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By: Astoria
Updated: September 27, 2022
health insurance in indiana

Talk of cheap health insurance in Indiana as a state in the US has a lot of options to choose from. What makes this very intriguing is the fact that there is a wide variety of health insurance plans in Indiana to suit your need.

The complexity of health requirements today has made healthcare and insurance a not-so-simple field to understand. In Indiana, there are so many questions that need answers regarding the best healthcare services and insurance.

These questions are often meaningful and as such need to be answered. One of the questions that stand out is, how can I get affordable health insurance in Indiana? Well, you need not worry as here we would take you around the details you need to know regarding the different tiers and categories of health insurance in Indiana with their cost.

While noting the cost of insurance, it is also important we know that the prices vary as well as the basis of purchase too. It is possible to purchase health insurance as a group and also as an individual. The cost, terms, and conditions, will always be different for both categories. Also, the general legislature regarding insurance enacted by the US will not apply equally to individual and group policies.

Some Facts about Health Insurance in Indiana

There are so many affordable Healthcare Indiana options available to residents of Indiana. The only thing that can stand in your way is having limited or wrong knowledge about how Health insurance works in Indiana. But, with the right guide, you’re sure to come up with an insurance quote that is most suitable for you. Below are some details you need at the back of your palm when getting affordable health insurance in Indiana.

Premium tax credit

Some of us want our Health care premiums to be paid by the Advanced Premium Tax credit well, which is not beyond reach. All you need to do is ensure the plan you purchase is through the exchange.

 Marketplace plans

A Lot of individuals want to purchase individual health insurance Indiana plans. Well, this can be done if the people you work for do not offer group coverage or perhaps they offer inadequate coverage, if you are self-employed, or if the health insurance for self employed Indiana plan does not cover your partner or children.

Open enrollment

One detail you need in your toolbox is the idea of open enrolment. During the period of open enrollment in Indiana, you can enroll for coverage. Let’s say the coverage begins in 2022; the open enrollment period would be between 1st November 2021 and 15th January 2022. Please note that if you for any reason miss the Open enrollment, you’d have missed your opportunity but a marketplace plan for that year, unless you are given a Special Enrollment.

Coverage types

The health coverage of more than half the percentage of residents in Indiana are gotten from an employer. About 5% of these residents enrol for individual plans. It is said that 18% are part of Medicaid, with about 15% in Medicare. A rough estimate of about 9 Indiana residents does not have any health insurance.

Special enrollment

Sometimes certain unforeseen circumstances might alter the free flow of things in Life. One of these things might be your health insurance. The good thing is, you’re covered. Certain sensitive scenarios like marriage, childbirth, and relocation, can make you eligible for special enrollment if you require to apply for insurance. The time limit is about 60days from the day of the event, within which you must signup for a new plan or make changes to an existing plan, as the case may be.


Categories of Cheap Health Insurance in Indiana

There are various exquisite health insurances in Indiana, and it is of utmost desire that we get the best and most affordable health insurance in Indiana.

Well, the idea of getting cheap health insurance in Indiana is somewhat relative because the rates and services vary per region. So, the most suitable insurance for you will depend on your county. Another major factor is the amount you earn. In Indiana there is an expanded Medicaid that is guided by the Affordable Care Act, this means your household income has to be 1bove 137% of the federal poverty level.

It is important that we know the various plans and how they work. These plans are grouped as metallic tiers with different benefits and costs. Get free healthcare quotes and compare the options at NewHealthInsurance. Below are the available plans in Indiana.

health insurance in indiana


  • Gold plans
  • Silver plans
  • Bronze plans

Bronze is the lowest tier, after which we have the Expanded Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Gold plan offers a premium that is more expensive than that of Silver although out-of-pocket expenses that may include deductibles, coinsurance, and copays are lower.

If you’ve got a very high need for medical care with expensive costs, it is advisable to go for the higher plans. But, if you are young, healthy, and with little health needs, a lower plan is most suitable. Here we would give you a guide on the best plans that suit your present condition.

What plan should I go for when I have very high health needs and expensive medical bills?

If you’ve got a very high health demand and require to make use of your health insurance as often as possible then you need to consider the Gold plan. This is because they offer lower deductibles and copays which means you’d get the most exquisite balance of the average health insurance cost in Indiana. Although, you need to be aware that the monthly rates you’d pay for Gold plans are way more expensive than other plans.

The Gold plan would be best if you have a chronic condition that may require frequent healthcare and regular medical checkups. Also, for those scared of an underlying condition that might recur or that is hereditary and runs in the family, well the Gold plan is ultimately your best pick.

Gold plans are without doubt the most expensive plans available. More expensive than the Silver and Bronze plans, although their extra coverage makes it worth the added premium if you utilize their services completely. As of 2022, the cheapest Gold plan in Indiana is about $530.

What plans should low-income earners with fairly average medical expenses go for?

Some of us have considerably higher medical needs but fall short when it comes to our income. Well, you need not worry. Silver plans have the perfect balance between the overly expensive Gold plans and the fairy stable Bronze plans. Mostly silver plans pay roughly 70% of your health bills, while you pay the rest which is about 30%.

