Affordable Health Insurance in Oregon: Get the Best Quotes

By: Paula D. Skidmore
Updated: November 1, 2022
Affordable Health Insurance in Oregon

If you live in Oregon, buying health insurance is a task you should do carefully after getting health insurance quotes and comparing them to your needs. In addition, you know you need a good price, but it might be daunting to examine the specifics of several health insurance policies. Learn how to compare health insurance plans for more accuracy and a better-fitting product, and avoid the temptation to choose the cheapest health insurance. This article comprehensively analyzes the best health insurance in Oregon.

Oregon’s Health Insurance Marketplace: How Do I Enroll?, the state’s health exchange website, and, the website for health insurance run by the federal government, provide enrollment in low-cost health insurance plans to Oregon residents. If you want to get started, you only need your email address to create an account. A username and password pair will be required.

After creating an account, the service will determine if you are qualified for low-cost medical insurance in Oregon. For the site to properly determine which plans you qualify for, you must give some personal information, including your legal and social security number, date of birth, and name. Also, gather this data for everyone living in your home who needs medical insurance. You can save your form as you go along and come back to it whenever you have all the necessary data.

Questions about your background and circumstances will be part of the process by which tax credit eligibility is determined. The system will ask you these questions to get a good read on your situation:

  • Relationship status
  • Your tax return’s dependent claim count
  • Annual projected income tax liability
  • Whether you consent to the system determines whether you may be eligible for financial aid.

Moreover, you can see all the plans you are eligible for on the site once you enter the required information. The plan names list details such as the monthly premium, annual health insurance deductible, coinsurance minimums, and any exclusions. On, you can view information about up to three different plans at once for a side-by-side comparison.

In some cases, you may be asked to submit a copy of your tax return from the prior year to complete your enrollment. You may be needed to produce documents showing your citizenship and residency in Oregon.

Best Health Insurance Companies In Oregon

If you’re looking for affordable health insurance plans in Oregon; consider these six best health insurance companies in Oregon:

  • Shield of Oregon
  • BridgeSpan Health Company
  • Regence Blue
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Cross Blue
  • Providence Health Plan
  • Moda Health
  • PacificSource Health Plans

Individual Health Insurance in Oregon

Whether you’re seeking coverage for yourself or your family, there are a few factors to consider. Among these factors are the following:

  • Health care needs
  • Preferred type of plan
  • Price for health plan premium
  • Individual deductibles vs. family deductibles

Furthermore, you may be able to keep your expenditures down by opting for a low-premium/high-annual-deductible plan if you and your family are in good health and have no history of serious illness. Affordable monthly premiums make these plans attractive to those who don’t anticipate significant medical expenses. When you require medical attention, this approach falls apart. Also, due to the large annual deductible, you may have to spend significant money out of cash before your insurance kicks in.

Different types of plans are available for selection:

HMO Plan

An HMO plan may be the best option if you don’t need to see a doctor or specialist frequently or get prescriptions often. In exchange for bigger deductibles, the monthly rates are lower. The most cost-effective health insurance options are HMOs. Moreover, there are restrictions associated with HMO plans. To see a specialist, you’ll need a recommendation from your primary care physician, and you can only see doctors who are part of the HMO’s provider network.

PPO Plan

If you frequently see primary care physicians and specialists, a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan might be your best option. A PPO plan will allow you greater freedom but cost you more each month. No primary care physician selection is required, nor is a referral to a specialist needed.

POS Plan

A Point of Service Plan (POS) is similar to both a preferred provider organization (PPO) and a health maintenance organization (HMO). You can see non-network physicians, but a referral is required to visit a specialist.

Check all POS, PPO, and HMO reviews before buying insurance.

Family Health Insurance in Oregon

Finding the best health insurance for you and your loved ones in Oregon can be challenging. While you may be in good health and require occasional medical attention, the health of a family member or other dependent could have a profound impact on the level of coverage you require and the amount you are ready to spend. Also, when selecting a family health insurance plan, it is important to weigh the needs of each member against the premium, deductible, and copayment amounts.

The requirements of your family also influence the composition of your strategy. While health maintenance organizations (HMOs) are useful for routine care and low-demand situations, preferred provider organizations (PPOs) offer more wiggle room if you or a family member may require long-term medical attention. You should check around for a plan that provides enough flexibility to meet the demands of everyone using the coverage. Furthermore, a basic HMO plan could be useful if you and your partner have recurring medical requirements. However, if your child has a chronic illness, it may be worthwhile to look at PPO and POS options. Before committing to a family plan, it’s a good idea to learn as much as possible about its coverage options and limitations.

Cheap Health Insurance in Oregon 2022

Most people want to get the cheapest health insurance in Oregon. Then, how much is medical coverage in Oregon? Know that your requirements should guide your comparison of Oregon health insurance rates. Choose a health insurance plan that can cover all of your expenses. Oregon health insurance quotes can be tailored to cover your specific medical requirements.

