Cheap Health Insurance in Kansas: your healthcare can be free!

By: Darla J. Christy
Updated: November 1, 2022
affordable health insurance in kansas

Cheap Health Insurance in Kansas: healthcare can be free! If you’re like most Kansas residents, you’re probably looking for the best way to afford health insurance. How do you do it without breaking the bank? You also want to make sure that your insurance premiums are affordable and that you have a wide variety of providers and treatments covered. But with so many options, how do you know which ones are the best? In this blog post, we’ll help you pick the best health insurance in Kansas like a pro.

What Kansas Insurance Consumers Should Know

Healthcare Insurance Exchange

In Kansas, anyone can purchase health insurance through the Health Insurance Exchanges, with the exception of those who are imprisoned and unauthorized immigrants. To be eligible for advanced subsidies or cost savings, you must purchase your plan through the exchange.

Open Registration

Every year, from November 1st to 15th January, is the open enrollment period. You might not be able to register for insurance until the following year if you miss the Medicaid enrollment period in Kansas.

Special Registration

If a qualifying event takes place, such as marriage, quitting your job, or having a child, you may register in healthcare outside of the regular registration periods.

Types of Coverage

Approximately 55percent of people in Kansas get medical insurance via their employment. 5 percent more individuals have individual health insurance, 15 percent are covered by Medicare, and 14 percent are covered by Medicaid. In Kansas, 9% of people lack health insurance.

Tax credit for premiums

You can buy a plan directly from an operator if you don’t fit for an Individual Premium Tax Credit or cost savings or if you don’t want to claim the credit.


Family Health Insurance in Kansas

health insurance in kansas

Considered when selecting an appropriate health care plan to save for your family. You must consider this while analyzing the charges and the ease of getting the care your family requires if your partner suffers from seizures or one of your kids has bronchitis.

A major factor to consider is the harmony between the monthly charge and expenses like the high premium and coinsurance.

Paying a larger insurance payment, understanding that it will be quicker and more efficient than the threshold and co-payments, may make more sense if you consistently need medical attention or prescribed medication.

When picking a family health care plan, you should also take the type of plan into mind. If you are comfortable with the in-network specialists, then HMO is an ideal choice. However, if you frequently have to see a specialist, an insurance PPO plans allows you to schedule an appointment without a recommendation.

Before enrolling in insurance, it is advisable to read PPO, POS, and HMO reviews of these plans.

Ensure there are many specialists and doctors in-network before choosing a plan, but keep in mind that all plans cover medical assistance, even if the company is out of the area.

Medicare choices for Kansas Seniors and Disabled?

Senior citizens and individuals with specific disabilities can obtain affordable health insurance through the government plan known as Medicare. People that are qualified for the program have a variety of possibilities.

It is also known as Original Medicare Parts A and B. When Part A of Medicare covers medical coverage, Part B offers compensation for non-hospital care, such as preventative medicine and ambulatory care therapies. The addition of Medicare Part D to Original Medicare can assist reduce out-of-budget costs and covering prescription medication.

An alternative to traditional Medicare is Medicare Part C It is a service offered by commercial health insurance providers and is also known as Medicare Advantage.

Part A and Part B coverage must be included in Medicare Advantage plans, but they may also have additional benefits, including prescription medicine coverage, health clubs, and oral treatment.

No matter whatever Medicare plan you pick, paying for healthcare expenses, including taxes, co-payments, and thresholds, can still be problematic. Many of these costs are covered by Medigap, often known as Medicare Supplement Insurance Coverage.


Affordable Health Insurance in Kansas

Most of Kansas’ low-income people are given medical coverage through the Medicaid program, often known as KanCare.

Approximately 443,000 children and adults in the province are covered by the program, which is jointly funded by Kansas and the federal government.

For some Kansans who are disqualified for other schemes, the MediKan program is still available.

Does Kansas have access to short-term health insurance plans?

People looking for private health insurance in Kansas can purchase short-term, limited-duration insurance (STLDI) coverage, also called short-term insurance plans.

If you need to fill a gap in your policy, this can be a suitable alternative.

For instance, an STLDI will protect people during they wait for their next employment to start unless they’ve lost their employer-provided insurance due to leaving their workplace.

It can also be used if you miss the Health Insurance Exchange open enrollment period or while someone is waiting to become eligible for Medicare.

In Kansas, short-term programs can only be offered initially for lengths of 6 and 12 months. They are extendable once for a total of approximately two years.

Medicaid Health Insurance in Kansas

Medicaid Health Insurance in Kansas

KanCare may be available to those who are blind, pregnant, disabled, or over 65. Additionally, it is accessible to those with specific medical conditions, kids, and the parents or guardians of young people under the age of 19.

Depending on your situation, the rules may change, but all candidates must satisfy specific earnings, residency, and residency requirements.

Your household’s size determines the maximum earnings you can earn. Before taxes, an individual can make approximately $17,131 annually. For homes of two and three, this figure grew from $23,169 & $29,207, respectively.

Pregnant women and young children may have a more significant percentage than this. Moreover, individuals getting Kancare pregnancy coverage or those within the asset threshold are eligible for the Blind, Older, and Disabled program or receive long-term care assistance.

Prescription medications, psychological health therapy, and medical assistance are all covered by KanCare. The majority of those people also have access to intensive healthcare, audio, dental, and vision coverage.

For those with medical needs, such as the older, those with physiological or cognitive problems, and those who have experienced brain injuries, KanCare offers various collaborative and content services. Nursing home care is also covered by KanCare for those who have a medical necessity.


In Kansas, how do I enroll in individual and family insurance?

