Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Review 2023

Updated: November 23, 2022
blue cross blue shield health insurance review

You will get a better idea if you check the blue cross blue shield health insurance review in this blog post. BCBS Health insurance plans provide affordable coverage for families and individuals. Could you find out more about their plans today? Blue Cross Blue Shield has assisted people in leading better lifestyles since 1883. Get an overview of their dreams today! Read on to learn more!

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Review: Thoughts of Us (NewHealthInsurance)

Vision, dental, individual major medical, and short-term medical are just a few coverage options Blue Cross Blue Shield insurances provide. Besides Nebraska, Mississippi, and South Dakota, BCBS offers major medical ACA plans to new subscribers in all other states. Current subscribers in these three states can keep receiving their recent coverage. Multiple states are where certain BCBS firms conduct business. Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland are all covered by CareFirst, a BCBS organization. BCBS of New Jersey, Horizon is one of the Blue cross blue shield companies that only operate in one state.

Is Blue Cross Blue Shield a Good Choice for Health Insurance?

While offering a vast network and comprehensive coverage, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a well-regarded, high-quality insurance provider with above-average costs. Thirty-five business organizations make up BCBS, which provides health insurance to approximately one-third of Americans. Most 50 states, D.C., Washington, Puerto Rico, and several international destinations, are covered by BCBS. Nearly every American has access to a BCBS-affiliated health plan. However, the deductibles and premiums might not be best suited for you. When researching Blue Cross Blue Shield in your area, know the health plans offered.

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blue cross blue shield health insurance review

Overview of BCBS Health Insurance

BCBS was Established                    in 1929
Coverage Network ●      50 states total


●      Puerto Rico & Washington, D.C.


●      Several foreign countries


BBB rating A+
A.M. Best rating A+
NCQA rating 4 to 3
NCQA accreditation                                Yes
Available Plans ●      Corporate health insurance

●      Group insurance plans

●      High-deductible health insurance

●      Dental Insurance

●      Health insurance for individuals

●      (HSAs) Health savings accounts

●      Health insurance for small businesses

●      Medicare

●      Medicaid

Network Provider More than 1.7 million medical facilities

Ratings for Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance in a Nutshell

Consider BCBS healthcare company’s ratings and their performance over the years.

BCBS Customer Service 4 stars
BCBS Pricing 4 stars
BCBS Insurance Policy Options 4.5 stars
BCBS Overall Rating 4.5 stars
BCBS Application Process 4 stars


Options for BCBS insurance policies

BCBS health provides coverage for a wide range of circumstances, including

Employer group plans Employers are free to select the group medical plan that fits better and the organization’s size under this program. Both companies and employees may pay less for these schemes.
Individual and family plan Under BCBS policies, you are allowed to have a personal policy. All family members eligible for the same BCBS coverage may be enrolled under family plans. You are qualified for enrollment in a family plan if you are in a relationship, married, or have children.
Medicare plans Customers of BCBS have a choice between Part D prescription coverage, Medicare Advantage, and, for those who qualify, Medicare Supplement plans. Medicare eligibility requirements include attaining age 65 or a valid disability diagnosis. You can combine Medicare Advantage plans for your hospital and medical insurance requirements.
Preferred provider organization (PPO) Compared to HMO policies, these plans are more expensive but also more flexible. The PPO network of BCBS includes around 47,000 providers. You can still get coverage with a PPO for visits outside the BCBS network.
Health maintenance organization (HMO) 44,000 providers are members of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s HMO network. With one exception: Unless it’s an immediate medical service, you won’t be reimbursed for consultations with medical specialists who are not part of BCBS’s network.
Catastrophic plan These policies typically offer more affordable premiums than more comprehensive ones. The deductible for this policy will likely be greater. When they go into effect, BCBS offers BlueChoice HMO Young Adult plans to people who are under 30 years old.


Where Is Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Available?