Average Cost of Health Insurance in Oregon

The average monthly health insurance cost in Oregon is $397 in 2022, a decrease of $7 per month from 2021.

Cheapest Health Insurance in Oregon: By Metal Tier

Oregon’s private insurance market offers catastrophic, expanded bronze, silver, and gold coverage levels. Plans’ premiums and cost-sharing range widely based on their tier. Insurer contributions are lowest for catastrophe health insurance and highest for Gold plans. This means that the costs associated with Gold plans are significantly higher.

Also, Plans with lower monthly premiums have less coverage overall and have higher deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums than those with higher premiums.

Monthly health insurance premiums, on average, for the four different plans are as follows:

  • $250 per month is catastrophic
  • $371 per month for Expanded Bronze
  • $486 monthly for silver.
  • $550 per month for gold

You may have a few medical bills to pay if you’re healthy. A low-cost insurance plan, like an Expanded Bronze plan, can cover your medical expenses without making you pay exorbitant monthly rates. However, a Gold plan in Oregon may be the best option for people with greater medical expenses. Your monthly rates will be higher in exchange for lower deductibles and broader coverage.

In addition, within each metal category in Oregon’s insurance market, rates, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums might differ among plans. Below is a table displaying each metal tier’s lowest possible monthly premium.

You may be eligible for cost-sharing reductions (CSR) if you have a low income and enroll in a Silver plan. Moreover, compared to insurance at the bottom tier, these feature more generous coverage at a cheaper monthly cost.

In each plan tier, the following table depicts Oregon’s cheapest medicare care insurance.

Plans in the table may not be available in your county. Still, they illustrate general features and benefits of health insurance: Although higher metal categories often have higher monthly prices, their smaller deductibles mitigate the impact of these higher premiums. Also, one comparison shows that the least expensive Bronze Expanded plan is $97 cheaper per month than the least expensive Silver plan, despite having a $4,200 greater deductible.

Plan tier Cheapest plan Monthly cost Deductible Out-of-pocket maximum
Catastrophic PacificSource Navigator Catastrophic $229 $8,700 $8,700
Bronze Expanded Providence Health Plan Connect 8700 $308 $8,700 $8,700
Silver Kaiser KP OR Silver 4500/40 $405 $4,500 $8,550
Gold Kaiser KP OR Gold 2000/30 $429 $2,000 $7,900

*Rates are for a 40-year-old.

Cheap Health Insurance in Oregon: By County

Health insurance premiums in Oregon are not uniform across the state. Rating areas exist in Oregon and around the United States. Additionally, health insurance companies will utilize the rating area that your county is under to establish your premiums. All the counties in a certain rating area will have the same premiums.

There are seven distinct regions used to rate Oregon’s 36 counties. Providence Health Plan has the lowest premiums in Multnomah County, Oregon’s most populous county. The company Connect 4500 Silver plan, the most basic one, costs $402 per month on average.

The Most Affordable PPO/EPO Medical Insurance in Oregon

To choose the most suitable Oregon health insurance policy, you should reflect on your healthcare requirements and preferences. Furthermore, Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plans make up the most share of Oregon’s health insurance exchange. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans are also available from the state.

Unless it is an emergency, Oregon’s basic EPO plan only covers medical care at in-network facilities. Like HMO plans, you can see a specialist from the network without a referral. But with a PPO plan, you can see an in-network or an out-of-network provider without first getting a reference from your primary care physician. However, because of the customization options, the plans might be pricey.

These are the most affordable Oregon health insurance plans for the following plan types:

Kaiser Permanente’s KP OR Silver 4500/40 EPO Silver Plan is the least expensive option, with a monthly premium of $410 for a guy of the same age group.

PacificSource Health Plans’ PacificSource Oregon Standard Silver Plan NAV is the most affordable PPO Silver plan, costing an average-income 40-year-old man $473 per month.

Bottom Line

All in all, Health insurance is a worthwhile investment in Oregon, and it doesn’t have to be expensive if you know how to choose the correct coverage and policy type. NewHealthInsurance facilitates this process by giving you unbiased options to select from.

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What is the monthly cost of health insurance for one individual in Oregon?

For an individual in their forties, the average premium for health insurance in Oregon is $5,700 yearly or $475 per month. This, however, will vary widely based on the coverage level you select and your age.

Is free healthcare available in Oregon?

In Oregon, those who qualify for Medicaid can receive low- or no-cost medical treatment. Nonetheless, not everyone can receive Medicaid services, and many more are unaware they are qualified. Visit your state’s Department of Health website to determine eligibility.

What is the most affordable Oregon health insurance plan?

A catastrophic health insurance plan with an out-of-pocket maximum and high deductible would be the least expensive option in Oregon. Also, this plan is for unexpected medical needs and does not pay for routine checkups or prescription medicines.

Does Oregon offer health insurance for the low-income?

The federal Medicaid program provides health coverage for low-income Americans. Additionally, Medicaid is a joint federal-state program.

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