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Updated: October 31, 2022
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Getting cheap health insurance in Montana is one necessary thing you have to do as a resident in the state if you want to avoid excessive expenses on healthcare. It doesn’t matter where you are, the language you speak, your race, color, age, or sex, getting quality healthcare is a necessity. And there’s no better way to get quality healthcare than securing for yourself a health insurance plan.

There is no doubt that finding a very cheap and affordable plan that is efficient is a priority for residents that want to make their healthcare a priority.

However, it is quite difficult to find appropriate Montana health insurance plans especially when you consider the many available service providers and the different available plans. In this article, we would talk about health insurance policies in Montana and how they operate.


Health Insurance in Montana

Montana has one of the highest percentages of insured individuals with about 92% of its residents insured. This is because of the accessibility of health insurance policies in the state. The health insurance policies in Montana are operated following the Affordable Care Act and so most of these plans are monitored by the state.

Although the Montana health insurance quotes are readily accessible by all, these are different categories of health insurance plans, all with different benefits and requirements. So even though everyone can access health insurance policies, there are different categories that not everyone will have access to because of their ineligibility.

The state of Montana, just like so many other states in the US, prioritizes its United States healthcare sector and ensures that individuals can gain access to quality healthcare regardless of their financial status. A huge proportion of the residents in Montana already have a functional healthcare insurance coverage plan whereas the rest are not, mostly because of one challenge or the other.

Either way, whether you’re part of the 92% that are insured or the 8% that are uninsured, you can get a suitable health insurance plan in Montana. For those that have already acquired a working health insurance plan, you can get an upgrade and for the yet uninsured you can get a suitable plan for yourself.

One of the perks of the best health insurance in Montana is that depending on your health needs and financial status, you can get a plan that suits you perfectly or nearly. Here we would talk about the various categories of health insurance policies in Montana.


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Types of Health Insurance In Montana

To ensure that individuals get the best health insurance plans that are most suitable for their financial status, health needs, and even social needs, Montana healthcare has helped to comprehensively elaborate health insurance policies into various categories that would suit Montana residents individually.

Employer-Sponsored Plans

Residents who are workers of firms or companies with health insurance coverage can enroll for health insurance policies under their employers. The employers would be responsible for a certain percentage of the individual’s monthly premium.

Most times the person would still have to pay for deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses themselves. Although it is very rare, some companies can offer coverage for family members of their employees depending on how generous the company is.

Family Health Insurance Plans

Family health insurance plans in Montana are group plans where members of the same family, especially couples and their children, take a plan that covers every member of the family simultaneously. In cases like this, the plan must be elaborate enough to attend to the health needs of every single member of the family.

Most times, it is quite cheaper to get a family plan because paying health insurance premiums collectively is quite cheaper than sorting for it individually.

But just like the employer-sponsored plan, not everyone can partake. Individuals that have left their parents’ houses or reached a certain age, depending on the health insurance provider company, cannot partake however couples are the ones that get the most out of family plans.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

Just as the name sounds, the individual plan involves a single individual. Often regarded as the most expensive health insurance plan, this is the option for individuals that have missed out on family and employer-sponsored plans.

This individual health insurance type of plan is the most expensive yet the most flexible. Unlike other collective plans, you’re buying a plan based on you and what you need.

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How Are The Health Insurance Plans in Montana Categorized?

Before you purchase a health insurance plan either for yourself or for your family, it is very important to take note of the various options available and how they operate. In Montana, no matter the type of healthcare insurance plan you are on, various categories determine the amount you pay for each health insurance policy you take.

These plans are categorized into metallic tiers, arranged in a hierarchy.

Bronze insurance plans

This is often regarded as the cheapest health insurance plan however, it offers the most limited health insurance coverage and has the highest percentage of out-of-pocket expenses like copayment and deductibles.

Bronze plans cover about 60% of a person’s total health expenses, the individual would have to pay the rest as out-of-pocket expenses.

Silver insurance plans

Silver plans are the next plans in the hierarchy in ascending order. They are quite more expensive than the bronze plans but offer a higher coverage of about 70% of your total health expenses.

This plan is often regarded as the most cost-effective health insurance plan as you can get extra policies that might slash your health expenses giving coverage of about 95%.

Gold insurance plans

This is higher than the silver plan and offers about 80% coverage. The deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses for this plan are quite low compared to the previous plans.

Platinum insurance plans

This plan is sometimes rare to find as not all policy providers in Montana have this plan. Often regarded as the most expensive of all the health insurance categories, it covers about 90% of the individual’s health expenses in some cases if you register for insurance PPO plans it may helps you to save your money a bit .

Check PPO, EPO, and HMO reviews before purchasing.

