University Teacher


Newark, New Jersey


California State University, Fullerton


Shawnda A. Fyre has a track record of successful teaching and education reform and has been teaching children of all ages for over two decades. She grew up in a family of teachers, which inspired her to take on tutoring and mentoring roles as early as twelve years of age. At age fourteen, she gave group piano lessons for disadvantaged children in her community. By the time she was sixteen, she was already known as an excellent tutor for mathematics, history, and English throughout her community. She won the Distinguished Educational Scholar award in her senior year of high school for her dedication and commitment to mentoring while still maintaining her own academic status within the top 10% of the graduating class.

Ms. Fyre attended Fullerton University on a full academic scholarship, where she majored in Psychology and education. She served as the president of the Big Brothers and Sisters organization on campus, which connected college students with local middle and high school students to foster strong relationships which would benefit both parties. Some of her mentees went on to attend Fullerton University, citing Ms. Fyre’s influence as a driving force for their decision to stay in school and pursue higher education during pressures to do otherwise. After graduation, Ms. Fyre joined the faculty at Durham High School, where she taught a variety of math classes.

For the past twenty years, Ms. Fyre has taught mathematics at three different regional high schools, where she also has headed many efforts to expand the curriculum to engage students at different mathematical competencies. She heads the after school Teach me, teach you program, where students are given a safe space to study and tutor one another in different subjects. Her program has won acclaim throughout the community, and multiple other schools are following in her footsteps and creating similar programs in their own schools.