Cheap Health Insurance in Minnesota: find your right plan

By: Darla J. Christy
Updated: November 9, 2022
affordable health insurance in minnesota

If you’re looking to buy your health insurance in Minnesota, there are a few things you need to know. In Minnesota, there are numerous options for purchasing healthcare insurance.

You might be qualified for a government benefit plan like Medicare and Medicaid. Additionally, employers offer their workers health insurance. In the absence of either of those choices, you can buy a private health insurance plan via Minnesota’s Insurance Market.

Plans for Medicaid in Minnesota offer a range of premium costs, but those with lower costs sometimes have larger premiums and just out maximums. If you require medical care, it means you will have to spend more out of your budget.


What do Minnesotans need to know about health insurance?

The analysis by NewHealthInsurance used information on private insurance from the Minnesota Health insurance exchanges. When you apply for a plan, you might be able to uncover cheaper health insurance alternatives in Minnesota.

See if you are eligible for public healthcare programs like Medicare or Medicaid is also essential. Both are probably more affordable than any private plan you discover on the Insurance Exchange.

  • Market strategies
  • Open Registration
  • MNsure
  • MNsure Special Enrollment
  • Coverage Types

Market strategies

If you’re self-employed, your company is not offering group coverage, your employer’s plan doesn’t fit your needs, or if the plan doesn’t cover your wife or kids, you can get affordable health insurance from insurance companies in Minnesota.

Open Registration

Every year, from 1st November to 15th January, the Minnesota health insurance marketplace’s open enrollment period lasts.


You must go to if you want to use the Advanced Premium Credit because Minnesota does have a government health insurance exchange.

You can buy straight from an insurance company if the Advanced Premium Tax Incentive is not of interest to you.

MNsure Special Enrollment

You are eligible for a particular enrollment period if you have transferred, switched jobs, got married, or welcomed a child in these circumstances. You have two months after the event to enroll in a new plan or adjust to your current one.

Coverage Types

Only 5 percent of Minnesotans have individual insurance coverage, compared to slightly below 58 percent that are covered by their employers.

In addition to 14.7 percent of persons who have Medicare, about 17 percent of residents are covered by MinnesotaCare. The number of uninsured in Minnesota is around 4.8% catastrophic is a best plan for uninsured people but there is some eligibility criteria for that like someone is living as a homeless for 3 years or their are not eligible for Medicaid program and  over 30 Catastrophic health insurance plan can be your choice.


Individual Health Insurance in Minnesota

When you’re just looking for supplemental health insurance plans for you, you’ll have a great deal of flexibility. You may not require comprehensive insurance and a copay if you’re young and fit.

Just keep in mind that before you can use your health insurance to minimize any prospective medical costs you may face, you must first satisfy your high premium.

You have a choice between 3 distinct types of plans. How adaptable you are and what you require most from a plan will determine which type is appropriate for you.


 Family Health Insurance in Minnesota

family health insurance in minnesota

You must pay more attention to the demands of each person you desire to include under your insurance while looking for family coverage. To cut down on the overall cost of your family’s medical care, you should strike a balance between the price of your insurance and the benefits you receive.

For serious illnesses, you might not require continuing medical care. Your wife or kids, though, could require more access to care compared to you. Lower copay requirements could result in greater financial savings than paying for a more pricey policy.

How much of a threshold you can pay each year should also be taken into consideration. You want a premium that isn’t too burdensome on your money because you must meet it before an insurance company can cover your bills.

Another crucial factor is the kind of plan. Considering that HMO plans are frequently more affordable, you might save some cash if you check the coverage and ensure that you have access to all the medical professionals your family requires. Check HMO reviews before buying insurance.

Secondly, be sure the network allows you access to a variety of specialists in case you need to see a specialist you hadn’t initially planned.


In Minnesota, is health insurance affordable?

MinnesotaCare and the Health Insurance Program for Children are the government’s two health options for people and their families who cannot afford sufficient insurance coverage.

With public grants, Minnesota runs MinnesotaCare, and the CHIP plan supports households in providing for their kids when they do not meet Medicaid eligibility requirements.

Minnesota Medicaid

Residents with low or extremely low earnings are eligible for MinnesotaCare. Along with having to earn less than the amount based on the size of your home, you must also:

-Over 65 years old


-taking care of a disabled person

-in charge of a child

Your income must be just under the necessary level for you to be eligible to apply for MinnesotaCare. Your household size and total household income will determine what this threshold is.

For instance, a person must earn no over than $17,131 annually to be eligible.

Comparatively, a four-person family can still be considered as soon as their yearly household income is under $35,245.

Most citizens who require MinnesotaCare may register for it at

However, you might have to go to the Department of Human Services online to enroll for MinnesotaCare if you’re older than 65 or have a persistent physical deformity.

CHIP in Minnesota

Children in Minnesota who are not eligible for individual policies or family insurance can get medical care through the CHIP program.

Regular doctor visits, prescription drugs, mental well-being therapies, behavioral therapy, dentist and vision care, vaccination, and emergency healthcare are all covered under CHIP.

Additionally, it covers maternity care for new moms. Through the government insurance marketplace, you can determine whether you qualify for the program.


Eligibility of getting health insurance in Minnesota?

MinnesotaCare and the Health Insurance Program for Children are the country’s two health options for people and families who cannot afford adequate insurance coverage.

With federal funding, Minnesota operates MinnesotaCare, and the CHIP program assists families in providing for their children when they do not meet Medicaid eligibility requirements.