Cost of Health Insurance Plans In Montana

Medical insurance in Montana is quite affordable depending on the plan you are opting for. To make it easier to access plans, they are graded into categories of metallic tiers. Each plan in this hierarchy has a peculiar price tag that is in synergy with the services attached to it.

Usually, a plan with a high monthly premium will have low out-of-pocket expenses and vice versa which means that the more expensive your plan is, the more the coverage. And hence, the less you’d need to pay on individual hospital visits.

Categorically, the health insurance expenses in Montana are split into six different categories all with their prices and services. So, before you get a plan, you should check if they have the healthcare services you require and if you can afford such plans.

Below are these categories and their monthly costs as of 2022.

  • Catastrophic plans: These plans cost about $350 monthly for individual plans.
  • Bronze plans: In Montana, an average person would spend about $450 monthly for bronze plans.
  • Expanded Bronze plans: This plan is less expensive than the normal bronze plans costing an individual about $400 monthly.
  • Silver Plans: Silver plans in Montana cost about $500 monthly.
  • Gold Plans: Gold plans are quite expensive and would go for about $550 monthly in Montana.
  • Platinum: Often regarded as the most expensive Platinum plans might cost as much as $690 monthly on average.


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What Are The Best Health Insurance Quotes in Montana?

There are quite a lot of prominent health insurance companies in Montana most of which are reliable. Most times the main issue encountered by individuals that need a change of healthcare insurance policy or new health insurance is not the insurance company to choose but the most suitable plans for them.

From previous chapters, you’d have noticed that the higher the premium the more coverage the plan offers but it is not that direct as sometimes the most expensive plans are not the most suitable for you especially if you don’t want to waste money.

An individual with a prognosis that would require frequent visits to the hospital should most likely go for a plan that gives high coverage whereas those that are quite healthy should go for plans that offer lesser coverage to ensure that they make the most out of the plan.

If you think about it critically as well, you can ask, what’s the point of getting a plan that covers 100% of your dental expenses when you don’t visit the hospital for dental checkups? Probably because you have very healthy teeth? In this section, we’d talk about the best plans that suit different scenarios in Montana.


Most suitable plans for individuals with very high medical expenses rates

People with a hospital-dependent prognosis, an underlying condition, disabilities, chronic illness or any situation that would require frequent visits to the hospital should vouch for the platinum or gold plans depending on the one they can afford.

Platinum plans would cover about 90% of your total health expenses while gold plans would cover 80%. The most affordable Gold Plan in Montana is the Blue Focus Gold POS 207 plan.


Most suitable plans for low-income earners with average medical expenses rates

The most suitable plan for low-income earners with average medical needs is the Silver plan. Normally these plans fall between the Bronze and Gold plans offering coverage of about 70% of the individual’s health expenses.

If the person’s health expenses are quite high, with certain cost-sharing reduction plans, the beneficiary can get as much as 95% coverage of all health expenses. In Montana, the Blue Focus POS 206 is often regarded as the most affordable Silver plan.


Most suitable Plans for young healthy people

If you are young and healthy, you might not have to visit the hospital as often and your major concern would be accidents and other forms of emergencies hence you do not need much insurance coverage.

The most cost-effective plan for you if you fall under this category is the Catastrophic and Bronze plan which covers as high as 65% and 60% of your health expenses respectively. The most affordable bronze and Catastrophic plans in Montana are Blue Preferred Bronze PPO 301 and the Connect IND Catastrophic MT respectively.


Health Insurance in Montana Frequently Asked Questions

Does Montana offer short-term health insurance?

Yes, you can get short-term health insurance from the health insurance provider companies in Montana. In the state, at least four healthcare insurance providers were offering short-term health insurance as of 2022 and all of the insurers had a six-month maximum for the duration of their policies.

Short-term health insurance is, however, subject to federal laws, which allow insurers to offer policies with initial periods of up to 364 days and the option of renewing for a maximum of 36 months.

Good to know that the maximum length of coverage offered by Montana’s short-term health plan insurers is six months.


What type of health insurance marketplace can I find in Montana?

The Affordable Care Act established the health insurance exchange, sometimes known as the health insurance marketplace (Obamacare) in Montana. That’s the marketplace for health insurance you can find available in Montana.

For those who work for uninsured employers or are self-employed, there is a market where they can purchase insurance. The marketplace in Montana is run by the federal government, so people can sign up on, the health insurance website to get coverage plans for themselves or their families.

The Affordable Care Act also stipulates that marketplace plans must provide coverage for essential benefits. Every year, the marketplace’s health plan selections and premium prices change, and if your income has changed, you might be eligible for different levels of subsidies or cost-sharing reductions.


What is the cheapest health insurance in Montana?

Medicaid is the least expensive healthcare insurance in Montana because it is free for those who qualify. Since Montana is a state that has expanded Medicaid, if your income is less than 138% of the federal poverty threshold, you can qualify for Medicaid. This would however be based only on your income.


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