Delta Dental


Cigna, a company that was founded in 1981, provides dental insurance in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. 

More than 17 million customers of the insurer have dental insurance plans in place, and those customers have access to more than 97,000 dentists. 

Although you may anticipate comprehensive coverage for preventative treatments when you sign up for a Cigna dental plan, you should be aware that specific programs have separate deductibles for regular dental care and orthodontic care. To know more details click Cigna health insurance reviews.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons
  • Accepted in about 300,000 places
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Some plans include coverage for orthodontic and restorative care.
  • More than 93,000 dentists nationwide are part of a network
  • Certain policies don’t cover restorative dentistry.
  • six to twelve-month wait times for important services
  • Cosmetic and dental procedures are not covered.

Renaissance Dental

Since its founding in 1957, Renaissance has provided coverage to 14 states, including New York, Ohio, Michigan, and many states in the Southeast & Southwest. 

The business offers a variety of dental insurance options in addition to the Healthy Savings Card in another blog post we will discuss in detail how to get a New Medicare health insurance card, which qualifies you to save on dental work and other health services. 

renaissance dental insurance offers a comprehensive range of preventive dental services and emergency coverage for dental emergencies, but each plan has a $1,000 annual benefits cap for each covered member.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons
  • Coverage right away for urgent dental Pain relief procedures
  • Depending on the service, the plan may pay between 50% and 80%.
  • Preventive services do not require a waiting period.
  • Some insurance policies fully cover preventive care.
  • 300,000 dental offices across the country
  • Online free quote
  • Waiting periods for primary dental services
  • There are no orthodontic plans available.
  • Low maximum annual benefits
  • Limited coverage is available for primary & basic services.

Spirit Dental

Spirit Dental members have access to a variety of options from reputable insurance brands thanks to Ameritas’ underwriting of their insurance products. 

The organization offers guaranteed approval coverage. So, Therefore, notwithstanding your dental history, your registration for coverage will never be canceled due to your dental history. 

Spirit Dental features high annual benefit maximums and no waiting periods for routine or effective dental procedures.

Still, you should know that it might take a while before your orthodontic coverage kicks in.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons
  • Maximum benefit amounts each year of up to $5,000
  • There are no waiting periods for necessary dental services or preventive care.
  • Freedom to select a dentist of your choosing
  • 100% coverage for two checkups and three cleanings each year
  • lifetime $100 deductible
  • There are no delays
  • Waiting times for orthodontic services such as braces
  • Maximum annual coverage amounts start at $750.
  • You might have to wait before getting paid for some services.
  • Plans’ yearly cap amounts and price points vary greatly.

the best dental insurance

Humana Dental Insurance

Humana, which was established in 1961, provides coverage in all 50 states and gives its customers access to a vast provider network. 

You won’t pay any association fees, registration fees, or monthly administrative expenses, regardless of the plan you choose. 

Preventive care discounts and access to a variety of online tools may make managing your coverage easier with Humana. 

You could not be covered for certain important dental procedures, such as dentures, root canals, crowns, & orthodontic services, depending on the insurance plan you select.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons
  • Large provider network
  • Minimal yearly deductibles
  • Preventive care is fully covered by plans.
  • Some plans provide free preventive care.
  • More than 335,000 dentists countrywide are affiliated with Humana.
  • Maximum benefits per year might start as low as $1,000.
  • Some plans involve protracted wait times for essential/vital services.
  • Does not necessarily cover dentures, orthodontics, crowns, or oral surgery
  • Waiting for intervals

UnitedHealthcare Dental Insurance

UnitedHealthcare, which was established in 1977, provides dental insurance in all states, excluding New York remember you can not get affordable health insurance in NYC

States may not offer all plans; however, many UHC plans include major, essential, and preventative services. 

There is no need to pay for dental services out of pocket and then wait to be reimbursed because UnitedHealthcare pays dentists directly. 

You can expect to have access to a network of thousands of providers when you select one of UnitedHealthcare’s affordable dental plans. 

But some of them offer restricted coverage for particular treatments.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons
  • There are various plan types available.
  • Option to combine dental and best vision insurance.
  •  There is an extensive dental network available.
  • Minimal deductibles
  • Numerous programs cover all preventive care.
  • Some insurance policies may cover orthodontics.
  • Some states have waiting lists for primary dental services.
  • Some states have waiting lists for major dental services.
  • The initial year of membership has limited coverage for significant dental services.
  • Annual maximum benefit amounts can be as low as $1,000 per person.
  • For both essential and vital services, waiting times could be necessary.

Physicians Mutual

In all 50 states, Physicians Mutual Dental, which was founded in 1902, provides dental insurance. 

Preventive services are covered right away, and after just three months, coverage for routine procedures, simple teeth extractions, fillings, and more begins. 

You can choose any dentist you want with Physicians Mutual Dental, but discounts are available if you see an in-network dentist at one of the more than 500,000 locations across the country. 

