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Updated: November 23, 2022
health insurance in baltimore

Health insurance in Baltimore is of paramount importance, and we can attribute that to the fact that the healthcare of residents living in the city of Baltimore is a priority both to the individual and the health sector of the government. As such, everyone is allowed to access quality health based on their individual health needs.

It is no longer news – the importance of having access to quality healthcare. Everyone now needs and knows that they need it. However, mere access alone does not guarantee that one would be able to receive these services. That’s because you have to be able to afford health expenses.

So, although everyone would be treated if they go to the hospital, you’d have to pay some costs to access quality healthcare. Well, this issue has been tackled by the Baltimore government by ensuring that residents get health insurance plans that suit their health care requirements.

With these plans, you do not have to spend excessively on healthcare services. All you need to do is make payments to your policy provider over time and get discounted or even no fee at all on every healthcare service you receive prior.

There are quite several policy providers available in Baltimore all of which offer different healthcare insurance policies. The Baltimore health insurance companies all functioned following the policies enacted by the Affordable Care Act.

As one of the topmost cities in Maryland, Baltimore’s healthcare insurance companies offer some of the best healthcare policies available to those who are eligible. In this article, we would prefer to shed light a little more on how health insurance policies in Baltimore work.

Medical Insurance Plans in Baltimore

Baltimore is one of the major cities in Maryland with a long history of sound healthcare infrastructure. There are various categories of health insurance plans, all of which are available to Baltimore residents.

How this works is that you first make your choice from the wealth of plans available, in making this choice, ensure that you consider your health needs. Consider stuff like how often you’d be visiting the hospital, chronic disease, proximity, your financial status etc. If all these synchronize perfectly with the available plan, then you can go for it. When you’ve made your choice, you can then enroll for the healthcare policy.

In Baltimore, normal healthcare insurance plans can be purchased during a period called the “open enrollment period”. During this period, those eligible for the plan can enrol, it usually lasts for about a month or so. After the open enrollment period, it is impossible to enroll for a Baltimore health insurance plan unless you qualify for another alternative window called the “special enrollment period”.

The special enrollment period is made for those who were not able to apply for healthcare insurance plans during the open enrollment for reasons that are considered valid. Not everyone unable to get a plan during the open enrollment can apply through special enrollment periods, you must be eligible based on the criteria released. Situations that are beyond your control like death, childbirth, accidents and many other unforeseen circumstances can make you access to special enrollment periods.

Residents of Baltimore can purchase quality healthcare insurance plans via the Baltimore Marketplace or through the Maryland insurance exchange. It is also possible to acquire health insurance plans if you’re eligible for a federal government-sponsored Medicaid program.

Either way, it is advisable to scrutinise your options explicitly to get the plan that suits you perfectly in Baltimore.

Categories of health insurance

The health insurance plans in Baltimore are grouped into different categories all of which have different percentages of healthcare coverage. Each of these plans has different percentages of out-of-pocket expenses to be covered as well as different monthly premiums.

Depending on your healthcare need and financial strength, you can go for any of the Baltimore healthcare insurance plan categories. They are grouped in a hierarchical system of a metal tier system; in ascending order the plans are Bronze, Silver and Gold plans.

Usually, the higher the monthly premium, the higher the healthcare insurance coverage and the lower the deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.

Baltimore Bronze Plans.

These plans are the cheapest Baltimore plans in terms of monthly premiums. Baltimore Bronze plans have the least health care insurance coverage about 60% of a person’s total health expenses. This means the person would have to cover about 40% of their healthcare expenses personally, any time they visit the hospital hence, Bronze plans have the highest deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Baltimore Silver Plans.

Silver plans in Baltimore are often regarded as theist cost-effective. These plans offer insurance coverage of about 70% of a person’s total health expenses. They are in between the Bronze and Gold plans, not as expensive as the Gold plans and offer higher health insurance coverage than the Bronze plans. What makes the Silver plans in Baltimore the most reliable is the fact that if you’re edible you could qualify for Cost-Sharing Reduction (CSR) plans that can improve your health insurance coverage to about 95%.

The deductibles of Silver plans are mostly not as expensive as that of Bronze plans although those enrolled for normal Silver plans would have to cover about 30% of their health expenses but with improved health insurance coverage.

Baltimore Gold Plans

Often regarded as the most expensive healthcare insurance plan in Baltimore, Gold plans have higher monthly premiums but the healthcare insurance coverage is high to match. The Gold plans in Baltimore cover about 80% of the health expenses of its recipients. Recipients only have to cover 20% of their healthcare costs themselves hence, Gold plans have the lowest out-of-pocket expenses in Baltimore.

What types of health insurance are in Baltimore?

Baltimore offers a wealth of healthcare insurance policies, this is to ensure that every single person has a healthcare policy that suits their health and financial status. Individuals must know about the available health insurance plans within them, this would help them to make better choices. In this section, we would talk about the three main types of health insurance policies available in Baltimore.