It is possible for you to qualify for a Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) if you’re household income lies around 139% and 250%. Your out-of-pocket expenses will be reduced. even more. CSR subsidies can make us eligible for up to 94% health bill coverage by our insurance company. As of 2022, the cheapest Silver plan in Indiana should cost about $400 per month.


What plan should young healthy people without much medical need go for?

Although it is unwise to be too sure and negligent of one’s health, some of us have lesser health needs than others, so why pay more when you pay less? The monthly premiums offered by Bronze plans are lower than that of Gold and Silver plans.

The Bronze plan is no doubt the most affordable health insurance Indiana has to offer. Of Course, the cheapest health insurance Indiana has to offer will have its perks, which are seen in the Lower coverage, higher deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.

What this means again is that, whenever you need medical care, you would pay more. This plan is not advisable except of course you are strong and willing to pay for higher medical care in any case of a medical emergency.

Bronze plans cover about 40% of the cost of your medical expenses. Just as it was stated earlier, this plan will work best for you If you’re very healthy and in need of protection from unforeseen circumstances like unexpected injuries. This cheap health insurance in Indiana only costs about $320 for its lowest grade as of 2022.

Expanded Bronze plans are also available. Introduced recently, this pseudo bronze plan increases the average coverage of a normal Bronze plan. The Expanded Bronze plans might cover about 65% of your medical bills.


The Federal Health Insurance Marketplace oversees the Indiana healthcare marketplace. It is required that you gather all the required information for your insurance ahead of time to avoid delay.

This information includes the Date of Birth, Birth names, and the Social Security Number of those to be included in your plan. After your account is set up with the required information, it is verified and your eligibility is determined.

After you’ve provided all the required information, you can compare plans to determine the one you’ve chosen. And that should be the one that suits your health requirements and needs. perfectly. You can then complete your enrollment after you decide on a plan.


Finding the right plan on the Indiana private health insurance marketplace in Indiana is easy when you have the right data to help you navigate the sea of options you’ve got.

Do you get confused about the right plan or category on which you’d get a quote? Well, worry no more as we would take you through the various health insurance quotes categories and how you can navigate around the Indiana affordable health insurance plans and how they operate.

Insurance for Families in Indiana 

When searching for family Health insurance in the Indiana plan, a lot of ground has to be covered. This is because you have to consider the needs of every single member of your family. Your wife and children may be without any ailments but that leaves you, right? And no matter how healthy your family is, if you’re gravely ill, it would affect the family plan you would take.

Sometimes, the plan that offers the least premiums may be more expensive than anticipated so you need to be very cautious.

Some of the factors you may consider regarding family insurance are copayment for medical services for each family member, family deductible, and the amount you’d be able to afford monthly. You should end up with a suitable plan that balances your medical expenses with the amount of money you’re willing to pay monthly.

Insurance for Individuals in Indiana 

Unlike family insurance, individual health insurance for self employed Indiana offers a lot of flexibility since your needs and only yours are being considered. If you’re among those that are healthy, you can go for a cheap plan that covers your basic health needs.

You should always note that if you don’t meet your annual deductible, your coverage will not begin hence, you should be able to afford the out-of-pocket expenses in case of an emergency. Below are three individual plans available in Indiana that you can choose from.

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): The HMO is the cheapest and most affordable health care in Indiana It is good to note that this plan only offers services to individuals within the plan’s network. To see a specialist, a referral is required and this must be done anything you need to see your specialist.
  • Point-of-Service (POS): This plan is more flexible than the HMO as it is possible to see out-of-network providers. Here you can see a specialist that is not within your network but with a higher copayment fee.
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) This plan is the most flexible as there is no restriction as to who you can see and you also pay less if the services received are within the network. Also, check out epo insurance plan.

Insurance for the Elderly and People with Disabilities

There are multiple health options for the old, frail and vulnerable in Indiana. Medicare plans are available and well within reach. If your health needs require prescription coverage, you can enroll in Medicare Part D. You can enroll in Medicare, choose an Advantage plan, and purchase Supplement plans to reduce your expenses.

Medical plans are also available for the elderly. This plan is also called a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan which is designed to help for better coverage. These plans help reduce your expenses and cover aspects such as deductibles, coinsurance, and copays.

Medicare is available to only US citizens, or permanent residents that are older than 64 and have been subject to Social Security benefits for at least 2 years. It is also possible to qualify for Medicaid at a young age if you have certain diseases like ALS or terminal renal diseases.

Health Insurance in Indiana FAQs

Does Indiana require health insurance?

Although it is punishable, It is required and mandated by The Affordable Act Care that every citizen has a health insurance policy in Indiana and all over the US. The state of Indiana however, doesn’t have a mandate requiring health insurance.

What type of marketplace does Indiana have?

The marketplace used in Indiana is the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. There are about 36 US states that operate on this model.

Is it required to get health insurance if I have long-term disability coverage?

Long-term disability coverage does not cover medical bills, hence it cannot effectively replace health insurance in Indiana.

Do I need short-term disability coverage in Indiana if I have health insurance?

It is very advisable to get both coverages as they serve very different purposes. While the short-term disability coverage covers necessities such as utility bills and food, health insurance covers emergencies, rehabilitation, advanced treatments, and doctor’s appointments.


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