Additionally, you should be aware that major advantages, such as root canals and surgical extractions, have a 12-month waiting time.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons
  • More than 350 dental procedures are covered.
  • Immediate coverage for cleanings, checkups, and X-rays
  • There are three options.
  • There isn’t a waiting period for preventive care.
  • No lifetime or yearly benefit caps
  • Zero deductibles
  • A waiting period of one year for major services
  • A waiting period of three months for essential services
  • Waiting for time of 12 months before substantial work
  • A waiting period of three months for routine procedures
  • A cap on the amount they pay for each operation

Delta Dental

The largest dental insurance company in the United States is Delta Dental, which has more than 80 million customers. 

The business, which was established in 1965, provides insurance to citizens of all 50 states as well as a number of American territories. 

You may anticipate having access to a wide variety of preventive services and a sizable provider network if you join Delta Dental. 

Some plans only cover 30% of important services, so you may be responsible for paying up to 70% of the cost yourself. Knowing your Delta Dental options will help you choose a plan.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons
  • Some programs cover orthodontic treatment.
  • On the majority of plans, there are no out-of-pocket expenses for preventative care.
  • Offers fee-for-service plans, preferred provider organizations (PPOs), and health maintenance organizations (HMOs)
  • There is a sizable provider network.
  • Cleanings and other preventive provided without charge
  • Large provider network
  • Some plans have annual benefit caps as low as $1,000.
  • Some places lack coverage for orthodontics.
  • Waiting times for specific services
  • Some plans have annual benefit caps as low as $1,000.
  • waiting times for specific services
  • Some places lack coverage for orthodontics.

How to Compare Dental Insurance Companies

Finding an insurance plan that offers the coverage you require at a price you can afford is crucial when comparing dental policies. To pick the finest dental insurance plan that fits your budget and receives the most dental coverage for your money, use these tips:

Compare monthly premiums Consider the monthly cost in relation to the scope of coverage provided by each plan.
Find plans available in your area Reduce your list of potential providers by looking for ones that provide dental coverage in your state before comparing prices and levels of coverage.
Research dental coverage Insurance policies frequently categorize services as preventative, major, or basic. Cleanings and regular dental X-rays are examples of preventive care, whereas fillings and straightforward tooth extractions are examples of basic care. Major services include things like dentures and difficult extractions. Look for a plan with large annual benefit limits and minimal waiting periods if you are aware that you require such expensive dental work.
Check insurer ratings Check each insurance company’s rating before purchasing a policy to make sure it is in good standing.
Find plans available in your area Reduce your list of potential providers by looking for ones that provide dental coverage in your state before comparing prices and levels of coverage.
Research the network Verify that each insurance policy has access to dental treatment close to your place of business or residence.

Comparison Chart the Best Dental Insurance Companies

Company Providers In-Network Coverage Limit Plans Deductible State
Cigna 92,000 $1,500 for healing services For orthodonticcs, $1,000 3 Each person is $50. Family $150 

There is no cost for the precautionary measure.

Renaissance Dental 300,000 $1,600 4 $50 for people or families. 50
Spirit Dental 111,500 $5,000 after 3 years 16 $100 one-time deductible 50
Humana Dental Insurance 270,000 $1,000 to unlimited 8 $50 for people. 

$150 per family

UnitedHealthcare Dental Insurance 100,000 $3,000 10 $50 per individual 50
Physicians Mutual 500,000 Unlimited  3 None 50
Delta Dental 152,000 $1,000 to unlimited 5 For PPO plans, $50 50

What Is the Best Affordable Dental Insurance?

Dental plans are frequently excluded from health insurance coverage. You might be able to obtain a comprehensive health care plan from the best health insurance companies that include dental health care through some locations or types of insurance, which could help you keep prices down.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Children whose families fulfill the income requirements for CHIP are given complete medical coverage. Fill out an application on or the state-run health insurance marketplace to apply for CHIP.
Medicare Advantage Plans Although some Medicare Advantage Plans do, Original Medicare does not cover dental care. Use the Medicare Plan Finder to locate a Medicare Advantage Plan that offers dental insurance. Vision, Dental, and other gap health insurance services(supplemental health insurance) are frequently included in Medicare Advantage plans. Please pay special attention to premiums because they change according to coverage and region.
Medicaid In many places, Medicaid can be used to pay for dental treatment. To find out if dental treatment is provided and if you are eligible for Medicaid, get in touch with the Medicaid office in your state.
Individual dental plan If you require a standalone dental plan, or the state-based health insurance exchange will help you find a variety of options. Many ACA-compliant Marketplace dental insurance plans are eligible for tax credits that lower the cost of your premiums.
Group dental If your work has a group dental plan, choosing this route will usually provide you with the most coverage for the least amount of money. If joining a group plan is not an option, you can buy an individual plan.


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