Health insurance in Ohio: Here’s everything you need to know

By: Astoria
Updated: September 27, 2022
health insurance in ohio

Getting health insurance in Ohio might seem like a very tedious process, especially considering how the policies and requirements differ from one state to another. But if you reside in Ohio, you’re in luck. This article will cover Ohio health insurance, along with the companies and policies available for you in this state.

Ohio is the 7th most populated and the 10th most densely populated state in the US, meaning there is likely to be competition among health insurance providers due to such a high number of possible consumers. Due to this, it is best to first analyze the available health insurance policies and to pick out the best medical insurance in Ohio even among the better ones.


Here at NewHealthInsurance we have collected some of Ohio’s most affordable health insurance plans and providers to make your process of finding the right one less of a pain and a smoother experience.

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What are the health insurance plans available in Ohio?


Medicaid is a government health insurance plan that provides health coverage to eligible citizens. Eligibility is usually attained among the low income demography more easily, making it highly cost efficient. It is able to provide this service to people belonging to every state of the country. This plan works as a very basic alternative to health insurance provided by private companies, while costing less. Medicaid is also able to work until one saves up sufficient monetary resources until a plan with better coverage is attainable due to the fact that it is a low cost health insurance.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

It is the insurance provided by the healthcare reform act signed in March 2010. It is also referred to as Obamacare at times. Unlike Medicaid it is not available in every state of the country, but Ohio is an exception. Obama care in Ohio is one of the government provided health insurance plans that works towards making affordable health insurance more available to people in different states, even when they do not have the highest funds to spend. This plan is ideal for low income consumers due to its low cost maintenance and access to a wider array of the demography compared to the ones from private service providers.

Student Insurances

For the demographic that is still in the process of studying as a part of a university or an organization, the education provider may also have policies and plans that provide health insurance to their students. While the applications of these plans tend to be limited and largely stipulated, it is also an affordable health insurance for students in Ohio who have not just tuition but even rent and other fees where their money will be dispensed. These plans work as merely a temporary health insurance until the student is settled and able to manage funds for a health insurance that provides more coverage and benefits which may become their permanent one.  But again, not having to worry about searching for insurance providers and getting it from their universities itself can prove a huge relief.


Like in every state of the US, medicare is also an option for health related coverage. It is also the cheapest health insurance in Ohio, considering how part A of medicare is free eligible citizens while it is low cost for ones who do not qualify for the free one with getting other plans also always being a possibility. But there’s one catch, it is available for only people over 65, making this health care plan available only to a portion of the demographic, yet a very cheap health insurance in the state of Ohio.

Private Health insurance companies in Ohio

Besides the government provided health insurance services, there are many private organizations that work to provide health insurance plans to people in this state. We have covered a couple of such organizations below in this article. What makes private health services desirable despite the possible higher expenses, is the competition among them. This pushes respective organizations to provide more benefits or perks to consumers to make it more appealing than their competition, ultimately benefiting the consumers. This allows people to get the most out of their investment  and make it more sustainable than other options.

Private health insurance companies in Ohio have been seen to provide government given health insurances as well, so it is wise to keep an eye out for them.

heath insurance in ohio


Now that you know about your health insurance options, what’s next?

With those being some of the major medical coverage plans available in the state, it is clear that there are multiple ways to analyze the possible choices and the benefits they provide. But choosing the plan alone is merely halfway through the process, it is now time to pick a proper provider for the health insurance one desires. This is an important step due to the fact that policies vary among providers, meaning even for the exact same coverage there may be price differences along with perks that may be beneficial in the long run. This makes it important to study the policies before picking one off of first impressions.

Where can you get the best medical insurance in Ohio?

Considering how high the population of this state is, it is only natural for there to be many health insurance providers in Ohio. This competition among providers leads to generation of countless options and possibly a better deal for consumers. But even with that, the available options can seem overwhelming when searching for a suitable provider for oneself, causing the availability of options to almost be a burden. Due to this, we are covering some of the private health insurance options in Ohio that offer cost efficient and sustainable health insurance plans.

Buckeye Health Plan

Named after the Buckeye state itself, buckeye health plan is one of the best health insurance in Ohio, primarily based in the state itself. The fact that it’s based right here is almost a game changer considering it is able to take into account the actual conditions of the state while policies are created, providing a more practical health care insurance. Ohio Medicaid also picked Buckeye Health plan as providers for them in 2022 and further down the line, meaning eligibility for medicaid and all necessary processes to apply can be done directly through this insurance company with presumably minimal confusion ensuring a better experience.

