Finding The Best Health Insurance In Alabama

By: Astoria
Updated: September 27, 2022
best health insurance in alabama

There are different health insurance companies in Alabama and different insurance plans as well. Finding the best health insurance in Alabama for you is based on several factors. Depending on the insurance company, individuals or families have various insurance rates, and the difference harps on some criteria like costs, age, gender, and so on.

For couples, applying for the same free health insurance Alabama plan and insurance rates may even reduce the costs significantly. And that’s a wise choice, as far as the insurance plan covers what you both need.

In this article, we want to consider the best Alabama family health insurance as well as the cheapest health insurance in Alabama and the most affordable health insurance Alabama plans you can get in the county. If you’re looking for new low-income health insurance, Alabama, you’re in the right space. Let’s look up somein  health insurance quotes Alabama together and maybe you can choose which is best for you.


Various Types of Best Health Insurance in Alabama By Metal Tier

Health Insurance Alabama typically works with a kind of metal Tier system which allows citizens to fix themselves in the plans based on their level.

The tier of health insurance plan you are on won’t determine the quality of healthcare but will define how the medical expenses are shared between you and the insurance provider. For example, a higher metal tier will have more coverage for medical care but will have less affordable health insurance Alabama premiums to pay each month.

The tiers are named after valuable metals, of course, each level of the tier in an increasing degree of value. We have five different levels in Alabama and so five metal tiers. The tiers and their monthly premiums and average cost are as follows:

  • Catastrophic: $310
  • Expanded Bronze: $361
  • Silver: $449
  • Gold: $547
  • Platinum: $466

These last two higher metal tiers for insurance plans will cover more medical costs but will as well, cost a higher monthly premium.

Typically, a Platinum will cost more than a Gold plan in its monthly premium. However, there may be instances where that doesn’t apply.

The Gold and Platinum plans cover about 80–90% of the medical expenses and you’d find that they may prove cheaper I’m the long run. You’d only have to pay a little on your part. So, if you would be needing regular medical attention, it’d be a wise plan to go for one of these higher-metal tier insurance plans.

Another difference between the tiers of Alabama free health insurance plans apart from the monthly premiums could be the out-of-pocket maximums and the deductibles.

The Silver health insurance plans, on the other hand, would come in extra handy for lower-income earners. The Silver plans set you up for lesser deductibles and reduce the costs of medical care shared among both parties.


health insurance in alabama


Alabama Health Insurance Options

There is a lot of health insurance quotes Alabama that you can take advantage of.

Most of the time, your employment would cover your medical expenses. But if you don’t have such a job, or if yours is a case of being self-employed, you’d have to sort yourself out.

There are some options for individual health insurance or family health insurance plans as well in the state.

A good option is the Affordable Care Act health insurance plan, known as Obamacare.

Let’s see some other family or individual health insurance plans in Alabama.


Short-term Health Insurance Alabama

Short-term medical insurance plans are mostly temporary. The short-term plans in Alabama are underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company and often offer;

  • a low-cost system of budget-friendly monthly payments
  • coverage for medical care for the whole even as you’re looking for something more long term
  • insurance coverage for health care for many years
  • coverage for medical appointments like visits to the doctor or other healthcare professionals, prescriptions, and even preventive healthcare

With short-term medical insurance plans in Alabama, the costs for medical conditions that have pre-existed will be covered after 12 months.

Hospital & doctor insurance

This plan for medical and health insurance costs is also underwritten by the Golden Rule Insurance Company. Visits to the doctor or consultant, or a surgical procedure to be carried out are the kind of costs covered by this plan. Other perks of the plan are;

  • the benefits would be granted to you even when other insurance plans are in place
  • you don’t need to pay deductibles or copays before you get the plan

Accident & critical illness insurance

Having accidents or falling to any illness for a period are things that one is hardly expecting talk less of being prepared for these situations. And such experiences could work up so many expenses that you didn’t expect and affect your budget.

However, if you have an accident or critical illness insurance plan that is already in place, can help matters a lot by covering the costs for the illness or any injuries gotten from an accident.

