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Updated: September 27, 2022
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Health insurance in North Dakota is almost as important as the modern man himself. Today, no one wants to be caught unawares. I mean, anything can go wrong at any time. And if we can insure our cars and houses, what more of our health?

North Dakota is a state in the US-dominated by the Great Plains. Located in the Midwestern region of the United States, North Dakota has one of the soundest healthcare systems in the country. Most North Dakotans are insured Healthwise, although about 6% of them are uninsured. Nevertheless, like any US county, North Dakota has healthcare insurance within reach and accessible to its residents.

One of the turning points of North Dakotan healthcare insurance is the emergence of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. This law helped to revolutionize the health insurance North Dakota industry and in other States across the US. Under Obamacare, North Dakota does not operate a Consumer Assistance Program, although these privileges still apply.

Because there are so many health insurance options today, it isn’t easy to choose a health insurance North Dakota plan and throughout the United States. But regardless of this hurdle, it is still important that you carefully analyze and choose a healthcare insurance plan that wholly suits your needs.

Matters like your health condition, family size, financial strength, etc., should be considered when choosing your plan. It would be best if you considered the uncertainty that lies with life and how quickly one can get sick or involved in an accident. You want to be prepared. Here we’d talk about health insurance in North Dakota and how it works.


How Does Health Insurance Operate in North Dakota?

Health insurance companies are like healthcare lifelines that come to your aid in times of need. But in case you’re asking, it is never a free North Dakota health insurance plan you get. You pay for the services rendered, although it is way cheaper and makes health expenses less. They are more affordable health insurance in North Dakota plans.

These health insurance companies settle your health expenses in compensation for your premiums. Although most times, you still have to settle a certain portion of the cost of the out-of-pocket expenses.

Generally, health insurance covers expenses that are deemed medically necessary! According to the Federal law that covers North Dakota, health insurance covers the following services.

  • Pregnant mothers are their children will have access to quality healthcare before their insurance
  •  Prescriptions for medications and health treatments
  •  Preventive healthcare policies. You might be enrolled for certain movements and orientations relating to your health.
  •  Those with mental issues will have access to mental healthcare. Psychiatric coverage is also available.
  •  The insurance company will facilitate lab tests and screening.
  •  Outpatient procedures will be available for those that need them.
  • Emergency services will be powered in terms of emergencies.
  •  Rehabilitative services and support are also offered.
  •  Medical Services for Children.

Health insurance companies in North Dakota will require that upon your insurance plan, you’d still have to pay the following yourself.


As we all know, health insurance services are numerous and worth it. But before we begin to enjoy these services, we should pay a certain amount for the services we are meant to enjoy.

This amount you pay for your insurance to the insurance company before you begin to enjoy the services is called a deductible. Deductibles are paid annually and cover the services rendered by the insurance company. These services might include prescription of drugs, item delivery, visit specialists, etc.



The amount you pay for a particular item or service rendered is called the copayment or copay. This copayment is more like the payment you make at the sport to get an item or to receive a service; for instance, you’d have to make a copayment when you go to see your doctor to refill your prescription or when you go to see a specialist for an extra checkup.



The coinsurance is similar to the copay, although it refers to the portion of your payment for certain services. Usually, you begin to pay coinsurance when you’ve met your deductible. The amount you pay as a copay or coinsurance depends on your insurance company and your plan.

Most times, before you pay up your deductible, your plan might cover some services for you. Even if you have not met your deductible, getting some services as free North Dakota health insurance is still possible without having to pay the copay. But as I stated, this depends on the plan and the insurance company.

The expenses that insurance companies will not cover are elective, and realistic examples include dental care for adults, cosmetic surgery, adult vision care, hearing aids, etc. These expenses are deemed surplus to requirement, so they fall under the out-of-pocket expenses.