Do Minnesotans have access to short-term health insurance plans?

The laws governing short-term coverage in Minnesota are among the toughest in the country. In Minnesota, temporary insurance coverage may not be offered for more than 185 days. A policy cannot be renewed unless you are admitted to the hospital before it expires.

If so, you may only renew the policy up until the conclusion of your hospital stay. However, you are only permitted to be protected by short-term policies for one year out of every 555 days unless you acquire a policy with a different insurer.


In Minnesota, how do I enroll in individual and family insurance?

A government healthcare market exists in Minnesota. You must register on in order to sign up for insurance. Enter your contact information, make up your security questions, and select a password you can remember by following the website’s recommendations.

Every person you would like to enroll must have their entire name, age, and Social Security number on your application form. Keep in mind that you have to have this knowledge in advance.

If you are qualified, could automatically establish your eligibility for financial assistance, the Advance Premium Tax Credit for MinnesotaCare registration.

-Do you have a spouse?

-How many people did you list as dependents on your most recent tax return?

-How much money do you make as a family?

-Do you want to submit a financial aid application?

After submitting your application, you can start looking for coverage. Your monthly

payment, threshold, copayments for drugs and treatments, and the kind of insurance coverage are all provided by the marketplace.

When you uncover the ideal plan, all that needs is for you to complete the registration process.


What is the cost of health insurance in Minnesota?

health insurance in minnesota

According to the level of coverage you receive and the cost of the policies, the exchange classifies health insurance into four groups: Silver, Bronze, Gold, and Platinum.

Your yearly premium, insurance payment, and deductible requirements affect a plan’s tier. Therefore, you should think about what you’re getting for your premiums and the overall cost of your health care before attempting to register in the cheapest program.

Minnesota’s standard premiums 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Most affordable Silver plan $370 $309 $294 $295 $318
Most affordable Gold plan $461 $364 $355 $362 $384
Most affordable Bronze plan $315   $271 $256 $251 $290


Finding Minnesota’s finest health insurance options

The ideal health insurance plan will rely on your own medical and financial circumstances as well as the plans that are offered in your area. Medicare Advantage coverage (PPO health care plan) has been increased in Minnesota.

This makes the Medicaid program available to everyone whose family income is less than 138 percent of the federal poverty level. You must evaluate the circumstances before selecting an individual plan, then pick one with premiums, taxes, and then out maximums that suit your needs.

Otherwise, you risk spending too much on irrelevant coverage or agreeing to pay excessive out-of-pocket expenses.

Gold plans

The most expensive health insurance plans available in Minnesota are called gold plans. Even though these policies are the most costly, their premiums and then-out costs are the cheapest.

Because of this, Gold plans can be excellent if you frequently experience large medical expenses throughout the year.

In this scenario, you could quickly meet the lower premium and start to earn copay benefits from the plan’s insurer. The Select $2,000 w/ High deductible Gold plan is the least expensive in Minnesota.

Silver Plans

The intermediate policies on the market for medical insurance are called silver plans.

Due to their reasonable premiums and manageable deductibles, Silver plans are where we advise you to start your search for healthcare insurance.

When the deductible is paid, you and the insurer start sharing expenses. The only coverage options available in Minnesota that qualify for cost cuts, which decrease copays, deductibles, and premiums, are silver plans.

You may qualify for these discounts if your income level is less than 250 percentage points of the federal poverty line. Due to these cuts, Silver plans may occasionally be the most economical choice.

Pick $5,300 Plus Silver represents the most affordable Silver policy in Minnesota.

Bronze plans

The most enormous premiums are seen in bronze health plans, which have the lowest rates. To start receiving copay advantages with this monthly premium, you must spend a lot of money.

For all of these causes, Bronze coverage is ideal when you’re young and in good health and won’t need to pay for continual medical expenses like monthly prescription medicines. Mostly young adult health insurance (Bronze) is appropriate for them.

Additionally, one must confirm your financial capacity to cover the monthly premium in the event of an unexpected medical need.

Health Insurance in Minnesota FAQs

What is the average cost of health insurance in MN?

The estimated per person cost for a severe medical individual health insurance plan for Minnesota citizens is $392. Costs will vary, and if your health is good, your prices can be cheaper.

Does Minnesota have free healthcare?

A healthcare program called MinnesotaCare is available to working underinsured Minnesotans. MinnesotaCare does not cover forgone health care costs. Minnesota citizens who fulfill the required income and other eligibility requirements may enroll in MinnesotaCare.

Who is eligible for MNsure?

You must meet the following requirements to be qualified to enroll in insurance coverage through MNsure: Become a national or citizen of the United States, or reside legally.

not be imprisoned

What are the income limits for Mn care?

Minnesotans who are citizens, nationals, or who are permanently present in the country are able to purchase healthcare coverage via MNsure.

How much is Minnesota state health insurance?

The estimated per-person cost for a severe medical individual health insurance plan for Minnesota citizens is $392

Who qualifies for MN care?

Become a national or citizen of the United States, or reside legally.

How do I get health insurance in MN without a job?

Additionally, you can use MNsure to enroll for free or low-cost coverage through MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance. It offers Minnesotans with low no income access to health care.

What is the cheapest health insurance right now?

Medicaid provides the most affordable coverage, but you have many other options if you don’t meet the requirements.

How much is MinnesotaCare per month?

MinnesotaCare may require you to pay a monthly premium. The specific money you spend will vary based on the size of your family and the family’s income, but at most, you will require $28 per family member.


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