A void example of this plan is the Accident Pro series of products. The insurance plan is also underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company and covers a lot of eventualities in medicine that could be, ranging from hospitalization, sudden death, illnesses, accidents, etc. Some of the plans will remain eligible even for preexisting conditions.

Alabama dental and vision plans

The Dental and Vision insurance plans are not age-restricted. They are available for people of all ages from kids to aged people. The plan is also underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company and offers coverage for the costs incurred for dental or vision services. And it’s a good thing because many insurance plans for health do not include this aspect.


Alabama Medicaid

Medicaid in Alabama has since been in operation as a health insurance type the state offers residents. Alabama Medicaid dates as far back as 1970 and has been a popular choice of Alabama residents.

A major difference between the Medicaid plan and Medicare which is another medical health insurance plan is that Medicare focuses on providing health insurance for aged persons above 65 years, while Medicaid seeks to give health insurance to disadvantaged pop persons – people earning low-income rates, people with disability and even children.

Medicaid, however, is not all that available and may not be accessed every time. Only about 26% of Alabama residents have been eligible for Medicaid, of which 55% of the children population are included. Yet, Alabama Medicaid has not successfully increased the Medicaid services as the Affordable Care Act demands.


Alabama Healthshare aka Medishares

The Alabama Healthshares or Medishares is not a health insurance plan in Alabama but another for dealing with medical costs for residents in Alabama state. You can check out epo reviews to solve this problem.

The Healthshares is also called the Christian Ministry Plans. The system of operation is that several people agree to the terms of a religious group or ministry to regularly make payments or contributions to a common saving. From this common fund, the health costs of the members can now be covered when necessary.

Member Cost Sharing

To qualify to use the Healthshares, each member is to get up to the required minimum responsibility amount (MRA).

The MRA works like a deductible in medical insurance plans.

The members are mostly exempt from paying the ACA penalty which is now, 2.5% of the family gross income for a year for those that do not have compliant health coverage.


best health insurance in alabama


Things To Look Out For When Getting Best Health Insurance in Alabama for Quotes


Different plans offer different ranges of monthly premium costs as well as different percentages of medical costs and expenses, they would cover.

When you want to choose a plan that will suit you best, you should be intentional in considering a plan that helps you maximize your health care while considering your income size and budget. The higher tier plans will always pay off more in the long run but are quite costly to start. So, only go for those if you have the means and are sure that you’d be needing a lot of medical attention for a long while.

Service and Access

Also, you should consider health insurance that’s easily accessible and has great service. You don’t want a health care customer service that you can’t reach at any point in time, especially in cases of medical emergencies.


How To Enroll In Best Health Insurance in Alabama

You can enroll in the Alabama Family Health Insurance by signing up with the platform of the federal government.

The platform is easy to use and features on-screen instructions to guide you through the whole process.

If you encounter problems using the online platform, you should contact the call center for assistance at @877-398-0075 or get free quotes by using the simple form fill up at NewHealthInsurance.


Creating An Account

Creating an account on the platform is not much of a hassle. All you must do is enter your details including your name, and email address, and then you confirm the email by re-entering it. The next thing is to log in to the newly created account to complete the process. The personal data that would be requested of you during registering include;

  • your social security numbers
  • home address and mailing address
  • legal documents
  • birth dates
  • size of your household
  • health policy numbers for any existing private health insurance Alabama plans for any other person under your roof
  • current employers’ information
  • estimate of the total income from your household
  • mode of filing taxes
  • information on any person helping you in the registration process

After the application process, you would be notified if you qualify to depend on the premium and premium tax credit.


Insurance Companies That Give Best Health Insurance in Alabama

These two insurance companies are good examples of companies that offer low-income health insurance Alabama in the marketplace:

  • Bright Health Insurance Company of Alabama
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

There are various types of plans you can select from on their platforms:

–       Health Maintenance Organization plan

A Health Maintenance Organization plan (HMO) is your best health insurance in Alabama option if you won’t make that many visits for medical attention. Or if you don’t book many appointments with a medical doctor or need drug prescriptions from medical personnel.