Buying health insurance for your family or just yourself requires the same enrollment process through the Health Insurance Exchanges.

However, if you are selecting insurance for your entire family, you must anticipate each person’s medical requirements.

Spend some time investigating the many kinds of plans that are offered.

  • EPO (Exclusive Provider Organizations) only pay for healthcare if you use in-network medical professionals.
  • In-network physicians are the only ones who are covered by Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), and you might need a recommendation before seeing a specialist.
  • You can see out-of-area physicians with Point of Service & Preferred Provider Organizations if you pay a greater proportion of the cost, though POS needs recommendations and PPOs don’t. The cost of the plan will often increase the more freedom you have to see providers outside of your network.


What Is the Cost of Health Insurance in Kansas?

The four levels of health insurance coverage are Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Platinum.

These tiers reflect the cost-saving arrangements between your provider and you.

Even though the programs with the lowest premium costs could be tempting, it’s To ensure you select the right strategy for your needs; it is imperative to understand how all of your insurance expenses interact.

Kansas average insurance rates 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Gold $489 $505 $497 $501 $477
Silver $503 $517 $496 $470 $446
Bronze $371 $398 $372   $373   $346


Medical Insurance Companies in Kansas

There are five different state health insurance assistance programs on the Kansas state exchange, but only one is offered in every county: Medica Insurance Co.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Inc. and Ambetter or Celtic Insurance Co. often offer the most affordable Silver health plans in the regions where they are offered, so NewHealthInsurance advice starts with them when looking for the best health insurance for you.


Finding Cheapest Health Insurance in Kansas

The best cheap insurance policy in Kansas will depend on where you stay and the kind of policy you pick as insurance companies fluctuate by county.

Although the monthly premiums for higher-tier health plans, such as Gold policies, are more expensive than those for Silver policies, their additional costs, such as taxes, co-payments, and alimony, are much lower.

Therefore, a higher metal tier plan will likely be your best option for medical insurance in Kansas. If you have expensive prescription medications or are concerned about the high costs of an unanticipated disease.

A lower metal tier policy might be a sensible decision; however, if you are young and fit, still have no planned health expenses, or just want to keep your monthly premiums low.


If you commonly use your coverage, Gold health insurance plans will save you the most money because they frequently offer lower coinsurance and deductibles. Unfortunately, you could have to pay a larger monthly premium.

The smartest candidates for these healthcare plans are those who have relatively high healthcare spending, such as those from continuous medications, or who are worried about their ability to cover unanticipated medical costs out of pocket.


If you want a health plan with cheap expenses than a Bronze plan but a monthly insurance payment that is more affordable than a Gold plan, a Silver health plan might be the better decision.

In addition, if you belong to a lower-income community, these programs may be qualified for cost-savings subsidies, which will reduce your additional costs.


In comparison to Gold plans and Silver, bronze plans and catastrophic are more cost-effective due to their lower monthly payments.

catastrophic insurance, however, are only affordable to people under the age of 30 or to those who meet an exception.

It’s crucial to understand that you cannot utilize a subscription tax credit to reduce your costs if you have catastrophic health coverage.

Everyone can enroll in bronze plans, which are lower metal tier policies with affordable monthly rates for Kansas care insurance, but they have substantially higher expenditures.

Therefore, if you want medical assistance throughout the year, you will have to spend more out of cash until coverage begins.

A Bronze plan can be your best low-cost alternative for coverage for health insurance if you are capable of handling the massive cost in the event of an emergency and expect to have low medical bills.



For the purposes of this research, information about Kansas health insurance plans, costs, deductibles, and extra pocket money was obtained from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website. NewHealthInsurance was capable of constructing averages and eligibility for a range of parameters, like family size, metal tier, and county, using the numerous health insurance factors. In our research, we used the plans and companies for which the CMS Intersection file contained district data; those who were left out of this database may not even be visible.


Health Insurance in Kansas FAQs

Does Kansas have affordable health care?

Through the state’s marketplace, Kansas residents can get affordable health insurance coverage. Additionally, Medicaid health insurance may be available to you depending on your household’s income.

How much is health insurance a month for a single person?

A major medical individual health insurance plan will cost Kansas residents $595 on average per person.

What are two health insurance providers in Kansas?

Private and public, or government-sponsored, health insurance are the two main categories. There are a few further, more particular types available in Kansas.

Is health care good in Kansas?

Kansas has the 30th greatest healthcare system in the US in terms of usability, reliability, and excellent public wellness, according to a US News analysis.

Does Kansas have affordable health care?

Through the state’s marketplace, consumers in Kansas can buy cheaper insurance coverage.

How much is the cheapest medical insurance per month?

The least expensive Bronze plan in each state is $336 per month for a cost-efficient individual health insurance plan. But many people are able to avoid paying the entire cost. Others with modest salaries can get free or very cheap healthcare through Medicaid or pay a reasonable rate on marketplace plans with subsidies.

Which state offers the cheapest health insurance?

Hawaii is the best state in terms of healthcare.

Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and California complete the top five.

What is the maximum income to qualify for Medicaid in Kansas?

For QMB and LMB, an individual must have assets under $8,400, and a couple must have assets under $12,600.

Who qualifies for Kansas Medicaid?

Being blind or caring for a teenager 18 years old or younger. Has a disability, a family member with a short-term disability, or Sixty-five years of age or older.

 Who can get KanCare in Kansas?

Parents or other guardians of children under the age of 19 who are adults, non-disabled, but not old are eligible for KanCare.

How do I get health insurance without a job in Kansas?

Anyone who does not have health coverage through their work is eligible to use the health insurance marketplace, which offers a variety of health insurance policies from which to choose.


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