What makes it worth checking out?

  • Its agency is located at the capital of the state, Columbus, resulting in easier access.
  • Chosen by Ohio Medicaid to provide consumers Medicaid along with possible extra perks including free-of-cost dental, vision-related health services along with transportation cost coverage.
  • Medicaid might be the cheapest health insurance in Ohio
  • Option for Telehealth, meaning doctors can be contacted while at home without the hassle of traveling.

Golden Rule Insurance Company

Golden Rule Insurance Company is a health insurance company that has teamed up with United Healthcare and is primarily based in Indiana. But it has as a branch right here in Ohio too, called Golden Rule Senior Benefits that primarily works to provide health insurance to, as the name suggests senior citizens.This is one health insurance companies in Ohio to absolutely consider if you lie in the prioritized demography as policies specifically  curated for senior citizens will be available making this plan likely more practical. This insurance company also provides Obama care in Ohio along with several other of their own plans.

Why consider Golden Rule Insurance Company?

  • Provisions for ACA health insurance plans
  • Medicare and medicaid plans
  • Age free dentist and vision related insurance
  • Ability to get a temporary health insurance with option to opt into a permanent one

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Anthem is yet another health insurance provider that provides health insurance services to people, across the country through their branches across multiple states. Ohio is one of the states it works in, specializing in individual health insurance. It provides tiers of health insurance that vary in coverage and price that consumers are able to choose as per their need and capacity to invest.

Reasons to consider signing up

  • Health plans available in different price ranges to optimize as per the consumer’s condition.
  • Their Smart Rewards program
  • Pharmacy and catastrophic coverage plans
  • Virtual meetings with associated doctors

These were some of the best healthcare plans in Ohio that we were able to find. Each having their own benefits and plans they offer, and each company is a viable option, but choosing must largely depend on the consumer’s situation. With so many options to choose from and health insurance being such an important investment to make, it is wise to pick a provider and plan carefully. An informed and planned out decision will always work better in the long term, due to which picking price-efficient yet sustainable plans is key.

Health Insurance in Ohio FAQs:

How much is health insurance a month for a single person?

While the health insurance price tends to vary from state to state, it is about 300$ to 600$ in the state of Ohio for an individual health insurance plan in 2022. While the price tends to vary with age and location, that is the price range one must expect while moving forward with finding a suitable plan for oneself.


How much is health insurance in Ohio per month?

Health insurance in Ohio typically costs between 300$ to 600$ monthly for an individual. The price tends to vary from one company to another due to their respective policies. The price also has different ranges as per the coverage one company provides for the corresponding price range. While the increase in coverage provided may not seem too drastic between the cheapest and most expensive ones, one must consider the areas the plan covers before picking which one is best for themselves.


What is the average cost of healthcare in Ohio?

The average health insurance cost in Ohio depends upon not just the company providing the plans but the age, location and the “tier” of plan chosen in the respective healthcare provider. This means there are many factors that account for the cost or its average, but it would make sense to assume the price to be likely 400$ to 500$ monthly  for an average medium coverage plan.

How do I get free healthcare in Ohio?

Medicaid and Medicare being federal medical insurance makes it one of the only ways to receive free healthcare in Ohio. But it is a very selectively provided healthcare plan due to the fact that only citizens who meet the eligibility requirements are able to receive specified benefits. Even in cases where free ones are not available, plans such as Obama care in Ohio help provide very low cost and efficient health insurance to low income citizens, making it less of a financial burden.

Does Ohio offer health insurance?

Yes,  a range of companies provides federal and private health insurance in Ohio. This means, one is able to choose from different plans and policies that they may be provided as per their eligibility. The availability of options itself is accompanied by the uncertainty of picking the best bang for one’s buck, due to which careful consideration is suggested before permanently committing to a plan.

Which are the coverages under health insurance?

The coverages under health insurance largely depend upon the plan a consumer decides to choose from their respective healthcare provider. Coverage tends to depend upon, price, plan, and eligibility. Usually, most health insurances cover doctor visits, prescriptions, and medical gadgets. But depending upon plans some can cover catastrophic accidents, surgeries, and even major treatments, but presumably at a higher premium.


Because the topic of health insurance as a whole is very confusing yet one that must be dealt with by almost everyone, it tends to push people away from what’s best for them and just go with the flow without analyzing plans that may be more effective in the long run. Due to this, taking the whole process slow and finding ways to maximize their coverage for an effective price must be one’s goal with health insurance.

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