The BCBS organizations in each state are listed below. There are times when one state is linked to several BCBS organizations. According to your location in California, for instance, you might be insured by either Anthem or Blue Cross Blue Shield of California.

Reminder: Nebraska, Mississippi, and South Dakota are the only states where BCBS does not provide ACA plans.

What Plans Does BCBS Offer?

Numerous health insurance policies are available from BCBS, including

●      Group insurance plans
●      Individual health insurance plans
●      Corporate health insurance
●      Small business health insurance
●      HSAs
●      High-deductible health insurance
●      Medicaid
●      Dental Insurance
●      Medicare

Way of Blue Cross Blue Shield Rating

You may see how an insurer’s policies stack up against the competition through reputable ratings and reviews. Check out our rating of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

4.5/5 for customer satisfaction When calculating our consumer satisfaction rating, we include both good and negative policyholder input, including BBB feedback (BBB). Included are evaluations and consumer affairs. The BBB rates companies’ trustworthiness from F to A+ and lets customers rate their encounters. BCBS’s A+ BBB rating reflects customers’ affiliate experiences and customer service & response. NAQA rated BCBS between 2 and 4 stars, reflecting customers’ various experiences. Many customers are delighted with BCBS’s childcare services and doctors. Also, Consumer Affairs assigned BCBS subsidiaries different grades based on consumer reviews. New York and New Jersey firms received more negative responses than California and Florida.
5/5 stars for Financial Strength Based on A.M. Best’s evaluation, BCBS’s rating is determined. The world’s insurance providers are now evaluated for their creditworthiness by A.M. Best, the very first credit rating organization. You can evaluate a company’s financial stability and capacity to uphold its promises to policyholders using its ratings for financial strength. Various insurance carriers under the Blue cross blue shield umbrellas, such as BCBS Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield and South Carolina, have maintained an A – A+ rating with A.M. Good for some years.
4.5 stars for coverage Our coverage assessment examines the number of Americans with accessibility to BCBS insurance, the number of regions where the provider is involved, and the degree to which the provider network offers consumers a variety of choices.
4.5 stars for value By comparing the entire expenses of BCBS health insurance policies to those of their counterparts, we analyzed their quality. We evaluated the prices of premiums, office visits, Emergency room visits, the maximum amount of money out of pocket, and deductibles.

Competitors vs. BCBS

BCBS is a well-known and top-rated medical insurance provider; it faces intense competition. BCBS’s top three opponents are UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, and USA Health insurance. The largest health insurance provider with the most comprehensive, seasoned, and reasonably priced health plans offered to customers. Blue cross blue shield separates itself from competitors due to its extensive presence in practically every state. Finally, it invests millions of dollars in local communities to encourage them to get ready for a brighter lifestyle.

Competitors Healthcare Provider Online Application Process
Blue Cross Blue Shield 28k+ yes
Aetna 700k+ yes
Kaiser Permanente 150k+ yes
Cigna 875k+ yes
UnitedHealthcare 855k+  
Guardian Healthcare  
Mutual of Omaha yes

Blue Cross Blue Shield Reviews: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons Best For
Covers both generic and name-brand medications Area businesses provide plans, so you must contact your local company if you’re looking for specific policies. Wish to find a new physician with several possibilities
Coverage throughout the country’s 50 states as well as abroad Reaching the primary customer support hotline could be challenging. A wide range of services with exclusive deals and alliances
Numerous hospitals, clinics, and experts


  No annual cap on the maximum amounts allowed.


Overall Rating of Blue Cross Blue Shield

The basic conclusion is that BCBS provides all 50 states with top-notch health insurance plans. The business leverages its expertise to sign up new members daily, making it easier for medical professionals to consider it a kind of coverage. Some healthcare plans are available to you, flexible spending accounts, including health savings accounts, and health maintenance organizations. Both application experience and customer satisfaction ratings for BCBS are very high.

4.5/5 for customer satisfaction,
5/5 stars for  Financial Stability,
4.5 stars for coverage,
4.5 stars for value

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