The Health Maintenance Organization plan has much lesser premiums each month as well as more deductibles and is regarded as the cheapest health insurance in Alabama.

However, it has its demerits. Firstly, you’ll always have to get a referral before you see a doctor or specialist personnel. It also restricts you from using the plan’s in-network medical providers.

–       Preferred Provider Organization plan

If you expect to visit more regularly, a Preferred Provider Organization plan is much more suitable. With this plan comes more flexibility than the Health Maintenance Organization plan, but also it comes with a higher cost though.

The PPO plan doesn’t need you to always have a referral before you can see a medical professional, nor do you need to name any primary care physician before entry. The PPO plan also doesn’t limit you to only in-network medical providers.

–       Point of Service Plan

The Point of Service Plan (POS) is a kind of hybrid or mix of the Health Maintenance Organization and the Preferred Provider Organization. You may be able to use the out-of-network providers, but whenever you wish to see the doctor in person, you’ll still be required to get a referral.


Essential Health Benefits

Essential Health Benefits (EHBs) are usually covered by Alabama short-term health insurance plans obtained in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Some of these Essential Health Benefits include;

  • Hospital stays and admissions
  • Drugs prescriptions
  • Outpatient services
  • Maternity health care
  • Preventive health and wellness services
  • Services regarding substance abuse and mental health conditions
  • Emergency services
  • Pediatric health services
  • Laboratory services


Alabama Health Insurance FAQs

Can I buy short-term and individual health insurance in Alabama?

About getting short-term and cheap health insurance in Alabama. At the moment, there are no state regulations for short-term health insurance plans in Alabama. The short-term health insurance plans can have about 364 days as initial terms and a total duration of up to 36 months even with renewal. The Trump administration in 2018 relaxed the federal terms for the state.


Did Alabama implement the ACA’s Medicaid expansion?

No, at the moment, the state of Alabama hasn’t yet accepted to implement the ACA’s Medicaid expansion with federal funding.

In the eventuality of Alabama accepting the federal funding to expand the program, however, about 324,000 residents of the state stand to benefit from the low-income health insurance Alabama coverage after implementation of the policy.


How many insurers offer marketplace coverage in Alabama?

There are currently two insurance companies that can grant insurance coverage in the health insurance marketplace in Alabama.

These are the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama and Bright Health Insurance Company of Alabama.

United Healthcare had been a former participant in the Alabama exchange but backed out sometime in 2016. The company is expected to join the list in the year 2022 and be the third carrier of the health insurance policy in Alabama.


What is the average cost of health insurance Alabama?

Health insurance doesn’t cost so much in Alabama. Residents, on average, pay about $642 per person for a major plan. This estimate is, however, for main low-income health insurance Alabama plans for individuals. The costs may differ and even the monthly premium can be reduced if the person to be insured is tested and verified to be in good health.

The amount costs differ however according to the health insurance Al plans and also the level of the metal tier. As we’ve mentioned earlier in this article, available health insurance plans in Alabama are categorized in these metal tiers levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


What type of health insurance marketplace does Alabama utilize?

Residents in Alabama can use the e-facility platform to register for plans as well as get the necessary help for insurance coverage. The coverage will include cost-sharing reductions that decrease the cost of deductibles, coinsurance expenses, and even copays; and also, the premium subsidy that will reduce the expenses associated with the monthly premium.

So, the state of Alabama generally uses the federal health insurance marketplace as its platform. The two types of subsidies listed above were put in place as part of the Obamacare program or ACA (Affordable Care Act).


When can I enroll in an ACA-compliant plan in Alabama?

Enrollment for any health insurance plans from the Alabama marketplace that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act must be carried out within an open enrollment period.

The previous open enrollment period ran from November 1, 2021, up until January 15, 2022.

After this, to enroll for insurance policies again, residents in Alabama will need to take advantage of any qualifying event, even for a change of details of existing plans.


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