Darla J. Christy


Contract Manager in Management


Charleston, South Carolina


Coastal Carolina University, Conway, South Carolina


Manager of contract life cycles and contract compliance terms at NewHealthInsurance.

Co-manager of NewHealthInsurance’ finances and business analysis, and innovator of many mortgage plans including the Mortgage As You Go.

Freelance copywriter and editor for the official administration department and business school editorials of Coastal Carolina University, Conway


Darla recently joined Jimmy Pennyworth as a Co-Manager in Contract Management, joining NewHealthInsurance’ Contract Compliance and Management team.

Specifically, she focuses on updates and progress tracking of the NewHealthInsurance ‘contracts and deals with the other business parties, as well as managing the different phases of contract management and ultimately decides if a contract or mortgage plan is detri6or beneficial to the company and if it should be renewed or terminate.

Darla is excited and honored to be a new member of the NewHealthInsurance management team and looks forward to publishing valuable content that is informative and stimulating to readers as well.

Darla was previously involved in a writing and editing-based role as a university student, where she wrote for a business school newspaper, the Economic Times. Throughout her three years at the Economic Times, Darla served as the official section editor for, and regularly contributed to a variety of sections including Money and Investing, International Business, National News, International News, and Coastal Spotlight. Her team of student writers generally consisted of four to six individuals. She worked with writers to assign article topics, writing suggestions, and grammatical advice. This position was instrumental in developing her skillset as a writer and editor and channeling this experience into a professional role.


Darla  graduated with Honors from Coastal Carolina University, Conway in 2020, earning a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration, with dual majors in Economics and Finance and a minor in Diplomacy and International Relations.