Different Plans of Health Insurance In North Dakota

affordable health insurance in north dakota


Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

Most big companies in North Dakota and the United States, in general, provide a certain type of health insurance to their workers called the Group or Employer-sponsored Health Insurance plan. This health insurance benefits your workplace in terms of health.

Although the idea of your employer paying for your health insurance is thrilling, it is not as attractive as it seems. You’d still have to pay a certain sum yourself. But it’d greatly reduce on your part. So, the services you enjoy are based on the premiums paid by you and your employer.

You should know that this premium paid by your employer does not include deductibles, copays, or other out-of-pocket costs. Some available group coverages in North Dakota include Preferred Provider Organization, Point Of Service, Health Maintenance Organization, EPO plan, and many more.


Individual Health Coverage/ Obamacare

Also known as Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, this health plan is mostly for people who do not meet up to the requirements of other health plans in North Dakota. Those classified as unemployed or self-employed are mostly unable to qualify for The Employer Sponsored insurance coverages, hence, the individual health plan.

For these individual plans, you get premiums that are in tandem with what you paid. Also, tax credits are provided to make the insurance cheaper and more accessible. This ease will help to get affordable premiums not restricted to the bronze, silver, and gold plans.



The Child’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a major part of the Medicaid program. The sponsors of Medicaid fully fund this program. Both programs are of immense value to residents of North Dakota and are not included under the Medicare health insurance coverage. Medicaid provides health insurance services like payment of medical expenses, home care, personal healthcare by nurses, and doctor visitation, amongst others.

Medicaid is one of the best health insurance in North Dakota because it can cover healthcare expenses for a long time. What makes it more interesting is that these expenses are not limited to just hospitals. Medicaid can also provide homecare and private healthcare for you. The government sponsors Medicaid, so you cannot question its authenticity and financial strength.



Medicare is a US-funded healthcare insurance policy that has helped millions of residents in North Dakota and the entire US. This program covers a high percentage of our medical costs, although the health coverage includes participation from employers, individuals, and federal, state, and local government. You should note that deductibles are not part of the insurance coverage, meaning we still have to cover these expenses individually.

Your utilization of your Medicare coverage depends on your health plan. Medicare Advantage plans are sponsored by private companies that are in contact with Medicare. These companies, together with Medicare sponsors, have greatly improved the health care quality in North Dakota. These Medicare Advantage plans include Preferred Provider Organization, Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, Medicare Savings Account Plans, Special Needs Plans, and Private Fee for Service Plans.


Health Insurance North Dakota Categories And Their Costs

Health insurance plans can be grateful according to metallic tiers. These metallic tiers are the plans offered by certain insurance companies graded in the hierarchy. They include the bronze, silver, and gold plans in ascending order.

The higher the metal tier policies, the more expensive it is. The most expensive tier would be the gold plan, and bronze would be the cheapest. But it is good to know that these plans also have their advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, Gold plans have the most expensive monthly premiums, which result in very low out-of-pocket expenses, like deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. Gold plans are the most suitable if you have a large medical cost or underlying illness, but it wouldn’t be suitable for a young, healthy person without health issues, will it?

And this is why it is very important to analyze these plans and settle for one that matches your healthcare needs. We’d help you answer all the questions of suitability below.

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Which health plan is more suitable for high expected medical costs in North Dakota?

Gold plans are the most expensive and highest available plan in North Dakota. This plan can cover about 80% of your healthcare costs and expenses. You’d only have to pay the remaining 20%, isn’t that wonderful?

If your prognosis points towards multiple health expenses in the future, you’d no doubt need a plan to help pay a large percentage of your medical cost; well, gold is your guy! Also, the Gold health plans cover out-of-pocket expenses reducing the amount you’d have to pay by a mile.

You should go for the gold plans if you’re looking for a cost-effective plan for chronic illnesses and massive health uncertainties.


What North Dakota health insurance plan for low-income should individuals with low incomes or average medical costs go for?

