Thomas E. Bell


Insurance Agent in


Brown County, Wisconsin


Bellevue University, Nebraska


Over 18 years of experience in the insurance industry with proven skill of selling policies to clients individual and companies.

Current insurance agent at and innovator of many health insurance policies and schemes in the insurance industry and company

Promoted from agent to sales manager for proficiency before being reassigned to sales agency for mentorship and staff development reasons.


Thomas was assigned to health and wellness insurance department in Health Insurance Ltd., after joining the company’s contract compliance and management team in finance.

Theoretically, he works to provide latest terms and progress tracking of the company and the insurance deals with the other parties, as well as introducing the newest policies to the different sectors in the commerce and insurance policy industry.

Thomas is eager and enthusiastic about becoming a usefully asset of the insurance industry and management team and works efficiently to sell out valuable content on health insurance that is informative and persuasive to stakeholders inferentially.

Thomas was engaged in writing and editing related roles previously in the university department, where he wrote for law firm editorials, including the Save Tomorrow newspaper. During his four years at the editorials, Thomas served as the executive editor, and regularly contributed to a variety of sections including Money and Investing, International Business, National News, International News, and Times Spotlight.

This helped develop his skillset as a writer and editor, and this experience came full blown into a professional description.


Thomas graduated with Honors from Bellevue University, Nebraska in 2016, earning a minor in Diplomacy and International Relations and Bachelors of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration, with dual majors in Economics and Finance.