Employer-Sponsored Plans In Baltimore

Big firms, companies and many other institutions that have workers under them in Baltimore often have group plans for their employers. These plans cover a certain percentage of the healthcare insurance of their employers. Sometimes, it is a large percentage; other times, it is only a fraction.

Either way, with these plans workers of these firms, tend to have their healthcare costs slashed. The percentage that is being covered by these employers depends on the employer and what they are willing to give. Some employer-sponsored plans might cover the family members of the employers although this is very rare, either way, the employer-sponsored plan lasts as long as the individual is a worker for the institution championing the plan.

Family Health Insurance Plans in Baltimore

In Baltimore, married couples as well as members of families can purchase a single health insurance plan that would cover the health expenses of every member of the family. These healthcare insurance plans are quite cheaper than the individual plans when accumulated.

The major setback of this plan is that it is not flexible and the category that is purchased mostly depends on the health needs of every single member of the family.

So, rather than suiting just one person, the plan is designed to suit every single member of the family. Hence, if a member of the family had a chronic illness, the plan would be chosen such that the person would have access to proper care for their condition.

Individual Health Insurance plans in Baltimore.

Those who do not qualify for either the family health insurance plans or the employer-sponsored plans are mostly stuck with the individual plans in Baltimore. However, these plans are often regarded as the most flexible plans. Although they are the most expensive of all the three types in Baltimore, the individual health insurance plan focuses more on the specific needs of the individual.

The average cost of health insurance plans in Baltimore

One of the major factors influencing healthcare in Baltimore and every other major city in the US is the expenses incurred. There are so many individuals facing difficulties as regards their healthcare, some are quite unable to secure a healthcare insurance plan all due to the cost.

Although health insurance in Baltimore is, as a whole, not too expensive and quite affordable, you must know the price tags attached to each category of health plan in Baltimore. Health Plans in Baltimore have different prices depending on the type of plan, category of the plan and the age of the individual getting the plan.

For example, in Baltimore, individuals would probably spend an average of about $300 to $800 for a Silver plan depending on their age. Similarly, for a Bronze and Gold plan, the average prices would also differ based on the age of the individual. For a bronze plan in Baltimore, it would be within the range of about $200 to $600 and about $400 to $1000 for gold plans.

  • On average, Bronze plans costs about $500 monthly for individual plans and $900 for family plans depending on the size of the family.
  • For Silver plans, individuals would spend about $700 depending on their age, family plans would go for about $1200 or more, depending on the family size.
  • Gold plans would cost about $900 for Individual plans, and family plans might be as high as $1800.

Best Health Insurance Companies In Baltimore

Calling one Baltimore health insurance company the best is a facade. However, you can access each company and go with the one that suits you the most. This is because each of these companies has its strengths and weaknesses. Currently, three main health insurance companies offer health insurance in Baltimore, these companies are:

  • UnitedHealthcare
  • CareFirst
  • Kaiser Permanente


As can be seen, Maryland’s four metal coverage tiers are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. If you are healthy and anticipate having few medical expenses, the Bronze plan on the lowest tier is the most cost-effective choice. It typically has the highest deductible but the lowest monthly premium.

The higher metal categories, like Gold and Platinum, on the other hand, have greater premiums but reduced out-of-pocket costs. For instance, the least expensive Gold metal coverage in Maryland costs 25% more than the most affordable Bronze plan.

Your medical and financial circumstances, as well as the policies that are offered in your area, will determine the best health insurance coverage for you. Due to Medicaid expansion in Maryland, those who live in households with incomes that are equal to or below the federal poverty threshold can sign up for this government-run healthcare program.

Always keep in mind that your medical requirements and financial situation must be taken into account while choosing the cheapest health insurance. Examine the premiums and out-of-pocket costs to determine which option is best for your circumstances. Typically, you should choose a higher metal tier with more expensive premiums but lower deductibles if you anticipate having moderate to high medical costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does health insurance in Maryland cost on a monthly average?

Maryland has the lowest health insurance premiums, with an average monthly payment of $338 for a 40-year-old. West Virginia, on the other hand, has the highest monthly average premium at $712.

  • What kind of marketplace for health insurance does Maryland use?

Maryland Health Connection is a state-run marketplace for health insurance. The Affordable Care Act authorized the health insurance marketplace (ACA).

  • What kind of marketplace for health insurance does Maryland use?

Maryland Health Connection is a state-run marketplace for health insurance. The Affordable Care Act authorized the health insurance marketplace (ACA).

  • What is a managed care organization all about?

By collaborating with a network of qualified/licensed healthcare professionals, a managed care organization (MCO) is a healthcare organization that offers services to Medicaid clients. MCOs are a component of Maryland’s HealthChoice Medicaid Managed Care Program..

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