The silver plan is also called the moderate healthcare plan. It falls between the gold and bronze plans. This plan covers about 60 to 70 % of your healthcare expenses, which is fair. Most low-income households use this plan because it is a perfect blend of cost and effectiveness, not too expensive, yet covers a lot as a North Dakota health insurance plan for low-income.

One aspect of silver plans that makes them stand out as one of the best health insurance in North Dakota is the availability of certain policies (Cost-Sharing Reduction) that helps to further reduce costs and expenses. Some Cost Sharing Reduction Policies can help cover up to about 94% of your health expenses.


health insurance in north dakota


What is the best health insurance in North Dakota for young, healthy people?

It is common knowledge that young people on rage are more healthy and less financially stable compared to older individuals. Although they need health insurance for unforeseen circumstances, they do not need excess intensive care, and because most young people are not wealthy yet, they want a cheap health insurance ND plan and one that is affordable but still covers the basics.

The best plan that suits this category is the Bronze health insurance plan. The Bronze plans are the cheapest, but they come with very low coverages and higher out-of-pocket expenses for you. So, you’d pay more for medical services anytime you’re sick or need healthcare attention.

The Bronze plan covers about 60% of your health expenses, leaving a whopping 40% to be paid. This plan is only recommended to those adamant they would be able to pay these out-of-pocket expenses when the need arises.


Health Insurance in North Dakota FAQs

 Does North Dakota have health insurance?

In North Dakota, the Comprehensive Health Association of North Dakota (CHAND), alongside other private insurance companies, has made it possible for the residents of North Dakota to have regular access to quality health insurance from ND health insurance providers.


What is the cheapest health insurance you can get?

The idea of what a cheap health insurance ND is relative because it depends on various factors, like the region and metallic tier, although it is said that Medica Individual Choice Silver Copay and the Stanford True plan are the most affordable health insurance North Dakota plans.


What is the average cost of health insurance in North Dakota per month?

In North Dakota, health insurance for a single person might cost about $540 on average and about $1300 for a family plan.


How much does health insurance cost?

Certain factors, like the metallic tier (bronze, silver, or gold), your location, insurance company, and the type of plan, must be considered to determine the cost of health insurance. Is it an individual or family plan? All these questions will determine the cost. Note that Gold plans are the most expensive, bronze is the cheapest, and family plans are more expensive than Individual plans.


What is usually the cheapest way to get health insurance?

The best way to get cheap health insurance ND is to browse and compare plans and insurance companies around your area. Weigh your priorities and ensure you do your research before you pay for a plan. To get a cheaper plan, you can also seek advice from experts to direct you on how to get the cheapest plan for your age, region, and health status.


How much is health insurance for a single person for a month?

The average cost of health insurance in North Dakota for a single individual depends on the plan. As of 2022, an individual in North Dakota will pay about $3,200 for a Gold plan, about $550 for a Silver plan, and $350 for bronze plans monthly.


Is health insurance mandatory in North Dakota?

According to the Affordable Care Act, every North Dakota resident must have a health insurance plan. However, there are no state-specific plans outside those enacted by the Affordable Care Act.


How much is the cheapest Obamacare plan?

The cheapest Obamacare plan is the Bronze Premium, which would cost about $340 monthly.


Who qualifies for Medicaid in North Dakota?

North Dakota Medicaid is only available to residents of North Dakota. They are either qualified residents from other countries or citizens of the US that reside in North Dakota. Individuals who qualify include pregnant women older than 65, blind people, and those with other disabilities.


Do you have to have health insurance in North Dakota?

It is required that all residents in North Dakota have health insurance coverage.


What does Medicaid in ND cover?

Medicaid takes care of nursing care, room and board, therapy sessions, wheelchair provision, medical supplies, and medical equipment. Medicaid also provides healthcare services for outpatients. The terminally ill also receive extra care from Medicaid.


What is the highest income to qualify for Medicaid?

The annual income requirement for Medicaid in North Dakota depends on the family size. With about $32500 for a family size of three.


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