Dental Insurance for Kids: Everything You Need to Know

dental insurance for kids


As we know, finding comprehensive dental insurance for yourself is an overwhelming task itself. So, imagine how difficult it will be to get your child covered. But, don’t worry! We have put together a list of everything you need to know about dental insurance for kids that will help you pick the best insurance plan! 

A study found that tooth decay is the most chronic disease in children. Therefore, you must get dental coverage to provide your child with the best dental care to keep them healthy. 

You can get your child insured in the following ways: 

·       By getting dental insurance through sponsored health insurance.

·       Through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plans 

·       By getting dental discounts through Medicaid or CHIP 

Do my kids need dental insurance? 

All children need proper routine dental care to maintain their oral health. Therefore, dental insurance coverage can make such dental care much more affordable. 

In children from age 6 to 11, about 17% have cavities. While in children of 12+ years old, more than 57% have cavities. However, more than 17% of them remain untreated. 

Untreated cavities pose dangerous threats to the child’s health. Some of the things untreated cavities lead to are tooth loss and speech problems. However, such issues are preventable with routine dental care and proper hygiene, which are reasonable through insurance. 

If you receive insurance coverage through your work, you will get dental coverage for your kids through health insurance or a dental plan. You ask your benefits department for any queries. 

In addition to providing dental care, dental insurance will help your child build habits around oral hygiene for the future. 

Do ACA health plans cover dental insurance for kids? 

Yes, ACA health plans cover dental insurance for kids. 

According to ACA’s policies, dental care is considered an essential benefit for children. Therefore, your child will get coverage through the ACA health plans or separate policies. You should know that purchasing dental insurance for your kid is optional when enrolling in ACA health plans.

On qualifying ACA premium subsidies, it will be only applicable to plans already included in your health insurance plan. Therefore, these subsidies will not cover dental insurance. 

When purchasing a dental plan, you double-check the benefits it covers because most of these plans only cover fluoride treatments while others provide better coverage. 

Can I get dental insurance for my kids when I don’t have dental insurance myself?

Yes, your child can get dental insurance when you don’t find it the right choice for yourself.

In this situation, look for dental discounts or dental insurance plans provided by Medicaid or the CHIP programs. Even though discounts are not dental insurance, it helps cut down the costs of dental procedures. 

Can my kids get dental insurance when they are on a government-assisted health insurance plan? 

Yes, your child can get dental insurance when on a government-assisted health insurance plan like Medicaid or CHIP. 

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